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Monday, November 30, 2009

Raising your Frequency

Two steps forward, one step back. Traditionally this has been the path to raising your base frequency. Each action has an effect to either lower or raise one's vibration. If one lives in a negative environment, one is constantly being bombarded with negativity that is virtually impossible to counter-act. Enter unified field technologies to create a method to continually raise your frequency independent of your environment. Create a bubble of Unified field energy that boosts your consciousness around the clock. Zero point energy is flooded within your genetics and consciousness through the use of radionics, which is not limited by location or time and space.

Ascension Higher Vibrations vs. Lower Vibrations

An explanation of the difference between density levels. A video with a liberal use of sacred geometry to activate DNA. DNA is programmable through light and sound as well as emotion. Passion is the strongest fuel for change. Bio-resonance technologies removes fear and feeds back the information as a positive information stream.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Monarch Precious Metals Low Cost Silver Retailer Takes Paypal

Monarch Precious Metals, A low cost silver supplier that takes paypal. The advantage is the convenience of the use of paypal and low shipping rates for small quantity. If you want to make small purchases and not pay high premiums, monarch is the place to go. The downside is their handpoured bars will not have the same resale value of an American Silver eagle or a private mint coin. Currently you can pick up 20 one oz private issue Apmex bars for $19.59oz or $391.80. The shipping at apmex is $20, bringing the total to $411.80 or $20.59. At Monarch you can get 20 1oz bars for $19.38oz or $387.60. The shipping is only $11.65 for up to 50oz. With the shipping the 20oz comes to $399.25 or $19.97 per 1oz bar. The savings between Apmex and Monarch is .62 cents per oz in Monarch's favor or $12.55 cents which can roughly net you an extra half oz from Monarch rather than Apmex. What the resale value of these bars is unknown until I actually sell them, but I will try monarch because of the convenience of the use of paypal. I do not have to go to the post office and get a money order and the savings on small purchases will buffer any potential losses from a product that will valued on the same level as scrap silver. It will never be worth less than spot and I do not have to lay out the cash up front for the premium for coinage so ultimately I can buy more silver and perhaps mint my own coins in the future. So I feel that Monarch can be a great addition as a silver supplier for the little guy that does not have much disposable income. promoting the return to a sound money standard.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Ascension Energy Program Newsletter: Cutting away the fat, loss as gain

