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Friday, November 16, 2012

Ascension Energy Newsletter: Dec. 21st 2012, Insights into Ascension Process, Amino Acid Saturation and Hormonal Strength

One month to go to the December 21st, 2012 date. I thought I should write something about this date. I view Ascension as a process and not an event. The process of Ascension is triggered from the inside out, not the outside in. Don't watch the heavens, monitor your thoughts and feelings. To become self aware is to know thyself; this is a process that we can embrace or deny. Denial is the current state of mankind and awakening is not just reading conspiracy sites on the internet. We can not control time that much; but we can control what we do in time. For the better part of my spiritual path, I was employing techniques that were having very little effect on my consciousness. The current new age jargon sets no standard for excellence. All you have to do is be reading the new age material to be an old soul and making spiritual progress is a byproduct of just reading the material.Their is no standard in which to judge whether there is legitimate progress being made? A few months back, I repeated an emotional trauma from 15 years ago. I thought I had learned my lesson and was beyond the emotional injury. In the past I had gone through rigorous self examination and deeply expressed the emotional pain; yet I still attracted in a similar emotional injury. What was I missing? In the past I would have tried to move beyond the emotional injury, by getting right back up on the horse; but that approach did not work the first time so I decided a different way. Nutritional and hormonal saturation; I began to super-saturate the body with amino acids and testosterone precursors ( Men Only). You have heard me talk about MAP, the Master Amino Acid Pattern; a pre-digested Amino acid formula with the nine essential amino's. The last 4 months, I have been taking very large doses of (MAP) Amino Acids and hormone precursors. What I have found out that super-saturating amino's and raising testosterone levels has led to removal of emotional trauma and the neutralization of negative memories. In the Bible there is a saying that one day every tear shall be wiped away. To be reborn is literal, not figurative and it is based on nutritional saturation. In the womb, your mother pre-digests the food and feeds it to you 24/7. The baby sits in an amino acid soup for nine months; massive amounts of nutrition are being absorbed into the fetus without the damage being created from the digestive process. The baby comes out of the womb, nutritionally saturated and ready for action. We are all attracted to newborns because of the massive energy fields that babies throw off. Babies are the real stars; Kings and Queens of the world rocking in their strollers. Well, we cannot go back into the womb, but we can make an approximation with the use of MAP due to it's 99% absorption factor. Most amino acid supplements are 20% absorbed and 80% waste. I was in the Montauk project; I know about repeated trauma's, rage, apathy and multiple personalities. What I did not know was how to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. You could say my life's quest is to become whole or holy. To become like children again, we need to go back to the womb; that is re-create the original environment to reboot our genetics and erase the trauma from the DNA. Here is the key; to activate DNA we need more of it! Hormones inter-act with DNA and are the elevator to Ascension. Here is my new definition for Ascension, densification of the physical body through nutritional saturation. Alpha males are in the kingdom of Heaven; but beta males are not. Alpha's are happy and Beta's are not. Alpha's wield power comfortably and with joy and passion while beta's run away from the use of power are passive-aggressive and suppress emotional pain. The suppression of emotional pain leads to a decrease in appetite or in the exception of obesity an increase in the sugar-based foods that are turned into fat. The use of power requires responsibility and there is a direct feedback loop from the mis-use of power. The learning curve on the spiritual path is through conflict, not avoidance.( There is a corresponding state for women of Alpha's and Beta's). Hormone management for women is much different than for males. Males are essentially a simple hormone system; increase testosterone levels and there is an increase in positive characteristics such as courage. Real Men that women are looking for are filled with testosterone. Testosterone overcomes fear; cowardice is a function of very low testosterone levels. Older people become more fearful as they age because their hormone levels are dropping off the cliff and they are starving themselves to death. Appetite decreases due to degradation of the digestive function and the accumulation of emotional trauma. The inefficiencies of the digestion process and the types of foods that we eat, are the main cause of aging. There is only one true spiritual path where you engage your obstacles and overcome. Engaging leads to a revealing of one's personal character defects that need to be purified through emotional healing. You need to feel deep emotional pain to heal. This requires high hormones and loads of activated DNA which requires an increase in Amino's through saturation. The history of mankind is the story of control through starvation. When we get into amino-acid depleted states we attract in trauma, because we cannot maintain positive emotional and mental states. All character defects are built on starvation within our genetic history. Our bad karma is the degree to which our ancestors were deprived of rich amino acid based foods in quality as well as quantity. Ascension is not a disappearing act, but one where you become the star of your own movie. It is like upgrading your TV from your low density analog signal to HD 1080. We have more pixels per square inch to give us higher definition. Every description of higher dimensional realms is one where everything is more real. Greater sensitivity requires more hormones and more nutrition not less as ascribed by numerous spiritual traditions that shall remain nameless. The basis of ascending is to become more God-like in body and spirit. The body is not some meat-bag carcass that is shed, but an avatar interface that can be upgraded by your own efforts. The deficiencies of personality, health and material prosperity are all rooted in nutritional deprivation; specifically amino acids, in quantity as well as quality. Self correction occurs with saturation, mental imbalances entity possession viruses parasites leave with nutritional saturation. I am talking about levels that cannot be achieved through just food consumption, because of the damage caused by digestion itself. This is where science will go beyond nature to re-create Ascended beings through nutritional correction. Nutritional saturated people crave high intensity experiences and seek more freedom, health, wealth and abundance. This is the natural state for the human condition, progress in all forms increased intelligence, both intellectual and emotional, increase in physical performance levels. The quest for perfection in body, mind and heart; is a tuning process where the song of life becomes an active path that one embraces with full fury. So am I anxious about next month? Not at all, I am having a hard time mustering up any fear of what the future may hold; but my belly contains the excitement felt by a 6 year old on Christmas Eve. An irrational hope of a surprisingly benevolent expanding future.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Ascension Energy Newsletter: Power of Love, Momentum and the Key To Success

