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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Planet Sized UFO Found Near Mercury

Dramatic footage of UFO found cloaked behind Mercury as result of solar flare. holographic re-imaging and DNA activation now with sacred geometry.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Ascension Energy Newsletter: The Wacky World of Sports, The 13th Man the Fan! New Subliminal Section..

Sunday October 2nd was the craziest day in Sports that I have ever witnessed. If you do not think that thought influences outcomes then how do you explain all the synchronicities on Sunday? Bookies in Football regularly give the home team an extra 3 pts in the spread; it is factored into the line. In medicine, you would call this the placebo effect. How can rooting for a team influence the outcome of the game? If we are all connected, then very easily. Sunday was a rare confluence of events in Sports, you had both the NFL and Major League baseball division series taking place at the same time. The Detroit Lions were playing the Minnesota Vikings, while the Yankees were playing the Detroit Tigers. The Lions game started at 1pm, while the Yankees-Tigers game was at 3pm. In Arizona the Cardinals were playing the NY Giants, the site where the Giants won the Super Bowl against the Undefeated New England Patriots, the potential greatest team ever. The Giants had fallen 14pts behind the Cardinals.
The Philadelphia Eagles were also playing at 1pm while the Philadelphia Phillies with Cliff Lee were playing the St. Louis Cardinals. It was an unusual cross-over of common fan bases and concurrent games. Both fans would be watching both games concurrently, especially in Sports Bars where every game is on at the same time. What happened next was remarkable, the Detroit Lions were losing at halftime 20-3, in the second half the Lions started to make an amazing comeback energizing the Lions and Tiger fan base. While the Lions game were in the middle of their comeback the Tigers and Yankee game started. The Tigers shot out to a 4-0 lead.

In the Philadelphia Eagles game the exact opposite was happening with the Lions game. The Eagles were winning 20-3 at halftime. During the second half the 49ers were launching a miraculous comeback of their own, eventually winning 24-23. Meanwhile, the Phillies shot out to a 4-0 lead with the fabulous playoff pitcher Cliff Lee. As the Eagles were crumbling the Phillies began to crumble, eventually Lee blew the 4-0 lead and lost the game to the Cardinals. When the Lion game had finished, the Yankees began to launch a comeback of their own reclaiming 4 runs by the 9th inning. At almost the same time the Giants were launching a comeback against the Arizona Cardinals eventually wiping out the 14pt deficit and winning the game. The Yankees comeback was short circuited by a driving rainstorm as Robinson Cano was unable to drive in the winning run with the torrential downpour similar to the scene from the movie Caddy Shack where the golfer that is having his greatest round of golf is attempting to finish in a lightening storm he eventually gets struck dead by lightening.

An Act of God, interrupted the Yankees comeback where in every other game the Football teams and Baseball teams operated in sync. It was the football teams rather than the baseball teams that drove the eventually outcomes, because of the primal nature of football. Football is the modern-day equivalent of the sacred rain dance or sun worship and the energies created from that arena influence consciousness in very dramatic ways.

This past Monday night (Oct 10th) the Bears were playing the Lions on Monday night football and the Tigers were playing the Texas Rangers. Lions and Tigers and Bears oh my, I had to say it, the famous phrase from the Wizard of OZ. On Monday the Tigers lost on a walkoff Grand Slam homerun by Nelson Cruz in the 11th inning. The previous day a Victor Cruz a wide receiver for the NY Giants slipped at the last moment and tipped a ball into the hands of a Seattle Seahawks defensive player that he returned for a TD that won the game for the Seahawks. Before that play Victor Cruz was the hero of the game with one of the greatest catches in Football history a finger-tip grab through two defenders that he ran for a TD.

When Nelson Cruz of the Rangers hit is Grand Slam home run, The Detroit Lions-Bears game was just starting, on the first series the lions had a penalty and Matt Stafford overthrew a receiver and the lions were three and out. The Lions eventually recovered and were able to beat the Bears for their best winning streak in the history of their franchise. What does all this mean? Energy flows in waves and with modern technology it affects everything all at once. Team fan bases would operate in sync as the baseball teams would follow the emotions of the football fan bases as Football games are far more an emotional affair than baseball. What I have found that you can interrupt the flow of a losing streak by doing the opposite. Rather than closing down, you open up emotionally and expect a miracle. Reality is determined by our emotional states prior to an event. This is the lesson of Sports, if you can stay open emotionally and feel the pain and still not give up, you have the ability to re-write a script in your life.

