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Monday, October 17, 2011

Ascension Energy Newsletter: The Wacky World of Sports, The 13th Man the Fan! New Subliminal Section..

Sunday October 2nd was the craziest day in Sports that I have ever witnessed. If you do not think that thought influences outcomes then how do you explain all the synchronicities on Sunday? Bookies in Football regularly give the home team an extra 3 pts in the spread; it is factored into the line. In medicine, you would call this the placebo effect. How can rooting for a team influence the outcome of the game? If we are all connected, then very easily. Sunday was a rare confluence of events in Sports, you had both the NFL and Major League baseball division series taking place at the same time. The Detroit Lions were playing the Minnesota Vikings, while the Yankees were playing the Detroit Tigers. The Lions game started at 1pm, while the Yankees-Tigers game was at 3pm. In Arizona the Cardinals were playing the NY Giants, the site where the Giants won the Super Bowl against the Undefeated New England Patriots, the potential greatest team ever. The Giants had fallen 14pts behind the Cardinals.
The Philadelphia Eagles were also playing at 1pm while the Philadelphia Phillies with Cliff Lee were playing the St. Louis Cardinals. It was an unusual cross-over of common fan bases and concurrent games. Both fans would be watching both games concurrently, especially in Sports Bars where every game is on at the same time. What happened next was remarkable, the Detroit Lions were losing at halftime 20-3, in the second half the Lions started to make an amazing comeback energizing the Lions and Tiger fan base. While the Lions game were in the middle of their comeback the Tigers and Yankee game started. The Tigers shot out to a 4-0 lead.

In the Philadelphia Eagles game the exact opposite was happening with the Lions game. The Eagles were winning 20-3 at halftime. During the second half the 49ers were launching a miraculous comeback of their own, eventually winning 24-23. Meanwhile, the Phillies shot out to a 4-0 lead with the fabulous playoff pitcher Cliff Lee. As the Eagles were crumbling the Phillies began to crumble, eventually Lee blew the 4-0 lead and lost the game to the Cardinals. When the Lion game had finished, the Yankees began to launch a comeback of their own reclaiming 4 runs by the 9th inning. At almost the same time the Giants were launching a comeback against the Arizona Cardinals eventually wiping out the 14pt deficit and winning the game. The Yankees comeback was short circuited by a driving rainstorm as Robinson Cano was unable to drive in the winning run with the torrential downpour similar to the scene from the movie Caddy Shack where the golfer that is having his greatest round of golf is attempting to finish in a lightening storm he eventually gets struck dead by lightening.

An Act of God, interrupted the Yankees comeback where in every other game the Football teams and Baseball teams operated in sync. It was the football teams rather than the baseball teams that drove the eventually outcomes, because of the primal nature of football. Football is the modern-day equivalent of the sacred rain dance or sun worship and the energies created from that arena influence consciousness in very dramatic ways.

This past Monday night (Oct 10th) the Bears were playing the Lions on Monday night football and the Tigers were playing the Texas Rangers. Lions and Tigers and Bears oh my, I had to say it, the famous phrase from the Wizard of OZ. On Monday the Tigers lost on a walkoff Grand Slam homerun by Nelson Cruz in the 11th inning. The previous day a Victor Cruz a wide receiver for the NY Giants slipped at the last moment and tipped a ball into the hands of a Seattle Seahawks defensive player that he returned for a TD that won the game for the Seahawks. Before that play Victor Cruz was the hero of the game with one of the greatest catches in Football history a finger-tip grab through two defenders that he ran for a TD.

When Nelson Cruz of the Rangers hit is Grand Slam home run, The Detroit Lions-Bears game was just starting, on the first series the lions had a penalty and Matt Stafford overthrew a receiver and the lions were three and out. The Lions eventually recovered and were able to beat the Bears for their best winning streak in the history of their franchise. What does all this mean? Energy flows in waves and with modern technology it affects everything all at once. Team fan bases would operate in sync as the baseball teams would follow the emotions of the football fan bases as Football games are far more an emotional affair than baseball. What I have found that you can interrupt the flow of a losing streak by doing the opposite. Rather than closing down, you open up emotionally and expect a miracle. Reality is determined by our emotional states prior to an event. This is the lesson of Sports, if you can stay open emotionally and feel the pain and still not give up, you have the ability to re-write a script in your life.

Our patterns are what we inherited from our parents and the peak experiences in our life, both positive and negative. Their is a reason why the NY Yankees have won 27 championships and there is a reason why the Lions have never won a Super Bowl, but those patterns can be changed and interrupted and this is where the machines come into play. With the massive etheric energy that you are being bombarded with on a daily basis, it is possible to break the negative scripts that have been habituated in our lives. It requires the conscious application of your will in conjunction with the energy machines. When you apply your will forcefully and will a positive outcome, you will notice that it is like stepping on the gas of a ferrari rather than the pinto that you had under the hood before.

If you get into the habit of becoming emotionally involved and forcefully projecting your positive vision of the world; you will see that miracles will become an everyday affair in your life. Application of will-mind and spirit is the formula for magic, however if you are afraid to express your feelings then your desires will not manifest. It is the removal of the filter on the brain that is necessary for your dreams to come true. We ain't in Kansas anymore... Go Lions!

A brief note on the new Ascension Energy Subliminal section, they are extremely powerful, I have found they are an incredible tool to break en-grained negative patterns that I just talked about. I use them everyday now for at least three hours per day. Guys if you are having trouble with women, use the male empowerment one. I have been using the Lottery subliminal on and off for a few weeks dabbling mostly. I play the Win for Life Scratch off tickets in NY. I have never won more than $50 at any one time. In the last month, I have won $20 3x, $40 twice and $100 last week. What you have to overcome is your own negative entrenched belief systems and some of these may take several months to work through. If you have had a pattern your whole life, it will take some time to break the standing wave of energy in your field and re-program to a belief system that you want. Right now I am pounding the Male Empowerment subliminal or I call it the Greek-God like body subliminal, Jennifer neutered the name on the download link. I have that one although I have not updated it on the page. There will be many more subliminals coming and some women empowerment subliminals. The best advice is to work with one or two rather than dabble and jump around as I did. The consciousness of a Victor or Victim is just the type of standing wave energy that you have in your aura. Keep using it too it changes, this I found out from the Lottery subliminal, and it does apply to all of them even though you may not see the results right away.

The subliminals carry the energy of the Xcalibur machine and they use biurnal beats to get deep into your mind for re-programming, best to use headphones with them. You do not have to pay attention to the sound, you can multi-task while listening too them. I think the subliminals eventually will almost be as important as the machines. The machines can surface patterns, but I have seen problems with clients changing some of their negative beliefs even though they have a massive amount of etheric energy at their disposal. It is like the Emperor without the clothes, you don't realize that your world has changed and you have to power to gain different result. All you need is that breakthrough event that says wow, maybe the sky is not going to fall Chicken Little. The subliminals I believe can trigger that event so that you can re-formulate your personality to a Victor rather than a Victim.