The link between the physical and non-physical has become very apparent to me since I re-established a high-intensity short-duration weightlifting program. I work out 3 times a week for 30 minutes a session. This is the first time I have seriously committed to an exercise routine since placing myself on the machines, which will be four years this July. Each week I have been able to comfortably increase the weight I press; surprisingly, I have not hit a plateau yet, although that is a normal consequence of weight training. I am almost lifting as much as I did in my late 20's when I was a mad man in the gym. The benefits of high intensity exercise are enormous for both men and women. Production of massive amounts of growth hormone are triggered from working out near the maximum limits of your body. High, short-term stress triggers fast muscle growth and hormone production. The buildup of etheric energy from the machines in the subtle energy bodies can now be used for clearing negativity and regenerating the physical body. Traditionally, high intensity exercise over time would wear the body out as negativity was accumulated in the non-physical bodies. The pre-natal Chi the Chinese believe we have a finite supply of would be used up at a faster rate. Yet this is not so on the machines--quite the opposite appears to be happening. I am getting stronger without the aches and pains associated with the aging process. The strength gains and muscle mass increases are coming faster to me than they were 20 years ago. If you really want to age regress then you need to exercise--it is that simple. We humans are bio-energetic machines that need energy; it runs through all of our bodies, including the physical body. In conjunction with physical exercise I am also taking high doses of Master Amino Acid Pattern and Organic Sulfur. I have incorporated a simple technique to pull Chi into my body, not through the breath as most systems recommend, but by unleashing it from the heart Chakra. I view the heart chakra as the inter-face to the non-physical realms. You might call it a stargate that can be accessed by sinking into the heart and allowing yourself to feel love. Being connected to the technologies of the Ascension Energy Program has allowed me to process emotional debris at an accelerated rate, to get beyond the shutdown mechanisms in the heart, when rejection and failure arises. Rejection and failure are like power outages that interrupt life’s positive momentum. We create waves of energy when we feel love that leads us on the path of success; as we expand energetically we inevitably hit the areas where fear arises. Formally, before the machines, the response of shutdown would be virtually automatic, cutting off the power to prevent the feeling of loss and heartache. On the machines there is a buffer zone of feel-good energy that I have found allows me to remain in an open state and feel the pain which is processing mental pictures and neutralizing negative emotional content. As this process moves forward new experiences and patterns begin to assert themselves, which leads to an increase in momentum, which in time overcomes the obstacle rather than repeating the failure. This dynamic can be seen quite easily in sports. I was at a recent Mets-Yankees game at Citifield Stadium. The Mets were up 3-0 in the 4th inning and the fans were cheering wildly, like they had won the lottery. As a Yankees fan, I was not that worried because I had seen the Yankees come back way too many times (Massive patterns of Success) to believe the game was over. Mets fans, on the other hand, were waiting for the other shoe to drop. Guess what? The other shoe did drop and the Yankees came back and won the game. With their first home run the Yankees’ momentum shifted back in their direction and the Mets fans were now accomplices in the Yankees’ victory. As the homerun went over the fence, you could immediately feel the “here we go again” sigh ripple through the crowd. Mets fans were closing their heart chakras down, bracing themselves for the inevitable failure to buffer their feeling of loss. And yet the key to success in everything is to open up stronger when negativity hits. Consciously choose to experience the pain of failure and move through it and you may just end up getting your heart's desire. This really is the great gift from the energy machines. It gives one the ability to open in the face of stress and turmoil. It is the power of love flowing from the heart chakra that is the miracle-making energy. It will not always work to your advantage, but if you learn to do this automatically when negativity and failure appear on the horizon you will eventually find success in every area in life as the negative mental pictures are cleared from your consciousness. You will find that there is a bottom to the pain and maybe it ain’t all that bad and you will come back with the attitude that “I will fight harder next time and maybe, just maybe, I will win the prize and go home the victor.” As a side note, there have been a few testimonials of physical healings and improvements from the machines. One woman just went back to the eye doctor and found out that her eyes were actually improving and she needed to have her prescription reduced. Another character, a friend of mine, healed his appendix after it ruptured. A third person, Charles, went for knee surgery. When the doctor opened his knee up the ligament was no longer torn.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Instantaneous Healings?

