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Monday, July 2, 2012

Ascension Energy Newsletter: Power of Love, Momentum and the Key To Success

The link between the physical and non-physical has become very apparent to me since I re-established a high-intensity short-duration weightlifting program. I work out 3 times a week for 30 minutes a session. This is the first time I have seriously committed to an exercise routine since placing myself on the machines, which will be four years this July. Each week I have been able to comfortably increase the weight I press; surprisingly, I have not hit a plateau yet, although that is a normal consequence of weight training. I am almost lifting as much as I did in my late 20's when I was a mad man in the gym. The benefits of high intensity exercise are enormous for both men and women. Production of massive amounts of growth hormone are triggered from working out near the maximum limits of your body. High, short-term stress triggers fast muscle growth and hormone production. The buildup of etheric energy from the machines in the subtle energy bodies can now be used for clearing negativity and regenerating the physical body. Traditionally, high intensity exercise over time would wear the body out as negativity was accumulated in the non-physical bodies. The pre-natal Chi the Chinese believe we have a finite supply of would be used up at a faster rate. Yet this is not so on the machines--quite the opposite appears to be happening. I am getting stronger without the aches and pains associated with the aging process. The strength gains and muscle mass increases are coming faster to me than they were 20 years ago. If you really want to age regress then you need to exercise--it is that simple. We humans are bio-energetic machines that need energy; it runs through all of our bodies, including the physical body. In conjunction with physical exercise I am also taking high doses of Master Amino Acid Pattern and Organic Sulfur. I have incorporated a simple technique to pull Chi into my body, not through the breath as most systems recommend, but by unleashing it from the heart Chakra. I view the heart chakra as the inter-face to the non-physical realms. You might call it a stargate that can be accessed by sinking into the heart and allowing yourself to feel love. Being connected to the technologies of the Ascension Energy Program has allowed me to process emotional debris at an accelerated rate, to get beyond the shutdown mechanisms in the heart, when rejection and failure arises. Rejection and failure are like power outages that interrupt life’s positive momentum. We create waves of energy when we feel love that leads us on the path of success; as we expand energetically we inevitably hit the areas where fear arises. Formally, before the machines, the response of shutdown would be virtually automatic, cutting off the power to prevent the feeling of loss and heartache. On the machines there is a buffer zone of feel-good energy that I have found allows me to remain in an open state and feel the pain which is processing mental pictures and neutralizing negative emotional content. As this process moves forward new experiences and patterns begin to assert themselves, which leads to an increase in momentum, which in time overcomes the obstacle rather than repeating the failure. This dynamic can be seen quite easily in sports. I was at a recent Mets-Yankees game at Citifield Stadium. The Mets were up 3-0 in the 4th inning and the fans were cheering wildly, like they had won the lottery. As a Yankees fan, I was not that worried because I had seen the Yankees come back way too many times (Massive patterns of Success) to believe the game was over. Mets fans, on the other hand, were waiting for the other shoe to drop. Guess what? The other shoe did drop and the Yankees came back and won the game. With their first home run the Yankees’ momentum shifted back in their direction and the Mets fans were now accomplices in the Yankees’ victory. As the homerun went over the fence, you could immediately feel the “here we go again” sigh ripple through the crowd. Mets fans were closing their heart chakras down, bracing themselves for the inevitable failure to buffer their feeling of loss. And yet the key to success in everything is to open up stronger when negativity hits. Consciously choose to experience the pain of failure and move through it and you may just end up getting your heart's desire. This really is the great gift from the energy machines. It gives one the ability to open in the face of stress and turmoil. It is the power of love flowing from the heart chakra that is the miracle-making energy. It will not always work to your advantage, but if you learn to do this automatically when negativity and failure appear on the horizon you will eventually find success in every area in life as the negative mental pictures are cleared from your consciousness. You will find that there is a bottom to the pain and maybe it ain’t all that bad and you will come back with the attitude that “I will fight harder next time and maybe, just maybe, I will win the prize and go home the victor.” As a side note, there have been a few testimonials of physical healings and improvements from the machines. One woman just went back to the eye doctor and found out that her eyes were actually improving and she needed to have her prescription reduced. Another character, a friend of mine, healed his appendix after it ruptured. A third person, Charles, went for knee surgery. When the doctor opened his knee up the ligament was no longer torn.