Our patterns are what we inherited from our parents and the peak experiences in our life, both positive and negative. Their is a reason why the NY Yankees have won 27 championships and there is a reason why the Lions have never won a Super Bowl, but those patterns can be changed and interrupted and this is where the machines come into play. With the massive etheric energy that you are being bombarded with on a daily basis, it is possible to break the negative scripts that have been habituated in our lives. It requires the conscious application of your will in conjunction with the energy machines. When you apply your will forcefully and will a positive outcome, you will notice that it is like stepping on the gas of a ferrari rather than the pinto that you had under the hood before.

If you get into the habit of becoming emotionally involved and forcefully projecting your positive vision of the world; you will see that miracles will become an everyday affair in your life. Application of will-mind and spirit is the formula for magic, however if you are afraid to express your feelings then your desires will not manifest. It is the removal of the filter on the brain that is necessary for your dreams to come true. We ain't in Kansas anymore... Go Lions!

A brief note on the new Ascension Energy Subliminal section, they are extremely powerful, I have found they are an incredible tool to break en-grained negative patterns that I just talked about. I use them everyday now for at least three hours per day. Guys if you are having trouble with women, use the male empowerment one. I have been using the Lottery subliminal on and off for a few weeks dabbling mostly. I play the Win for Life Scratch off tickets in NY. I have never won more than $50 at any one time. In the last month, I have won $20 3x, $40 twice and $100 last week. What you have to overcome is your own negative entrenched belief systems and some of these may take several months to work through. If you have had a pattern your whole life, it will take some time to break the standing wave of energy in your field and re-program to a belief system that you want. Right now I am pounding the Male Empowerment subliminal or I call it the Greek-God like body subliminal, Jennifer neutered the name on the download link. I have that one although I have not updated it on the page. There will be many more subliminals coming and some women empowerment subliminals. The best advice is to work with one or two rather than dabble and jump around as I did. The consciousness of a Victor or Victim is just the type of standing wave energy that you have in your aura. Keep using it too it changes, this I found out from the Lottery subliminal, and it does apply to all of them even though you may not see the results right away.

The subliminals carry the energy of the Xcalibur machine and they use biurnal beats to get deep into your mind for re-programming, best to use headphones with them. You do not have to pay attention to the sound, you can multi-task while listening too them. I think the subliminals eventually will almost be as important as the machines. The machines can surface patterns, but I have seen problems with clients changing some of their negative beliefs even though they have a massive amount of etheric energy at their disposal. It is like the Emperor without the clothes, you don't realize that your world has changed and you have to power to gain different result. All you need is that breakthrough event that says wow, maybe the sky is not going to fall Chicken Little. The subliminals I believe can trigger that event so that you can re-formulate your personality to a Victor rather than a Victim.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ascension Energy Newsletter: Xcalibur Machine Update and the Magic Basement Manifests a Hoard