Two more cases of possible instant healings of body tissue. My friend Plato had his appendix burst, he walked around for a week thinking it was just stomach cramps. They cleaned the appendix and place a tube with a bottle for a week. When they removed the tube, they found that the appendix had completely healed in a week, the surgery was cancelled. Plato was doing high doses of Sodium Ascorbate,magnesium and Organic sulfur; in addition to being on the Another friend Charles had an MRI in march 2012, that shown that he had a torn ligament and meniscus in his knee. When the went to open up his knee a month later, the tears had healed. There was very minor work that needed to be done. Charles is big into juicing as well as taking the organic sulfur. Both Charles and Plato have been both on the Ascensionenergyprogram for three years. We are starting to suspect that the healing were more a function of holographic repair through re-imaging rather than the nutritionals by themselves.

Whacky Trailer Park Saga

Larry is a friend that has been on the AscensionEnergyProgram for about a year now. When I met him through a synchronicity from another business of mine, he was a complete wreck. Living in a trailer park out on Long Island under Federal Indictment for basically nothing. To this day, I could not tell you what the actual charge was, something about a inaccurate appraisal on two houses. The Federal Court case cleared up miraculously a few months ago, concurrently at the same time his landlord was attempting to evict him from the trailer park. Not for non-payment of rent, but just because he did not like him. There was a confict in the energy between Larry and the Park. As Larry began to go up in energy, the landlord and the Feds became more belligerent, till a tipping point where the Federal case dissapeared through a series of actions that larry took. I had placed Larry trailer on the Xcalibur machine last year as well as Larry himself. When last month his landlord decided to go to the court and begin the eviction process a month early and had the judge illegal sign the notice. Rather than fight the process larry who did not want to be in the trailer park anyway decided to put the trailer up for sale. The second family that looked at the trailer decided to make the purchase immediately. The really weird part is that they loved the trailer so much that they wanted to buy everything in the trailer as is; that is all the furniture and the fixtures including the broken couch. The real estate agent had never seen anything so bizarre where, a family wanted everything including the food in the refridgerator. I know this kinda of sounds like a made up story like and erotic letter in penthouse, but sometimes reality is stranger than fiction, really..