October has been an interesting month. The fall is a time of contraction, cutting away, protecting your core assets and maintaining. With the fall, the harvest is already over and the land is now laid fallow. The origin of Halloween actually goes back to the fall of Atlantis, the time when more people died in a single day than at any time in human history. It is a severe collective trauma within the genetics of mankind. We live in a holographic universe, at the level of Unity consciousness there is no separation. In the human experience there is the perception of separation mainly created through the construct known as time. Time is linear, there is a past, present and a future. In the Quantum world,all you have is the now. You can have the end before the beginning, it is like watching the last segment of a DVD and skipping the first parts. Time is a loop or a tape that is constantly altered and updated by consciousness, more akin to a ticker tape with a constant input and output of information.
In the Occult which means simply hidden, there is a belief that mankind is trapped because we are missing energy or information. The New agers would call it the return of the Goddess, Christians the second coming of Christ and the Jews their Messiah. In the stock market, it is traditional the time of stock market crashes, black friday in October of 1987 is one I remember.
What is quantum energy? An analogy of quantum energy would be the white noise on a radio or the haze on a TV channel that has gone off the air after the national anthem in the wee hours of the morn. Tachyon energy is another type of Quantum energy in that it is not bound by time. Tachyons move faster than the speed of life and is thus time-reversed energy or negative entropic. It is an energy that builds up matter in frequency and vibration. As Tachyon energy is accumulated, one literally grows younger because youth simply is an energy pattern that vibrates at a certain rate.
The goal is to ultimately self-replicate without decay. The human being is a bio-chemical quantum computer with all sorts of cool programs embedded within the junk DNA, such as life extension and super-powers. I have been getting much more pyschic taking the words out of people's mouth constantly and picking up on events before they happen, or am I creating them; food for thought. Junk DNA is simply DNA that has not fired it's codes yet. It requires a level of frequency that up to this point has not been available in the 3rd rock from the Sun. As we approach 2012, you are being bombarded with photons from the photon belt as we move through space. These photons are what is awakening mankind as a whole. Psychic powers are coming on line as the genetic code begins to fire. An incomplete firing of the coding process ends up in creating disease. A large majority of diseases are being created by an increase in photonic energy from the photon belt. It is not a bad thing, but a byproduct of a certain aspect of consciousness that does not want to wake up at this time. The energy generated from the bio-resonance and etheric water machine is a subset of the general awakening of the human species.
You are in a subset reality that is speeding faster than the general movement of the awakening of Man as a whole. Do you want the bullet train or do you want to stay with the model T as a transport system. This does not mean that life will be easier on the, but it will be certainly more dynamic and adventurous. What I have been seeing in the membership base are the early members that have been on since Jan or feburary of this year are starting to get there act together. This is not across the board, but a general theme within the core membership group.
As negativity is removed, there may be some radical life changes that may be needed such as ending of jobs and relationships that don't work. You cannot drag someone to a spiritual awakening, although I have seen some try to do that. The process is a letting go and allowing a new world to filter in. The machine and technology can be blocked when a limitation of what must occur is placed on someone's perception of reality. Traditional spiritual principals still apply with the bio-resonance machines, if fact you probably need to become more impeccable in your behaviour. The Ascensionenergyprogram is more a lifestyle change rather than a quick fix, if your expectations are for something miraculous to save your current world; I would say expect your world may need to collapse first before it is re-created. I have learned this over the years from several personal calamites in my life, until I was able to accept life on life's terms, moving past the walls of denial and delusion is the most difficult part of the spiritual journey. We are currently going through a sea change for America and the world at large, in my mind the bio-resonance machine is more needed than ever. Bill's call's it the ultimate anti-depressant, and I would have to agree with him on that point. The time for these technologies is more important when you are down and out. As the world radically shifts everything that you thought was important is up for re-evaluation, there are no sacred cows. Having the courage to cut your losses is the greatest asset in this coming times of troubles. As you lose you will gain again, that is the benefit of maintaining high energy states through the turbulent waves of change, it's all about change and we have the technology to leverage your life in a new direction.
The new website Tachyon Jewelery is finally up, Most of the items are currently for women but we one or two currently for men such as the Tachyon discs. Tachyon Jewelry is a great way to accumulate time-reversed energy around the clock, low cost gift items perfect as a stocking stuffer for the holiday season. If you have not contacted us is a while, feel free to do so. We have moved everyone up on the machine one level who has been on for longer than a month. The membership is becoming a bit too big to manage with just three people and contact them consistently when we move them up. We are not automated. We need feedback from you, we are not mind readers yet, maybe one day... Space clearing devices for home and business.

Kryon on DNA layers Part 2

This is a video from lee Carrol who channels a cat called Kryon. I view information based on it's merit, not on the source. The kryon info has been around for 20 years now. The science behind Kryon has been proven correct years later. I take it very seriously in regards to developing and understanding new energy technologies, especially the Bio-resonance machines. Kryon explains some of the effects of the Bio-resonance machines quite accurately, even though they were not designed for DNA activation. On a practical level, bio-resonance is all about DNA activation because of the massive continually infusion of unified field energy.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

DNA Upgrades Is it happening?

I have found a massive increase in psychic awareness as well as an ability to peer around the corner and to see into a person's sub-concious and intuit there true intentions. The Unified field technologies are amplifying the process to stay ahead of the curve with any integration process. Life is a wild adventure now as the fear drops out.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mayan Calendar Is the Return of a Gold-Backed Economy Near?

