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Monday, June 22, 2009

Emoto- Positive and Negative Effects on Water Crystals

Samples of photographs of water that are exposed to different thought forms. Positive thoughts create intricate geometric structures, while negative ones create chaotic formless water molecules. The programming of water most likely is the key to life extension. More will be revealed when massive energy signatures are applied continously to water.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Montauk Project- Nichols Pt. 4 Coast to Coast

I experienced a time shift when I was working in Montauk about 6 years ago. I was walking towards the beach about 7pm in August to take a swim. As I was walking on the sand towards the water, I felt a wall of energy and noticed a change in the light. It switched to like a golden hue, I looked down and noticed that there were no longer any footprints on the sand, even though it had just been a busy beach day. My skin started to tingle, I saw a being that was almost invisible walk towards me on the beach. I re-traced my steps off the beach and felt the same wall of energy as I moved off the beach. The light returned to normal and I went on my merry way.

The Montauk Project- Nichols Pt. 3 Coast to Coast

Preston Nichols claims his new home in Cairo, NY was an old retreat center for Princeton scientists and it was actually owned formerly by John Von Neumann who was alledgedly to be a part of both the Montauk Project as well as the Philadelphia Experiment.

The Montauk Project- Nichols Pt. 2 Coast to Coast

One day while I was over at Preston's house in East Islip, Long Island, he pulled out a hard drive that he bought at an Air Force surplus auction and showed me a tag that said, resistant up to 40G's. He implied that this was from an Air Force craft that was virtually a UFO.

Preston Nichols Montauk Project Pt 1 Coast to Coast

I have known Preston Nichols for over ten years, he has been quite influential in my quest for the development of anti-aging technologies I don't necessarily believe everything he says, but some of his seemingly kookiest ideas, I have seen come to fruition over the last ten years. I spent 8 years as a Massage Therapist in Montauk and actually saw the Montauk beast found in the book, called The Montauk Project, in 1996 during the summer down by the point.

Bio-resonace Ad hoc study on NY Bars

Currently we have three bars being treated radionically as a test. I started about 2 months ago to watch the progress of the establishments. Two, I go to quite frequently since I live relatively close and know the owners a bit.
Last night, was in the primary bar, St. Dymphnas on St. Marks, the place was filled. It is Saturday night after-all in the summer on a rainy weekend. The noise level was fairly loud, at the time the place was filled mostly with guys. I stayed for one beer and decided to go next door to Bua, which is not being treated.
The people in Bua, were all standing around posing which is typical for a hipster bar. Nothing was happening and the energy was quite low. The most remarkable thing was that they had actually lowered the price of a tap beer to $5 from $6. This was quite remarkable to me, because the price of a tap beer has been $6 for a few years now. The depression, I mean recession apparently was hurting BUA quite dramatically and there answer was to lower the price of their staple product.
I went to Niagra next on 7th and Ave A and there the price for an tap import was also $5, the same reduction. St. Dymphna's does not have this problem as I was talking to the owner Eric and he was just there as a bystander having come back from Disney world on a family vacation. There business has actually increased over the last two months. This has also happened at Lunasa around the corner, which was on the verge of going out of business before their business has picked up as well over the last two months. If you are a bar owner and you would like to try boosting your business, the price is currently dirt cheap at $50 per month. There is no obligation, it is a month to month.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Ascension Energy Program: Etheric Water. Is is the Fountain of Youth?

Massive potential for Age reversal in used in mass quantity. The radionic delivery method solves the problem of shipping bottles of water. For pennies on the dollar the fountain of Youth is at your fingertips. Buy now or pay later, it's your choice.