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ascension Energy Newsletter: Xcalibur 2 and the Consciousness Shift

All along my goal with the Xcalibur machine was to have three units in the same room and hetrodyne them together. Next week, I will recieve the second Xcalibur machine which according to the engineer will be double in the magnetic field strenght to the first Xcalibur machine. The Xcalibur has three settings on the machine, the Dotto Ring frequencies 1.9Mhz-2.1Mhz used by Dotto for Anti-Aging purposes. The other two settings are the multiple of the Schumann resonance and an audio setting that can convert music into a magnetic field. Primarily, I alternate between the Dotto Ring Frequencies 80% of the time and the Schumann frequencies.
The combining of multiple Xcalibur machines may lead to heightened quantum anomalies, we shall see soon. I have noticed a massive increase in processing of mental and emotional memory over the last 2 months, this may be due in part to the machines as well as the 2012 consciousness shift. Things are happening fast and will continue to speed up even faster, like being in a Ferrari coming off the line. Moving into the heart and out of the head will keep you in the sweet zone where life is all magic. If you notice that your mind is spinning out of control, it is because you are trying to figure things out and control them with your mind rather than feeling your way through the decision-making process. Actions that are intuitive require no processing time, you don't need to think about it, just do it.

As more fear is removed, it becomes easier to make spontaneous decisions and just let things flow and stop with the attempts to micro-manage life with the head. You don't need to figure things out, but trust and surrender understanding that there are forces in motion re-creating your life. Happiness and pleasure should be the goal and the more time that you can spend being happy, the faster the changes will take root in your life. Don't worry be Happy, heard that somewhere before... We have a new mantra here at the AscensionEnergyProgram, it is a re-working of Murphy's law, my mother's core belief. Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong is now....drum roll. Whatever can go Right will go right; this was on the back cover of the Daily News in regard to a Mets player named Murphy who had the game winning hit for the Mets 4th consecutive victory.

Synchronicity comes in many forms including headlines on the backs of newspapers; it is all about the timing of events similar to the new TV show Touch with Keifer Sutherland, where there are these whacked out coincidences that are all tied together by the 11 year old boy who can read the signs and symbols of the matrix. The good news here is that you do not have to micro-manage synchronicities, just go with the flow based on what feels good. After being on the machine a while, you should be letting go of conscious control of your life and relaxing into a state of trust of self. When you have faith in yourself that is the point where there is a god connection. Where do you end and god begin? This should be indivisible, a blending of energies that is seamless in it's ideal form. What is an ideal? Someone that is balanced, I mean really balanced on all levels, mental, emotional and the physical. The quest for internal and external balance really is the ascension process which unfolds through the balancing of forces internally.

You say the right thing at the right moment and do the right thing at the right time. This happens automatically as fear is removed from your aura overtime. When you remove the mud you have the perfection. Michelangelo used to see the perfection in a block of granite and he would chip away what was non-essential. Addition by subtraction, with the purification of the personality what is left afterwards is all good so you can swing with your full force of your personality that even anger will be divine and has a function of righting things that are not working in your life. The beauty of moving vertically up the ascension spiral is that obstacles and troubles become your best friend. They will spring board you into new worlds that you never would have thought of even entering. The best part is that even when you lose things, they will be replaced with something better and fairly quickly because of the heightened energy state that you now live in. Accumulation of Energy within your Aura leads to more refined and powerful manifestations. You may have noticed an accelerated cycling of karmic lessons. Emotional pain leading to insight or enlightenment follow by a period of bliss or Ecstasy. This last for a period of time and the whole cycle will repeat again, compressing out character flaws within the personality. On the flip side of this process should be an increase in power, you words and actions will have a tremendous effect on the world. My advice is to dive into the feeling and run with it, you will not harm others if you begin to trust yourself and your own desires. It is when we hold back on what we want is where the trouble begins, this can manifest as anger. depression and even physical illness not to mention self sabotage that can border on the absurd. Absurdities are not really that bad a sign that you are going through a dimensional shift and that if you can hold the vision of the new idea that you would like to take root, the world will begin to re-form around your will. This is true co-creation it is an act of the will and the heart in sync, with the mind tagging along for the ride. The next week should be fun...