Certainly, there is also a tremendous amount of people in power, who do not want to see such a transformation towards equality and harmony coming about. These quotes may however give us a hint about where the economic downturn may be leading us and how deep it will be. Will money for instance completely disappear? I think the answer to this is that money will disappear to the extent that it no longer chains the world to the past. In practice, this probably means that all thinking about profitable investing etc is somewhat beside the point, since the emerging new world is not likely to be a growth economy based on the drive for accumulation of abstract values. More likely, the new world is going to be one based on sharing and care-taking of all members of society as the unity consciousness of the Universal Wav Movement, presumably after much turmoil, eventually is established. The more immediate time period in the sixth night will then be when the practical expressions of this transformation will need to be tested out and implemented. This may from the perspective of the current world seem unthinkable. Yet, there is no such thing as an eternal human nature and our perception of reality, and what we are propelled to create, always varies between the different Wave Movements. The human beings of the Regional, National, Planetary and Galactic Wave Movements are completely different in their approach to life and the universal human being that will be created by the Ninth and Universal Wave Movement will represent the crowning step of the evolution of consciousness. Thus, she is then likely to embody a different perception of the world and different qualities compared to previously. An economy based on sharing is of course fully possible if the unity consciousness carried by the Universal Wave Movement is successfully established. Even if the energy changes will now be happening quickly I should add that it may take some time (in the range of a few years after 2011) until this economy takes its final form.
AscensionEnergy- Quantum-based energy technologies for DNA Activation
So how in practice could such a transition come about from a human being, who essentially looks after herself to one that sees the unity of all and shares the fruits of creation? Such a transformation of our experience of life may now seem as impossible as the fall of the Berlin Wall once seemed. But similarly to how the fall of the Berlin Wall ultimately was a reflection of a transcendence of an east-west polarity in human consciousness the new world to be born is designed to result from a transcendence of the inner and outer walls maintained especially by the western mind. Thus, my suspicion is that during the first half of the sixth night the world’s economy will increasingly slow down as the consumption of the US population will no longer be able to keep the industrial engines of the world going. The power of the US in the world would decrease as a result of a dollar fall.* Yet, because of the indirect effects of this downturn, no part of the world can expect to be untouched. In this downturn it will then come a point when it will start to dawn on many people that it will never be possible to resurrect the old growth economy and that there will never be any return to a “business as usual.” At that point very radical socio-economic solutions will need to be explored for people to survive also in a literal physical sense as it becomes obvious that it is the nature of the economic relationships and the chains to the economy of the past that cause the problems. We may for instance ask what will happen if major portions of the population in economically significant countries will not be able to pay their mortgages? Will these people then have to leave their houses in mass so that countless houses owned by banks will sit empty when people are out on the streets? This is the kind of situation that has already appeared in some previously car manufacturing suburbs of Detroit. Hence, this scenario is not hypothetical, but has already to some extent happened on a limited scale.
Goldmoneybill- Parallel State Gold currency bill.
What likely will happen then is that demands will be raised for a moratorium on debts, so that people will no longer have to pay to the banks to stay in their homes. Maybe this will be preceded on a larger scale by some nations that see it necessary to push for the cancellations of national debts as a means of stabilizing the world. If such a moratorium on debts is instituted it would however be like cancelling the power of money and the chains to the past as it exists now. This would effectively create a path towards a sustainable economy an economy where it is emphasized that the needs of people are met in the present moment (returning to the theme of cutting the chains of the past). This of course would be nothing short of a revolution, and most likely a worldwide such, since the worlds’ economies at the current time are so deeply entangled. Possibly this would spread from the US to much of the rest of the world. Such an enormous transformation of the world’s socio-economic system would then be likely to take place in the time period between July 17, 2010 (the Cosmic Convergence)** and the beginning of the Seventh day of the Galactic Wave Movement (November 3, 2010). Naturally, it would serve to dissolve many of the other systems of dominance that the world has inherited especially from the National, but also the Planetary, Wave Movement. Energetically speaking this time period, July 17- November 3, 2010, is created through the overlap of the pre-Universal Underworld and the Galactic Wave Movement.*** What this revolutionary time period most likely is going to amount to is a corresponding decrease of governmental and national authority (not that of any particular government, but governmental authority as such, something which humanity has inherited from the National Wave Movement and its patriarchal frame of consciousness. Needless to say some would try to take advantage of such a situation). It will seriously come into question what we need governments and national borders for “when no soul shall have power (to do) aught for another.” My vision for the time period from the Cosmic Convergence until the beginning of the seventh day of the Galactic Wave Movement is thus a total overhaul of human civilization. This then would also be a time to make choices of path individually.

Why would this particular time period, July 17, 2010 – November 2, 2010, bring such a revolutionary transformation? Well, there are two earlier time periods that are noteworthy as parallels to this upcoming one. One is AD 1498-1617, the Renaissance, which in a broad sense meant the overturning of the feudal system that saw the Vatican as the ultimate source of worldly power and the beginning of the modern era. The other is 1986-1992, which carried a revolutionary wave of democracy (including the fall of the Berlin Wall) resulting in a world whose hemispheres were no longer separated.