I have been busy using the new Xcalibur Magnetic treatment machine for the last two months looking at the effects for myself and the clients that have been placed on the machine. The results have been spectacular, I can almost now predict what will happen to people when they go on the new machine. The effects are similar to the bio-resonance machine in the removal of negativity, but at an accelerated pace. With the magnetic field there is a rapid accumulation of energy which begins to open up the DNA, the first manifestation is a return to innocence. The emotional armoring begins to break down and the original self or ideal version of the personality begins to appear.
This I believe is simply a function of energy accumulation. As a child we had an abundance of energy so everything was a new adventure rather than a dull repetitive experience that requires effort. As one tunes into their higher self, there is an increase in Synchronicity and good fortune. Situations become win-win for everyone. These changes are subtle an incremental as the aging process is subtle and incremental where one day you wake up and look in the mirror and realize that you are no longer a teenager. Aging takes years and regeneration will take years as well. The mental and emotional improvements will be the precursor to any physical changes. Trauma accumulates in the subtle energy bodies over the course of your life and manifests on the physical plane as aging. The reduction of negativity is a process, especially if you are still immersed in a highly negative environment. Eventually as you rise up in frequency, you will most likely remove yourself from negative environments or have opportunities that take you away from these influences. The new world and the old world overlap, so when you jump on the program, you are being hit with a new overlay or blueprint for a new existence. This does not mean that things will change overnight, everything is a process and depending what stage of the path that you are on; sometimes change will take longer than expected. The ego always believes that the personality or soul is more advanced than it really is. This applies to virtually everyone across the board.
I will use a new friend of mine as an example of the effects of the new machine. I will call him Peter, although that is not his real name. I met Peter around May and placed him on the bio-resonance machine soon after. At the time, Peter has been under federal indictment for over (two years without a trail) on trumped up charges in Federal court. The case has no real basis and to this day, I still cannot figure out what the underlying crime is other than some federal prosecutor is looking to make a name for himself in his own words, "because I can". Peter had hired an expensive lawyer with a great reputation, who was apparently living on his reputation. The lawyer never filed the correct motions to get the case dismissed, rather he was eager to take to trial even though this was completely unnecessary. The lawyer was soaking Peter to the point that he ran out of money and had not been able to work for the last two years because of the indictment. The intractability of the case began to unravel after Peter went on the bio-resonance machine and went into high gear after Peter went on the Xcalibur machine. Peter ended up firing his attorney dramatically in court and threw the court in a tizzy. He was able to speak before the court and was able to enter testimony in the court record which laid the foundation for a mistrial. The court officers who have gotten to know Peter on a first name basis had never seen a defendant speak in court without an attorney and get the judge to rule in the defendant's favor.
Peter refused to accept the court appointed attorney because of the prejudicial nature of the attorney at the original hearing. The judge was flustered and lost command of her court. Peter was involved with three other defendants, the judge separated the cases which was a big win in Peter's favor. The three other defendants were eventually acquitted with the exception of one minor conviction. The District Attorney's case continues to fall apart, yet they still slog forward. The investigator for the DA's office was so frustrated because he was unable to obtain any witnesses or dirt against the defendant, he walked into court and directly threatened the defendant in front of the DA and the court reporter. In every instance Peter continues to win every battle; the case continues to hang on by a thread but he is no longer afraid of dealing with these people. Peter is now in a position to not only have his case dismissed but actually go after the DA and perhaps the judge from disbarment and eventually recoup all of his court costs and civil damages to boot. This reversal of fortune has occurred all within a three month time frame. What has changed is Peter's perception of the case and the removal of fear in dealing with the Federal Court system.
Now what about manifestation? I get these questions all the time. Can the machine manifest abundance for me? Yes and No. I use an example from about 12 years ago. I went to a Notre Dame Football game at Giants stadium, afterwards my friends decided to go to Atlantic City to do some gambling. At the time, I was unemployed and had just cashed my unemployment check. I had about $160 on me. When we got to Atlantic City, I promptly lost my unemployment check in record time and ended up waiting three hours for my friends outside the casino, it was a bit humiliating. The point here is never go unfunded into a casino and never go, if you actually need the money. Manifestation always comes from a position of power, you get abundance after you don't really need it. Fear will choke off manifestation, if you are in a chronic state of fear, you will never manifest. You do manifest, but lack rather than abundance. You are watering the lawn and stepping on the hose at the same time. You have to step off the hose to allow the flow to come through. It is always at the time when you have forgotten about the thing that you were asking for or written it off completely. Now when you move out of fear and are able to project positively on a regular basis, here is what can happen.
I have a Magic basement, that is my basement has delivered me items over the years that I have needed. I would just think about needing things and in a few days something would appear in my basement to fit the bill. I have gotten two brand new pair of shoes that have fit perfectly and were a style that I liked. Half my furniture in my apartment has come from my basement. I have a paper shredder, several printers and even a flat screen TV. Actually, I missed out on that one, because I needed to go to the bathroom first. Jennifer my assistant has also manifested items from my magic basement. Yesterday however was the most ridiculous manifestation I have seen to date. Jennifer was thinking about buying a new handbag. Jennifer never buys anything for herself she is quite frugal and non-materialistic. Yesterday, Jennifer went down to the basement to take out some trash and ended up finding 53 brand new designer handbags in variety of designers and styles. We estimated the hoard netted over $5000 worth of handbags. She also scored a pair of snowshoes that fit perfectly as well as a great pair of designer glasses. Jennifer is of course on all the energy technologies and works directly in the field of the Xcalibur machine. I have included a picture of the hoard because it is so ridiculous. There is a lesson here for Jennifer in being able to accept Abundance and there is a lesson for everyone in the light touch of manifestation. Less is more and if you are in a state of worry, let go and let God. Give it time, with these technologies that are available now, allow the energy to remove the fear and you will see manifestations take root over time.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Science Explains the Art of Magic