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ascension Energy Newsletter: The Battle For the New World

The end of John Calleman's Mayan Calender has come and gone; Oct 28th 2011, yet the world still seems to hang on the edge of an abyss that could move in either direction. Will we have a Utopian society? Or a full blown robotic tyranny with few real choices, zero creativity and little Happiness? I believe in the former rather than the latter, but not because it is a foregone conclusion; but rather through the co-creation of a new dream. Phillip K. Dick the famous Sci-Fi writer known 1970 and 80's has come up with an interesting concept that the true world ended in 50 AD with the termination of early Christianity and that we are living in a shadow world that is a pale reflection of reality. It is like an overtime in a football game without a winner emerging. Phillip K. Dick asks two primary questions. What is reality? What makes a human authentic? Dick would answer that we need more chaos not less and that it is the realization of the full range of the emotive nature of man that creates authenticity.
Montalk has picked up on Dick's thread and expanded the concept that our world has been hijacked by a Negative Demiurge, sort of like an evil computer system that serves itself. The world as it exists today is in an suspended state of animation to allow the participants to gain enough spiritual power to exit this negative matrix into a positive future timeline rather than the dark NWO scenarios that the TV likes to propagate. The world that we currently inhabit is but a shadow of the true world that anchors us into a state of negativity, that self-sustains the negative demi-urge that maintains this negative matrix. The power and fury of the real world has imprisoned us in a boring repetitive version of groundhog day. Or as Montalk states:
In this Gnosis series, it has been my premise that a primordial schism arose between the Creator or the Corrupt Demiurge depending on whether they respected the divine framework or turned their back on it. Those who aligned with the Corrupt Demiurge carried out their parasitic agenda of survival at the expense of others.
In its original form, humanity may have been a lesser evolved but benign species created by well-meaning genetic engineers. At some point they came into contact with alien civilizations that were agents of the Corrupt Demiurge. Whether by choice or sheer ignorance, the result was genetic modification of terrestrial humanity toward becoming a fundamentally self-serving species divested of psychic sensitivity and divine harmonization. Humans were spiritually dumbed down, but intellectually enhanced. This was the Second Fall, depicted in the story of Adam and Eve.
Thus to manipulate etheric and astral energies is to manipulate the Demiurge and, if done with sufficient complexity and intensity, physical reality itself. Through certain means, one can locally reprogram the Demiurge and thereby change matter, energy, space and time. That is the basis of what is hereby called "demiurgic technology." This technology alters the etheric and astral "matrix code" beneath reality to reshape reality. Within limits, higher applications of demiurgic technology include manifesting solid objects and foodstuffs out of thin air, altering physical geography, and rewriting the timeline.
Gnosticism is considered heretical by the Catholic church, because it implies the connection to god is found within through heart felt action, not boring mindless repetition of ritual. You can consider the Gnostic approach as the breakdown of form that is devoid of life. Creative spontaneity is the mindset rather than set routines, the movement of life occurs in the moment based on feeling, nothing more than feeling... Have faith in one's feelings to determine the right course of action. This will often go in opposition to what the matrix is telling you to do. Make safe boring choices that require no effort and really no reward. Happiness is a byproduct of risk, because happiness is a function of Love which is the enemy of conformity. For this negative matrix to exist, it needs conformity, not miracles and magic which breaks down the form of the matrix. The corrupted demiurge needs evil to feed it's existent since it is self sustaining through it's own needs. A loving based matrix is ever-expanding through the continual action of miracles. It is like adding an extension on a house every day. The fun never ends and life does not repeat very much except to give you ever increasing experiences of happiness. Happiness is an increase in etheric energy, the goal of living is to evolve or become ever more happy than the day before. Forever young, I want to be forever young.