We may also notice that the two corresponding revolutionary time periods gave rise to new expressions of spirituality, in the first case the Reformation and in the second the Harmonic Convergence**** that became somewhat of a starting point for the eclectic New Age movement of our own time. This would indicate that also this time, following the Cosmic Convergence, there will be a new spiritual awakening. Since the Cosmic Convergence would be the first breeze of a unity consciousness this would imply that people would then be divinely inspired to share and recognize the unity of all creation. I believe it will be a spirituality beyond words based on the immediate experience of the divine. Hence, while the Reformation was an awakening emphasizing the written word and the New Age movement originated in esoteric ideas that were sometimes channeled or spoken I believe that the spiritual awakening ahead will not be something that can be formulated in words and will be based on plain knowing.

Ascension Energy on Rumormillnews Radio

Rumor Mill News Radio

If the live feeds on the front page are timing out from too many listeners using them, click this link for EVEN MORE LISTEN LIVE OPTIONS! All 5 links are live feeds to the Rumor Mill News Radio show. There are five feeds so more people can listen. If one doesn't work, it probably means it is filled to capacity, try another one.

If you have a question and can't get in on the caller line, send an email

Kevin is our Orgone guy at Rumor Mill News and today he will be joined by Bill Kirkland to talk to us about Ascension Energy.

Bio-resonance technology - What if there was a technology that could assist you in breaking a lifetime of bad habits, condense 10 years of Spiritual growth into a few months rather than years? Would you do it? Would you feel like you are cheating? Change does not have to be difficult. The Bio-resonance technology is 20 years in the making; a culmination of a Bill Kirkland’s spiritual quest. Mr. Kirkland has a lifetime of extensive study of ancient religions, prayer, meditation, modern day radionics and electro-magnetic energy devices. Bill has created an electronic aid for Mankind to make the next Great leap to full Consciousness.

Ascension is the process of raising one’s base frequency rate from the 3rd dimension to the 5th. It is a higher cellular vibratory rate, changing one’s chemical composition from carbon to silica, an act on transmutation and alchemy. Quantum physics tells us that we are holograms, resonant standing waves of Energy. Recent Russian studies have confirmed that DNA responds to language and sound. Sound is frequency, in the beginning was the Word and the Word became flesh. Modern science is now confirming what ancient alchemy and esoteric religion has been telling us for millennia that Man creates his own reality with his mind, emotions and will. St. Germaine was reported to have discovered the Elixir of life that enabled him to live over 300 years in the same body without aging. An elixir is frequency is a bottle, what bio-resonance technology is doing is substituting a machine for elixirs, potions, years of rigorous meditation to climb the mountain of consciousness faster. Whether you use this technology to create massive abundance, increase athletic performance without drugs, or bring a perfected mate into your life as you’re become perfected is up to you. You are the painter; the technology provides the power to alter the course and direction of your life.

Nikola Tesla once said that Man’s quest is a quest to gain more energy. What we lack is the power to run our genetics properly. DNA is a supercomputer that is operating with 32 ram. Higher consciousness needs vastly improved operative genetics, in times of the recent past to move into higher states of consciousness or Ascension status; you needed to become virtually an ascetic, a monk living in the mountains chanting and prayer 24/7 and eating a pure diet. The Bio-resonance technology will greatly enhance you ability to tune into higher consciousness without the need for becoming a monk. The Bio-resonance technology will aid in removing negativity from your mind and provide you with energy to break through karmic blocks. It is not a substitute for spiritual growth but an adjunct that can greatly accelerate your spiritual path, improve your emotional well being and physical health.

The Bio-resonance/Energetic Balancing program’s goal is to raise your energy levels within your mind, body and emotional nature; to facilitate the elimination of negativity from your life. Provide energy to make enlightened choices on a daily basis that leads to a new way of living; one based on Wisdom and Love rather than fear and ignorance. Fear-based states of consciousness are simply vibratory realms that are deficient in Life-force energy. There have been many methods devised to reach these higher levels: chanting, prayer, supplication, absorption of spiritual reading material and listening to talks by spiritual leaders are just a few. Unfortunately the environment in which we live bathes us in a constant flow of negative information: market crashes, car wrecks, political epithets, and examples of human depravity are well recognized examples of this. There is a way out of this labyrinth. What is the solution? We have developed a machine that sends our clients positive energy 24 hours a day 7 days a week, just by using your name. Our clients inform us that the positive energy that we send to you through your name almost completely removes negative emotions, promoting more physical energy, better concentration and an almost inevitable rise in spirituality.

For more about this follow the link below.
technologies for the evolution of mankind.