This is a video that I will need to watch again and again to understand the science behind magic. Quantum entanglement can be seen with cords. Cords seem to always get entangled when you stuff them in the bag. Magick is a function of resonance and linking up with the Universal Supercomputer. is modern magic. New wine for new wineskins or was it Milk I forgot. Got Raw milk baby come and get it... I dare you knock that battery off my shoulder... Go get em' Tiger

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Superhuman Samurai Splits 200MPH BB with Blade

Now this would make Ty Cobb envious. What explains this kind of feat? Only someone that moves into a different time and space frame, like Hiro from Heroes... Ted Williams used to say, that when he was in the zone, he could see the stitches on the baseball and that it looked like the size of a grapefruit. Radionic technologies for the new age. The age of the God Men and Women.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

3rd Sacred White Buffalo Born

Sacred White Buffalo Born in Texas:

Native American prophecy predicts four sacred white buffalo to be born before the end of days. This is the third born in May during a thunderstorm. We are also in the middle of the 9th wave of the Mayan calender which ends on Oct 28th 2011 according to John Calleman.. Technologies to surf through the Apocalypse... The end is just the beginning..

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Secrets of Carbon 666

The video talks about the transmutation from Carbon-12, 6 Protons, 6 Electrons and 6 Nuetrons to Carbon 7, 6 Protons, 6 electrons and 1 Neutron. The ability to move to the next dimension is contingent on the body mutating to the new carbon configuration. Speeding up the evolutionary process utilizing the Grand Unified Field.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ascension Energy Newsletter: Multiple Realites and the Unity Wave of the Mayan Calendar and True Wealth: Ascension Subliminal