I have been an avid reader of Phillip K. Dick for years and resonated quite dramatically with the gnostic series by Montalk. I have noticed with the energy technologies of the AscensionEnergyProgram, that I seem to break through barriers, only to see those barriers re-form. Through the practical application of Magic, I have discovered the influence of other worlds on this world. Over the last three weeks, I have been experimenting with the idea of quantum jumping into these alternate universes to de-stabilze the energy blockages that reform fairly quickly in our waking world.
I am inclined to believe that some of the darker negative emotions and fears are actually emanating from other realms that we would consider past lives. Quantum mechanics will tell you that there is no time and that past lives are really concurrent lifetimes, but on another frequency band. The DNA contains the whole familial lineage and hence is constantly being modified by the past as well as the future. You can look at each lifetime as a self-contained ground hog day that is stuck on repeat. If these lifetimes stay static with energy, then the drama repeats over and over again ad nauseum; been there done that... With the advent of the quantum based energy programs of the, we are no longer stuck on repeat in this lifetime, but can begin to accumulate massive amounts of etheric energy to begin to alter the outcomes of the static timelines, both personally and collectively.
Every life-time affects every other lifetime through resonance internally within your DNA. However lets say that in this lifetime, you lead a rather boring dull life without much action, your resonance to other lifetimes will take some time to begin to feel tangible shifts in those other worlds that translate into significant changes in this world in your immediate present and future. But, what if you could time jump into other worlds and take the energy of the machines into those other realities and begin to shift those other worlds just as dramatically as in this world. For example, today we watch American Football, it is the modern day version of the gladiatorial games in ancient Rome around 50 AD that Phillip K. Dick likes to talk about.
No matter how emotionally charged you may get from watching American Football, it is nothing like the trauma created by watching the gladiatorial games in Rome, where in the morning they watched people getting killed and eaten by Lions and Tigers and Bear oh my; and after lunch they satiated their blood lust with gladiators getting hacked, stabbed, de-capitated, burnt to death and drowned on occasion. What would the affect be on your consciousness if this experience was stuck on repeat and was still going on today, affecting you today. Would this explain where all those irrational fears come from? What if you were the one getting butchered and eaten over and over again? Would that begin to explain the stagnation in your current lifetime or perhaps a fear of fire or heights or whatever.
With Time jumping through your imagination, you can begin to slightly alter those experiences with the increase of etheric energy from this world to the other worlds. The key is the unleashing of the imagination and to go into these other worlds and take for real what you sense. Reality is a construct based on emotion that is the secret. The current matrix wants to numb you down so that you do not feel or go into the heart. It would rather keep you in the head and rationalize those feelings away. To heal you need to feel that why it rhymes. Feelings nothing more than feelings..