Mayan Calendar 6th Night November 8th 2009 Calleman

The collapse of the U.S. dollar.
Before going into the specifics of the upcoming sixth night, November 8, 2009 – November 2, 2010, of the Galactic Wave Movement (or Underworld) I feel I should clarify some of my basic points of departure for understanding the Mayan calendar, since the various ideas that are currently proposed for this vary significantly. There are for instance those that believe that the end date of the Mayan calendar only marks the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new. On my own part I however think that we are approaching something much more profound than just a point in a cycle that again will be repeated. The only Mayan inscription from ancient times, the Tortuguero monument, which describes the end ( of their calendar says that nine cosmic forces will then manifest. Empirically, there is also overwhelming evidence from modern research that we are approaching a point in time when nine evolutionary levels (so called Underworlds) of the cosmic plan are simultaneously going to be completed. This would imply that we are approaching not another cycle or another shift, but the end to all shifts, which have been driving evolution since the beginning of the universe. Such an end to all shifts could conceivably provide the basis for a harmonious eternal peace on Earth.

What is about to transpire now is in other words not something that has ever happened before in the history of the universe. Maybe this impending change, partially unknown, causes the widespread denial that I feel dominate many people at the current moment. Rather than facing a great change in our socioeconomic relationships (since any change in human consciousness also implies a change in our relationships) many prefer to fantasize about some physical or astronomical event, that purportedly is going to happen on December 21, 2012. In reality the Mayan calendar is however not about something that will happen on a singular date, but a description of a divine plan for the evolution of humankind where quantum shifts between calendrical energies bring about shifts in consciousness. Thus, human consciousness will continue to be transformed step by step in accordance with this plan until we come to the real end date of the process of creation, October 28, 2011. At this date the highest quantum state of the universe will be attained ( 13 Ahau) when the shifts disrupting the harmony will come to an end. Obviously, we are not there yet.

In this plan for the evolution of consciousness we are now approaching the sixth night of the Galactic Wave Movement, the eighth of the nine levels, which will begin on November 8, 2009. If my understanding of the Mayan calendar is correct we will in this coming night be witnessing the most significant transformation of consciousness ever in the history of mankind. What is exciting about this is that I feel that a relatively clear picture of how a new world is going to be born is now finally becoming evident. On the other hand, what is also becoming increasingly clear is that this birth is likely to become very demanding. For this reason it becomes all the more important to understand how some of the difficulties ahead actually serve the delivery of this new world even though it may not always seem that they do so in the moment. If people can gain a realistic understanding of how this new world will be born they may be able to keep a hope for the future, which is based on something more than mere wishful thinking. Unfortunately, much confusion reigns about the Mayan calendar and many that present themselves as experts on this deny the ancient Mayan knowledge that there are nine cosmic forces that are about to manifest, and that it is these, and nothing else, that explains why a new world will be born.
AscensionEnergy- Unified Field technologies for Consciousness acceleration.
Thus, what will happen in the time ahead cannot be understood from the sixth night of the Galactic Underworld alone. The overlapping of the cycles preparing for the ninth, and highest, level in the cosmic evolution scheme; the Universal Wave Movement (see Figure) with the energy of this sixth night will then also need to be taken into consideration. Because of this overlapping, and the speed-up of time associated especially with the latter Wave Movement, not only do I think that the upcoming period will be unusually intense, but also energetically quite complex.
While several sources now predict a dollar fall it is important to note that mine was made a relatively long time ago and if it proves to be correct shows that what is happening in the economy is part of a divine plan charted by the Mayan calendar.

My prediction of a further economic downturn was based on the observation that nights, at least in the second part of an evolutionary Wave Movement, usually mean at the very least a slowdown of economic growth. An indication of such an impending downturn at this upcoming night is for instance that there has been a rush for gold, which for the first time passed the magical limit of USD 1000/troy ounce. Moreover, an index of insider trading shows that people knowledgeable about the actual basis for valuing US stock tend to think of this as highly overvalued. Most importantly, increasingly higher voices are now raised in almost all corners of the world for the replacement of the petrodollar system and thus also of the use of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency. These various indices thus do not indicate that the “recession” is over, but if anything that an intensification of the economic decline, especially in the indebted West, is imminent. It seems that investors are escaping assets in the form of paper or digit values, which is exactly what we would expect from this late phase of the Galactic Wave Movement, when a shift in consciousness amounting to a shift from abstract to concrete economic values is taking place. Thus, while many will say that the changes are a result of a conspiracy, for instance against the US, the point to realize is that if that were the case they would not have been predictable from the Mayan calendar.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Holy Grail of Physics is Compassion connects Electricity to Gravity

Einstein knew that INFINITE COLLAPSE was the (Holy Grail) key to
connecting ELECTRICITY to GRAVITY. Phyisics is now clear that FRACTALITY
is key to infinite compression. The problem was - Einstein never knew
what a fractal was! So how could he know that charge in a fractal was
his solution (infinite constructive wave collapse). This is such a
revelation to physics - with Winter claiming that CHARGE in a FRACTAL
based on GOLDEN MEAN - MAKES GRAVITY - that numerous serious physicists
(Elizabeth Rauscher, Alex K..)- have taken on the challenge.