The 9th Wave of the Mayan Calendar started on March 9th 2011 according to Mayan researcher Johan Calleman. Calleman has the Mayan calendar ending on Oct 28th, 2011. This last stage is the mad roller coaster ride to the finish, it lasts a mere 234 days and resolves the previous 8 earlier waves that originated over several Billion years ago, give or take.. On March 11th, the Japanese Earthquake was triggered perhaps by the Haarp project or maybe by subterranean nuclear weapons, it could even be a natural disaster. The ninth wave is broken up into 13 x18 days periods totaling 234 days. The days are broken up into alternating day and night periods with 7 days and six nights. Day and Night, night and day...
The energy acceleration from the 9th is 20x greater that the previous 8th wave cycle. The energy from day to day is building now at an exponential rate; that is being demonstrated by the stacking of ridiculous world events; such as the revolutions in the middle east, the imminent collapse of the Federal Reserve note in the US, the Bankruptcy of the U.S. Corporate government, not to be confused with the Republics of these United States.
Silver is breaking free of it's 30 year bondage and is about to blast through it's all time high of $52 on it's way to the being on par with Gold. I get asked all the time, by members of the Energy program; how do I generate abundance? Can you put intentions on the machines to get me out of my dilemma ect... I usually respond with have, you bought any physical Silver bullion? The next answer is, I have been thinking about it, but I don't have the money ect. Change, begins with a choice and a single action. A single oz of Silver now costs about $50. By the end of the year, it may cost over $1000oz. I am not hear telling you to go out and buy Silver; the point is that there are opportunites to make money all around you; it means being able to adapt to the changing conditions. That is having the mental and emotional flexibility to change course in midstream. Self examination of self is a key tool to navigate the changes in the world today. We have endings of very large cycles occuring with over-lapping births of new worlds.
Where do you have your attention focused on? The death or the Rebirth?" Let the dead bury the dead". One of the reasons, why Christ was killed because he threw the money changers out of the temple. Jesus took out a whip and whipped the money changers and drove them out of the temple.
What were the money changers doing that so incensed Jesus? They were marking up the Shekels that were being used to pay the temple tax with.
Judas of course was paid to betray Jesus with 30 shekels, a link to the same money changers that he threw out of the temple. What we have here in the world economy is the end of a system of the use of Fiat currency. Most people are confused today as to what to do next because they simply do not understand what money is? Real money is a currency or current. It reflects you ability to generate, it is a symbol of your power. The current economic system operates not under money, but debt notes. The current economic system is a giant ponzi scheme; where a few people that create the money earn unlimited wealth at the expense of the masses. By definition we are all in-dentured servants through the use of debt notes. The government can never balance the budget in a debtor system. Why? Because we operate on debt? Your signature is the sole force that creates money in the first place.
The act of buying physical silver bullion is a revolutionary act to say no to a debtor system. True freedom will only come back with the return of True money, which is gold and Silver. All lies are built on the deception of the use of debt notes all sins are a function of the lie of fiat currency. Why I am talking about this here? It is just pouring out of me, right now, I can't help myself. Wealth is an attitude, a way of looking at the world fearlessly. A energy state that one obtains through the loss of ego. In general wealthly people are low maintenance, this is not true in all cases, but in most cases. Wealthy people honor commitments, show up on time, appreciate the efforts of others and pay the price. They understand true value, that is why they are wealthy. It is a mis-nomer to think that wealthy people cheat others, yes it is true that the people that run the banking system and our elected leaders have gotten into power, through deceit, deception and theft. However all that is ending now, I would not want to be one of those people in the next year.
What you will witness over the next year and a half is the de-throning of evil throughout the world. I will use the story of my friend John, I will call him little john. I met little John about 3 years ago, during a political event. We fast became friends,at the time he was in a job that he could not stand. He jumped on the energy machines about a year and a half ago. John after about 6 months of me speech-blasting him about the value of Silver as real money and it's potential to run well over $1000oz, decided to invest all his life savings into Silver Bullion. John, is a big Soccer fan and paid to have Uruguay on the energy machines for the world cup. John also wanted to watch the entire World cup without distraction. About a week before the world cup was too start, he was fired for his job, because he was always late. He got what he prayed for!
We watched the World Cup and Uruguay came very close to possibly winning the whole tournament. John decided he never wanted to work again, so he focused on creating a life without working. Now, John is also not cheap, he gives away a great deal of money and time to other people. If fact he gave away 1/3 of his wealth over the last year. I hung out with John last night and was blown away by the changes in him. He has become a full fledged Alpha male full of magnetism, and life. Women were hanging off of him, like he was a rocker on tour. John's net worth over the last year has doubled, even with sleeping to 4pm every day and giving away 1/3rd of his wealth. John has shown me that it is possible to create any world that you want too. He will never need to work again for a living, and his next endeavor is to become a full-time gambler and to move to Uruguay.
The key of course is connecting to your intuition and following your heart moderated by the intellect. If you need help in finding your power, we can provide that, a kick in the butt at the right moment is sometimes all that is needed to break the inertia. Change is a function of applied effort over time, not magical incantations. Magic works when you become conscious of your power to create; sort of a bonus after the fact' a supplemental prize to the great victory of humility. Little John has become very grateful and humble as a result of his experiences over the last two years; when you give it away it does come back to you. True power is a function of submission to your spirit. Email me for a free subliminal for Ascension. Kevin
We have a special for the Ascension Energy program of $35 month for two months.

Thanks, Kevin

Monday, April 18, 2011

Time Tunnel Vortex to the Past Found in Antartica

Time Tunnel to Jan 27th, 1965 found in the Antartica. Disturbing news has been leaking out from the giant continent at the bottom of the world. Some scientists manning lonely outposts under the drifting and shifting aurora are nearly paralyzed with fear. Their clipped reports are being reviewed by astonished superiors back in the home countries.

Russian researchers posted near the giant South Pole sub-glacial Lake Vostok have reported eerie anomalies and incidents over the past few years that sometimes seem to border on the frayed edge of creeping madness.
Artificial structure found under two miles of ice

During April 2001 one of the world's great secrets was revealed: an ancient structure or apparatus that lay encased miles under the hard Antarctic ice was detected by a roving spy satellite. The US military immediately moved to quash the reports and the mainstream news media dutifully complied.

