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Friday, November 27, 2009

Ascension Energy Program Newsletter: Cutting away the fat, loss as gain

October has been an interesting month. The fall is a time of contraction, cutting away, protecting your core assets and maintaining. With the fall, the harvest is already over and the land is now laid fallow. The origin of Halloween actually goes back to the fall of Atlantis, the time when more people died in a single day than at any time in human history. It is a severe collective trauma within the genetics of mankind. We live in a holographic universe, at the level of Unity consciousness there is no separation. In the human experience there is the perception of separation mainly created through the construct known as time. Time is linear, there is a past, present and a future. In the Quantum world,all you have is the now. You can have the end before the beginning, it is like watching the last segment of a DVD and skipping the first parts. Time is a loop or a tape that is constantly altered and updated by consciousness, more akin to a ticker tape with a constant input and output of information.
In the Occult which means simply hidden, there is a belief that mankind is trapped because we are missing energy or information. The New agers would call it the return of the Goddess, Christians the second coming of Christ and the Jews their Messiah. In the stock market, it is traditional the time of stock market crashes, black friday in October of 1987 is one I remember.
What is quantum energy? An analogy of quantum energy would be the white noise on a radio or the haze on a TV channel that has gone off the air after the national anthem in the wee hours of the morn. Tachyon energy is another type of Quantum energy in that it is not bound by time. Tachyons move faster than the speed of life and is thus time-reversed energy or negative entropic. It is an energy that builds up matter in frequency and vibration. As Tachyon energy is accumulated, one literally grows younger because youth simply is an energy pattern that vibrates at a certain rate.
The goal is to ultimately self-replicate without decay. The human being is a bio-chemical quantum computer with all sorts of cool programs embedded within the junk DNA, such as life extension and super-powers. I have been getting much more pyschic taking the words out of people's mouth constantly and picking up on events before they happen, or am I creating them; food for thought. Junk DNA is simply DNA that has not fired it's codes yet. It requires a level of frequency that up to this point has not been available in the 3rd rock from the Sun. As we approach 2012, you are being bombarded with photons from the photon belt as we move through space. These photons are what is awakening mankind as a whole. Psychic powers are coming on line as the genetic code begins to fire. An incomplete firing of the coding process ends up in creating disease. A large majority of diseases are being created by an increase in photonic energy from the photon belt. It is not a bad thing, but a byproduct of a certain aspect of consciousness that does not want to wake up at this time. The energy generated from the bio-resonance and etheric water machine is a subset of the general awakening of the human species.
You are in a subset reality that is speeding faster than the general movement of the awakening of Man as a whole. Do you want the bullet train or do you want to stay with the model T as a transport system. This does not mean that life will be easier on the, but it will be certainly more dynamic and adventurous. What I have been seeing in the membership base are the early members that have been on since Jan or feburary of this year are starting to get there act together. This is not across the board, but a general theme within the core membership group.
As negativity is removed, there may be some radical life changes that may be needed such as ending of jobs and relationships that don't work. You cannot drag someone to a spiritual awakening, although I have seen some try to do that. The process is a letting go and allowing a new world to filter in. The machine and technology can be blocked when a limitation of what must occur is placed on someone's perception of reality. Traditional spiritual principals still apply with the bio-resonance machines, if fact you probably need to become more impeccable in your behaviour. The Ascensionenergyprogram is more a lifestyle change rather than a quick fix, if your expectations are for something miraculous to save your current world; I would say expect your world may need to collapse first before it is re-created. I have learned this over the years from several personal calamites in my life, until I was able to accept life on life's terms, moving past the walls of denial and delusion is the most difficult part of the spiritual journey. We are currently going through a sea change for America and the world at large, in my mind the bio-resonance machine is more needed than ever. Bill's call's it the ultimate anti-depressant, and I would have to agree with him on that point. The time for these technologies is more important when you are down and out. As the world radically shifts everything that you thought was important is up for re-evaluation, there are no sacred cows. Having the courage to cut your losses is the greatest asset in this coming times of troubles. As you lose you will gain again, that is the benefit of maintaining high energy states through the turbulent waves of change, it's all about change and we have the technology to leverage your life in a new direction.
The new website Tachyon Jewelery is finally up, Most of the items are currently for women but we one or two currently for men such as the Tachyon discs. Tachyon Jewelry is a great way to accumulate time-reversed energy around the clock, low cost gift items perfect as a stocking stuffer for the holiday season. If you have not contacted us is a while, feel free to do so. We have moved everyone up on the machine one level who has been on for longer than a month. The membership is becoming a bit too big to manage with just three people and contact them consistently when we move them up. We are not automated. We need feedback from you, we are not mind readers yet, maybe one day... Space clearing devices for home and business.

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