They realized that not only was the Golden Ratio based nested pent
Dodeca - the shape Einstein used for Gravity geometry - but it is also
the shape of Palladium ( and Platinum Group / PGM - Gold Powder) - key
to cold fusion. So proving that this nest is the only possible 3D
fractal - may be the actual KEY to physics HOLY GRAIL!

Winter has begun a simple experiment series to PROVE that charge in a
fractal is the CAUSE of gravity.
The other stunning part of this new HOLY GRAIL - is Winter's OTHER
claim. He says that charge in a fractal is not only the missing CAUSE of
gravity - BUT - that it is the ONLY way to efficiently nourish and
support DNA ! This could completely redefine the electric field of
success for seed germination, agriculture and even architecture. (Winter
has been teaching the PHYSICS of Feng Shui for 12 years). He has shown
electric field experiments and measurements demonstrating that fractal (
or 'harmonic inclusive' non-destructive compression of charge) actually
trigger SEED GERMINATION .. and measure freshness / life force and
For example by choosing materials
for building - originally simply called 'organic' - architecture that
makes DNA healthy - actually is a fractal capacitor! Winter calls the
electrical definition of living material a 'phase conjugate dielectric'
- he calls this the 'switch to turn on DNA radio'Basically he is saying there is a
path curve - looking like the ancient CADUCCEUS based on Golden Ratio -
for charge inside DNA - which allows waves of charge (the field effect
of 'spirit'?) to CONJUGATE PHASES and acheive IMPLOSIVE COMMUNION - in
AscensionEnergy-Applied Unified Field Theory
What is so exciting - is that when you animate this path curve for
charge into blood - (Golden Ratio caducceus) - you get the most
stunningly beautiful HOLY GRAIL CUP WITHIN A CUP -which is a
hypnotically beautiful spiritual rush to see.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

History of Bio-Resonance

Bio-Resonance is the field of energetic medicine that detects and works with electromagnetic frequency information generated by the body. Bio refers to a living organism and resonance means 'to vibrate in harmony with'.

In his book It's Only Natural, Dr. G. E. Poesnecker wrote:

“… Since the beginning of man's existence on earth, he has pondered the nature of life itself. Even with all our great scientific advances, there is still no CONSENSUS on the basic nature of the life within us and other animate beings. The most generally accepted theories are based on the chemical and/or stimulative-inhibitive theory of existence. The most we can get from most authorities is that it may be of some value to regard life as the sum total of the properties and activities of a highly organized aggregate of various chemical compounds that we call protoplasm.

Among these properties they have called attention to irritability as a diagnostic property of a living body. Upon this Herbert Spencer based his classic definition: “Life is the continuous adjustment of internal relations to external relations.” Observation teaches us that this adjustment to environmental changes is possible only within narrow physiologic limits. For example, the human body can adjust itself to changes in external temperature only when these changes are very moderate. Viewed from this angle, they hold that life is the interplay between the organism and its environment by which the organism either adjusts itself to the environment or adjusts the environment to itself.

Such a definition tells only what life does; it doesn't tell what life is. Unfortunately, such an attitude has frequently been the nature of science since its inception. When a scientist is incapable of explaining something, he describes what he sees, makes up a few Latin or Greek names for the rest to impress us and then goes on to something else. This is particularly true in medicine, where most of the tongue-twisting disease names have nothing whatsoever to do with the cause or true nature of the disease but are only the description of its most obvious symptoms in Latin or Greek.

Some researchers haven't been satisfied with such smug descriptions of the nature of life. Some have listened to the voice of their conscience when contemplating the usual theories on the nature of life and have been able to see through the usual inane double talk couched in Latin and Greek, which all too often passes for scientific thought. They realize that much of the phenomena we encounter in living can’t be explained readily by the stimulus/response theory of life as put forth by their orthodox colleagues.