Despite the news blackout, reports still surfaced that a secretive excavation project had commenced on the heels of the discovery. Some European countries formally protested the excavation by the US military.
Excavation deep into the ice...What's down there?

"If it's something the US military has constructed down there, then they're violating the international Antarctic Treaty," said an aide to Nicole Fontaine, at the time he was the European Parliament's French president. "If not, then it's something that's at least 12,000 years old, which is how long ice has covered Antarctica. That would make it the oldest man-made structure on the planet. The Pentagon should heed the calls of Congress and release whatever it's hiding."

The federal government and the Pentagon ignored the calls.

High technology and strange events
Soon after, some military observers noted that robotic devices were being shipped to the South Pole and speculation erupted about the belief by some that the US Air Force had transported their mammoth nuclear-powered tunel boring machine, the Subterrene, on a C5-A to a secret Antarctic base.

The Subterrene--a cylindrical vessel that is said manned with a crew of four to six--is capable of subterranean travel and has undergone tests in Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico. Designed to bore through hard rock strata, drilling into the ice would be like a laser cutting through a marshmallow....
Following the frenzied events, of early 2001, the news broke of a mysterious medical emergency that forced an evacuation of unnamed personnel during the depths of the Antarctic winter--the first event of its kind during the dangerous South Pole winter season.

Shortly after that the region was shaken by an unusual earthquake. Seismologists located the temblor at the epicenter of the buried structure in East Antarctica.

Yet still the military resisted making any comment.

A magnetic anomaly formed, intensified, and spread to the vicinity of the Russian Vostok base. Russian researchers were shocked and puzzled.

Meanwhile, the American military airfield buzzed with activity as flights came and went at a dizzying pace. Heavy machinery--some pretty exotic--appeared on the bleak Antarctic ice sheet. Unverified reports claimed that the nuclear-powered earth borer Subterrene arrived.
Continued at Source

Monday, January 24, 2011

Ascension Energy Newsletter: Mayan Calendar, Race to the Finish...Free Age Reversal Subliminal