Our current negative reality run by the corrupted intelligence, looks out for happy people and likes to whack them. It whacks all forms of happiness because the increase of zero point energy destroys the illusion of the prison system in which we inhabit. We are on a prison planet if you have not noticed where everything is upside down. Alice goes down the rabbit hole to wonderland, where everything makes no sense as time is in a suspended state of animation. The world appears to be heading to complete destruction, because the intelligence that controls this world is being forced to respond to so many quantum events on a daily basis. It is like the little dutchman sticking his finger in the dike. If you are on an upward spiral of energy, which is what the machines generate; the attacks become blessings because they can be leveraged to create more magic and speed up your evolution.
This means you are stabilizing force as a Corrective function of the corrupted demiurge. The key is not to fold when attacked but to respond immediately with a counter-attack. If you do not get the job or the girl, keep looking and usually there is a better version of what you were just looking for around the corner; if you do not fold in fear. Fearlessness is the mechanism to overcome the corrupted demi-urge, this can only happen if you are constantly accumulating etheric energy. It is all in the rebound, see you on the back end..
Demiurgical technologies have been created to offset the evil matrix; such as Orgone, bio-resonance and the Xcalibur Machine. Magic is active use of the will to create an outcome that would not exist without the use of your will.One pointed focus, coupled with emotion propels the force of intention beyond the entropic grasp of the negative demi-urge. Your prayers have most likely not been answered because they did not have the power necessary to overcome the influence of evil, which is the opposite of good. The balancing of forces creates Anti-gravity to defy the materializing influences. Our techniques are not the problem, it is the lack of power. The machines have been created to overcome the power problem; this does not mean that everything will be smooth sailing; you still need to overcome your lower self which is your connection to the corrupted demi-urge. The more that you actively practice evil, the stronger the grip the matrix will have on you. What is evil, anything that is not generated from the heart and is purely mind-based or emotion based. Emotions are good and thoughts are good, but separated from the heart they are not blended together in perfect harmony. When the heart and mind are working in sync, even rage becomes divine and you will wield the power of the logos to destroy the matrix and bring in the new world. Conquering yourself is the greatest action that one can do; to bring true freedom and happiness for one and for all. You need to strive for yourself as much as your fellow man, if you are not happy personally; how can anyone else be...
Even with the machines I have found that we are still missing key pieces of knowledge or gnosis which is the basis of Gnosticism.Playing with the concept that the world ended in 50 AD and that the current world is a variation of the Roman Empire. You could say that the world ended with the killing off of the many varied Christian and religious cults that believed in a variety of philosophies rather than a single creed. Consolidation of ideas into an earilier version of a NWO. You could say that has even started far earlier in say ancient babylon which was an earlier empire that preceded Rome and may be the reason of the last two Iraq wars. It is all about the resonance from the world that exists in simultaneity with this world. Past life is a misnomer, everything happens concurrently and is continually affected by our actions based on our level of gnosis. These other worlds are the roots of our reality that anchor in negative concepts such as Communism, the Federal Reserve and the Military Industrial Concept. By holding the dual concepts of worlds inter-acting with each other we have the ability to free the links between these other tyrannies and our own current one.
Our lack of full emotive power contained through mass mind control via all forms of media and electronic communication limits our capacity to break free of our limitations. The hold of these other uncensored violent worlds that are suppressed below the level of our conscious awareness are the chains that keep the corrupt institutions in our shadow world functioning and maintaining their grip on our lives.
But what if we were able to go into these other worlds armed with nothing more than a vivid imagination and a strong will to restructure these wild violent societies into more benevolent peaceful world. Would that ripple into our world, would we become more 3D and less cardboard like in our responses to life. Would we become world winds of creative thought reshaping the landscape?
"And what happens when that Time sealed compartmentalization unzips? You see, what the prison planet wardens want to stifle more than anything, is the World of Unfettered Imagination, because they know that when Sleeping Beauty awakens there will be Heaven to Pay." Source
I am finding that if you believe that the problems that you are facing are just sourced in this world, that you are just treating the symptom rather than the cause. The power of untamed creation is contained in the more violent worlds that we are living in simultaneously. It is these worlds that we need to treat at the same time with love and light, we need to modify and dissolve the roots of all forms of tyranny in the other worlds as in our current world. Otherwise you are just cutting the grass and evil just seems to pop back out at you like being in a funhouse at an amusement park.
Here is a meditation that you may want to try: Imagine a problem that you have today in your life or perhaps such as lack of money or perhaps your inability to find a mate. Ask the question what am I am afraid of? What other realms am I trapped in fighting the same problem? Treat both of the images at the same time feeling both of them. You then want to re-write the script to a more beneficial outcome or simply through a lot of love and light like you have a fire hose putting out a fire. The power of the demi-urgical technologies of the is that you can start throwing love and light around randomly and begin to generate immediate results in your waking world such as job opportunities, new relationships all sorts of miracles at an ever accelerating rate.
The key here is to treat the other realms that are influencing this realm at the same time. The more emotion you put into to this, the better the results will be. There is a TV show called Once Upon a Time Episode 7, that will give you a visual idea of what I am talking about. The show premise is that the true world is based in the past similar to the realm of magic in the times of Merlin and King Arthur. The realm of magic begins to intersect in the shadow world and entangle. As the problems are encountered in cleared up in the magical times the world of reflection begins to embody the best of the magical realm. We become heroic and 3D rather than flat shadow characters full of life and emotion. We move from the land of the dead to the living...