Surprisingly, many of these researchers have developed concepts similar to each other, even though their work has been accomplished without knowledge of their fellow investigators. All these studies have gone beyond the chemical or mechanical basis of life and have been carried into the molecular and atomic structure of matter. From this effort first developed an electrical, then an electronic, and finally a vibratory, or wave concept, of life and the activities carried out by the living subject.

Some of the most well-known researchers in this field were Dr. Georges Lakhovsky, Professor Jacques d’Arsonval (the discoverer of the meter movement that goes under his name), Dr. George W. Crile, Dr. Albert Abrams, Nicola Tesla and Ivan G. McDaniel (who advanced this theory into the psychological, mental, and spiritual spheres of human activity)… “

In 1925 Georges Lakhovsky, a Russian scientist, published a book called The Secret of Life in which he identified that every living cell emitted radiation (electro-magnetic signals) and that a cell's nucleus acts as an electrical oscillating circuit similar to a radio transmitter and receiver. Lakhovsky was knowledgeable in both engineering and biology. It was the meshing of these two sciences that helped him prove his theories.

It had already been established by the 1920’s that invisible radiations were constantly bombarding the earth. Lakhovsky believed that these ultra short waves (sometimes called penetrating waves, at the time) were what gave us life.

Lakhovsky believed that each of our cells was a minute resonating circuit and when these circuits were oscillating correctly we or any living organism were healthy. When an outside source caused our cells to oscillate at a different rate then disease set in. In his book “The Secret of Life” Lakhovsky wrote, “What is life? It is the dynamic equilibrium of all cells, the harmony of multiple radiations that react upon one another. What is disease? It is the oscillatory disequilibrium of cells, originating from eternal causes. It is, more especially, the struggle between microbic radiation and cellular radiation.” He believed it was these radiations that kept our bodies oscillating correctly but too much or a distorted radiation would cause them to oscillate incorrectly.

Setting out to prove his theories, Lakhovsky felt that he could generate a practical application to enable the adversely effected cells to regain their full vitality by reinstating their proper oscillatory rate. Thus he invented the Multiple Wave Oscillator (originally called Radio-cellulo-oscillator). He felt that by giving the cells a large range of oscillating waves that the cells would find their proper frequency and therefore become strong enough to fight off the improper oscillations of microbes or be strong enough to fight back from such damage as that caused by smoking.

He initially proved his theory using plants. In December, 1924, he inoculated 10 germanium plants with a “plant cancer” that produced tumors. After 30 days, tumors had developed in all of the plants. He took one of the 10 infected plants and simply fashioned a heavy copper wire in a one loop, open-ended coil about 30 cm (12") in diameter around the center of the plant, and held it in place with an ebonite stake . The copper coil acted as an antennae or a tuning coil, collecting and concentrating oscillation energy from extremely high frequency cosmic rays. The diameter of the cooper loop determined which range of frequencies would be captured. He found that the 30 cm loop captured frequencies that fell within the resonant frequency range of the plant's cells. This captured energy reinforced the resonant oscillations naturally produced by the nucleus of the germanium's cells. This allowed the plant to overwhelm the oscillations of the cancer cells and destroy the cancer. The tumors fell off in less than 3 weeks and by 2 months, the plant was thriving. All of the other cancer-inoculated plants-without the antennae coil- died within 30 days. In his book, Lakhovsky shows pictures of the recovered plant after 2 months, 6 months, and 1 year. Three years later, with the original coil left in place, the plant grew into a very robust specimen. He tried this 3 different times and all three experiments produced the same results.

Since Lakhovsky’s belief was that living cells were tiny oscillators that were given life from penetrating radiation and the oscillation of these cells put off their own radiation, he proceeded with an experiment to find out if indeed the penetrating radiation was what caused the cells to oscillate or if some other stimuli such as chemical energy was responsible for sustaining this oscillation.

Dr. George Crile, in his book A Bipolar Theory of Living Processes, (Crile, George W.: A Bipolar Theory of Living Processes. New York, Mac Millan, 1926.) approached this subject from yet another point of view. The similarity between his conclusions and those of the other researchers in this field, however, is startling. For instance, Crile wrote, “It is clear that cellular radiation produces the electric current which operates adaptively the organism as a whole, producing memory, reason, imagination, emotion, special senses, secretions, muscular action, response to infection, normal growth and the growth of benign tumors and cancers-all of which are governed adaptively by the electrical charges that are generated by the short wave or ionizing radiation in the protoplasm.”