The last few months, I have been sitting there and watching things; a period of contemplation looking for direction. So much is going on in the world that I find that by slowing down; one actually can speed up. Immersion in the Unified field for over 3 years now has given me a level of insight that I see others as going backwards. Worlds are falling apart all around me, yet I see the lives of most of the clients on the energy program as coming together. All around I see opportunities not potential calamities. Consistent high energy states lead to the midas touch; you capitalize on life because you are not in a state of fear and can see the trees from the forest. There is gold everywhere, if you can slow down watch wait and seize the day when fortune presents itself. Johan Calleman is a Mayan calendar researcher who claims the Mayan calendar actually ends on November 28th, 2011. What does the ending mean? The end of time or the way we interpret time as we transition from linear thought to non-linear quantum reality. I view it as the world of magic opening up again and we manifest almost instantly. What I have seen over the last few years is an increase in time as the frequency of our consciousness speeds up. That is the vibratory rate of our cells are increasing in frequency and the feedback loop known as karma is heightened in both frequency and intensity. We are learning our lessons at a vastly accelerated rate, so fast in fact that our bodies are having trouble keeping up with all the changes at times. fatigue, sleeplessness and flu-like symptoms can be expressions of the genetic code opening up to light and love.
Consciousness is modulated from the cosmic center that we loosely term God. God can be seen as Good, Orderly, Direction or Generator, Organizer and Destroyer. Life is an endless series of cycles which is how the Mayan calender counts time in terms of Universal cycles, cosmic cycles and transitions between night and day or positive and negative. The negative cycle is a consolidation of energy or the forgetting stage, where as the positive cycle is the expansion of knowledge and love. The end of the Mayan calender represents the end of several cycles at once. The calender consists of 7 days and 6 nights making up 13 heavens. All of consciousness goes through the same 13 stage cycle, of compression and expansion. The Mayan calender contains 9 underworlds with the first one the cellular underworld lasting 16.4 billion years and the 9th one the transformation lasts a mere 234 days. All nine underworlds end at the same time, according to Calleman Oct 28th, 2011. We are currently in the 8th underworld the Galactic underworld that started on May 1st, 1999. The 8th underworld is defined by the development of the individual or me generation. We are becoming Sovereign self aware beings with the powers of creation. The lessons are throwing off all forms of control, whether mind control or government control of the individual. The ninth underworld begins this year on Sept 3rd 2011 and ends on Oct 28th, 2011. The ninth world is the transformation into the Ascended being or the Superman. A unified human being with god-like powers. The calender ends on Oct 28th, most likely because the way we interpret time completely changes so the notion of a calender may become a moot point or the system of recording time may need to change. The things to look forward too are an extended lifespan as well as a massive increase in intuition. You will need to lead with the heart rather than the head to survive the transition.
The functions of the various radionics technologies of the Ascensionenergyprogram is to keep you ahead of the curve and allow you to gracefully and powerfully enter the new age. One of the side effects of the massive increase in the rates of Cancer are the faulty activation of DNA from the time acceleration. It one is not able to open up to love and stays in denial and seeks to hide from their intuitive nature that the body may reverse it's polarity and become self destructive. The immense energies that are flooding this planet and forcing resolutions on so many different levels. The path to health comes through forgiveness whether self-forgiveness or forgiveness of others that may have caused you harm or you may have harmed. Lies and self deception left buried in the sub-conscious will reek havoc in the immune system and are the source of most ailments. Disease is just that ill at ease with oneself. Trauma's experienced over the course of our lives left un-addressed, set up frequency patterns sub-consciously that build up in amplitude that eventually break through onto the physical plane and can manifest as disease. Aging and Death are essentially a function of a buildup of negativity over time from subconscious negative imprints that accumulate within our auras. Most of the things that harm us are below our level of awareness.
The collective consciousness of Man is the number one source of negativity. There is no way to completely escape the negative thoughts of humanity, but there is a way to take control of most of the programming that occurs on a daily basis. Day and night, night and day we are being programmed by our environment. Sleeping in your home or apartment, you are constantly being bombarded with the thoughts and intentions of others. Life is like the trader pit on Wall Street. Everyone is in competition with each other, screaming at each other hoping to gain an advantage.
Living in New York City; it is virtually impossible to escape the mass negativity of 12 million people living on a patch of land that is a mere 5 miles long. People stacked on top of people with millions of extraneous thoughts and intentions running around the psychic airwaves. The problem with opening up spiritually in a large metropolis is that you now acutely feel and sense what other are thinking and feeling. The Energy technologies mitigate a great deal of this negativity, but they do not completely eliminate the effects. What I have discovered is that I can take control of the programming that goes on in my consciousness to a much greater degree with the use of subliminal technology. While at home or even in this cafe that I am in now, I am running subliminal programs for Age Reversal, attracting abundance, muscle growth ect. I am not necessarily eliminating the other influences, but drowning them out with my own of my own design. I call it taking control of my mind programming. We cannot turn off the programming mechanism, but we can employ it to our advantage in a more complete manner. I have made an Age Reversal script that stimulates the body to turn on the life extension parts of the genetic code and shut down the death mechanism. I have included the free subliminal at the link below, you can simply download and run on your computer in the background. I have included the script below. I will be making more subliminals, in the near future some for sale and others I will include in a future newsletter.
I have learned ways to layer subliminals that penetrate into the deepest parts of the mind from my relationship with Preston Nichols of the Montauk Project fame. These will come at a later date as I get more familiar with the software. To get the free Age Reversal Subliminal, sign up for the Ascensionenergyprogram Newsletter by sending an email to put free subliminal in the header.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kryon On DNA Quantum Attributes Layer 9

Kryon has been around for 20 years and his information has been found to be quite accurate regarding the science concerning genetics. The DNA mutation as a result of an awakening from an accumulation of cosmic energy. Light is info and our genetics are being lighted up like a christmas tree right now.

Do you want to stay ahead of the curve of all the cosmic changes? There is the that quickens the quickening with unified field technologies.

Dolores Cannon: New Earth 5D, Ascension and DNA Activation

Dolores Cannon talks about the development of a New 5D earth from her work with regression therapy into the future. Her patients describe what this new earth is and what are the requirements for entering that stage of consciousness. She also talks about the DNA mutation into a super species with higher sentient faculties as well as an extended lifespan and immunity from disease.
Brings a sense of comfort to someone treading the spiritual path; there is a purpose after-all. Unified field technologies that speed up the Ascension process, like taking a bullet train rather than a donkey.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dawn of the Unity Wave: Mayan Calendar March 9th 2011

What does it mean Jelly-bean? Here is my take on the Mayan calendar shift based on my own personal sojourn. The shift into unity consciousness is moving from the over-use of the logical mind, back into intuition. I have noticed when I feel my way through life, that magic happens and when I fall back and resort to what makes sense; I often end up in situations that are less than ideal. The feedback loop of cause and effect are speeding up to the point that lessons that used to take years to learn may happen in a week. I have seen 20 year old kids grow up in a matter of minutes as the lights are being turned on inside as if they are ancient sages of old.
Unity consciousness is a process of switching to a different method of awareness, where both half's of the brain are functioning at the same time. You could say we are becoming super-conscious as a species, with some rejecting the process out of fear.
The ascensionenergyprogram has been designed to move up into unity consciousness faster than the general population and even quicker than with the meta-physical community. It keeps you ahead of the curve of evolutionary changes where you can gracefully and successfully capitalize on the new opportunities that the quickening is generating. Fortunes are made at the flood, and we are now in the thick of things.

We are now approaching the actual beginning of this wave of unity consciousness, which begins on March 9, 2011. This is the ninth wave also known as the Universal Underworld. This wave includes thirteen uaxaclahunkin (18 day) periods that propel a process designed to lead the universe and the human beings to their highest state of consciousness.** The purpose of this article is to provide some additional background to this wave, its initiation date and suggest how the energy of the wave may be used in the most beneficial way. This requires that I again summarize the basic structure of the cosmic time plan as understood from the Mayan calendar.

Many people have in recent years come to know about the existence of the Mayan calendar and its purported end date, but surprisingly, not so many have assimilated what the ancient inscriptions are saying about it. In fact, there is only one known ancient inscription that mentions the calendar end -- Monument 6 from Tortuguero*** describes what will happen when the calendar comes to an end. The current reading of this ancient inscription by professional Mayanists is that we will then “witness the display of Bolon Yokte Ku in his full costume and regalia.” So whatever else you might have heard associated with the end of the Mayan calendar such as a pole shift, the end of the world, a galactic alignment, solar flares, radiation from the center of the galaxy, etc., actually lacks foundation in any ancient Mayan text.

Yet what obviously does have a background in an ancient Mayan inscription is Bolon, the number nine. At first sight, the reading of the Tortuguero Monument may sound cryptic and difficult to understand. There is however a lot of surrounding information about Bolon Yokte Ku that allows us to make sense of this insciption.*** Crucial to understanding is that Bolon Yokte Ku is the Nine-Support, or Nine-Step, entity of “period endings.” Bolon Yokte Ku, in other words, is a name for a cosmic pyramid in nine steps. Through extensive factual verification this pyramid has been shown to symbolize the nine levels of evolution the universe undergoes on its climb to its highest state of consciousness.
Each level of evolution, of Bolon Yokte Ku, the cosmic pyramid, is then developed through a series of thirteen time periods. These range from the hablatun (1.26 billion years) on the bottom level to the uaxaclahunkin of 18 days at the ninth level. This means a twenty times frequency increase and speed-up of time with every single step to a higher level. Soon, as of October 28, 2011, the energies of the nine waves are then all going to manifest fully. This final manifestation, I believe is what the ancient inscription refers to when it says that it will be witnessed how Bolon Yokte Ku will appear in his full regalia. The fruits of the nine waves will then appear in their fullness as these are simultaneously completed. This is no longer confusing if we accept that the ancient peoples of the world, including the Maya, would tend to personalize the cosmic forces describing them as “gods”, while, in the modern world, we would probably only describe this as nine energy waves.

As of March 9, 2011, the ninth and highest wave of the Bolon Yokte Ku will be activated. It seems to me that the purpose of this particular wave of 13 x 18 = 234 days is to cap the entire evolution of the universe that so far has been propelled by the eighth lower waves. From what we know about the changing polarities of consciousness of the nine waves it will do so by providing energies that are conducive to the human beings cocreating unity consciousness.
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