The human cell, as all matter in the universe, is composed of oscillating components known as atoms, which in turn are composed of particles called protons, electrons, neutrons, and positrons, among others. All these particles are in constant movement. The movement of the electron is especially great, as it rapidly circles this central mass of the atom in various bands, or orbits. The atomic structure is analogous to our own solar system, in which the sun represents the central nuclear mass and the various planets the encircling electrons.

In Lamp of the Soul, (McDaniel, Ivan G.: The Lamp of the Soul. Quakertown, Pa., Philosophical Publishing Co.1942.) Ivan G. McDaniel speaks of biologic wave systems that are vibratory interconnecting systems, that tend to hold a part or organ together for a specific functioning purpose. All this is based on the principle that the cell is an electromagnetic radiating entity. Concerning life on earth McDaniel says, “We may therefore picture life on earth as beginning with simple spores, or cells, which were built up by organizing wave systems when earth's conditions were suitable for life to express in that manner. As conditions changed, the fertilized genes were incorporated into the cells, bringing physical and mental growth. When a new gene and its corresponding wave system is introduced into an organism, we would expect to find the new biological wave competing with the older wave for the same cell material, and this may explain the peculiar combination of plant and animal sometimes found in the earlier species. The balance of the activating hormone between the old and the new biological wave systems may flow back and forth until one gains control and eliminates the effect of the other by absorbing all the vitality.”

In 1970s, German biophysicist Fritz Albert Popp, Ph.D., investigated the relationship between coherence and the biophoton energy in our cells. Popp used highly sensitive light-measuring equipment to monitor the light emitted by living cells. He was able to confirm that living cells emit small bursts of light. He determined that cells do not just radiate light, they also absorb light. In fact, the storage time is relative to the quality of the cell. Therefore, a healthy cell will store light the longest, while an unhealthy cell will give off the light in a shorter time. He also discovered that the dying process of a cell is identical to that of a star. Shortly before its death, it will change into a supernova, whereby its radiation increases a thousand-fold, He further discovered that a healthy cell radiates coherent light, while a diseased cell radiates chaotic light.

According to Popp, every cell in our body receives coherent light, stores coherent light, and emits coherent light. The most basic sub-molecular component of our body is made up of particles of light called biophotons. These biophotons, traveling at the speed of light, make up the electromagnetic frequency patterns that are found in every living organism. This matrix or field of frequency oscillations or resonance specificity provides the energetic switchboarding behind every cellular function, including DNA/RNA messengering. Cell membranes scan and convert signals into electromagnetic events as proteins within the cell's bi-layer change shape to vibrations of specific resonant frequencies.2 Every biochemical reaction is proceeded by an electromagnetic signal. Cells communicate both electromagnetically and chemically and create biochemical pathways that interconnect with all functions of the body.

Dr. Kikuo Chishima, Professor of the Nagoya Commercial University, Japan, and author of a nine volume collection of his research and scientific studies called "Revolution of Biology and Medicine: A New Theory on the Life Science and Its Practical Application to Health & Disease," is best known for his studies demonstrating that the origin of red blood corpuscles is not the bone marrow but the intestinal villus, and that red blood corpuscles differentiate into all kinds of somatic cells and germ cells in accordance with their cellular resonant environmental conditions.

Dr. Kikuo Chishima theorized that the intestinal villi act like small antennae that absorb both nutrients as well as energetic or frequency information from the food we eat. These red blood cells or erythrocytes respond to specific biophoton oscillations and aggregate, fuse, synthesize DNA and differentiate into lymphocyte or mesenchymal cells. Dr. Chishima's work offers some insight into current day quantum physics theories that remind us that at the sub-atomic level matter does not exist. There is only energy; bits of photons with lots of empty space around them. DNA has been thought to be the center of the definition of life. At closer inspection we find that DNA is made up of molecules, which are made up of sub-atomic particles and we end up back at the level of biophotons again.


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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Kryon on 12 Strands of DNA Pt 1

This is a new age channeling on DNA activation. Kryon has been around for 15 years through Lee Carrol. Believe it or not, mainstream DNA research is now confirming what the Kryon channelings have been talking about for the last 15 years or so. That our genetics can be modified with light, sound and language.

The ascensionenergyprogram works on quantum energy derived from the Grand Unified Field Theory of Burkhard Heim. Although, we do not call it DNA activation, that is the byproduct. Stimulating the latent parts of the genetic code with the Unified Field.