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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Kryon: It's in the DNA June 28th, 2008

These are excerpts of a channeling done by Lee Carrol of an entity called Kryon. Often Lee Carrol's channeled information becomes the hard science of the future. I use it to help me understand how DNA is constructed and operates.
It's in the DNA

A child is born and the DNA carries energies of the Akash right into his personality. Immediately these energies can be seen by all. The first thing that happens is karmic residue. Karma is real. Some of the most profound belief systems on this planet, which are esoteric, speak of this. Some of the oldest belief systems you have teach karma first. They know of this system of coming and going and what it means to have it. Bioresonance program for DNA activation

We told you 19 years ago that karma was one of the first things that you could change in this new energy. We told you that the Lightworker will automatically drop it when they give pure intent to move to greater awareness. We told you it was the "implantation of permission to drop karma." [Back in 1989, it was called "the implant".] Karma is the energy carried over from a former lifetime regarding unfinished lessons, which need not be learned this time around for any of you. That is one of the gifts of the great shift upon you. This is not new news. Within our example above, the child that is born receives it. Most Humans Beings born today have karma, for not enough time has passed to create a karma-less Lightworker group that is being reincarnated. In our example, it is later that the child will decide to void his karma or not. [If voided in one lifetime, old core karmic issues do not carry over to the next.]

The set-up of life lessons and the energy of a child's personality is based upon the crystalline Akashic Record and is transferred to the child at birth. You might say, another day begins and the Human continues their overall "story" on Earth. The child begins to grow, and I've spoken of this before. I again say that mothers will agree, because they see that it doesn't matter where a child came from, or who the parents were... the child assumes the Akashic Record and the energy from their own past lives. Mothers know this, for they experience children coming from the same set of parents who are vastly different from each other. One will have talent, one will not. One will have fears, one will not. It only can be explained, dear Human Being, by what I am telling you that is in the DNA. They are resonating to the Akashic Record of their own past. They are coming right from the Cave of Creation where they have their past life's attributes imbued into their DNA, and they start their journeys. Genealogy considered, they may look like the mother and father, and even have some of the personality attributes of their parents, but the core issues of their lives [life lessons] come from their own past lives. Let us discuss what they get when they come in [arrive on Earth].
Fear or non-fear: A Human's "fear quotient" will depend upon what they've learned and what they've gone through in the past. Indeed, if they're old souls, they've fearless about life, for they've walked through the major fears over and over. Some are warriors and very strong. They walk into situations as if they own reality. If they've only been here a few times, less than 30 or 40, they are still afraid. Some come from a fearful lifetime where all they did was fear. There was fear in their death and fear in their life and you can see it in their eyes. They're afraid of life itself. Mothers all over the planet spend much of their time trying to take their children out of fear! They love their children and can't understand why they are so tentative about everything. But the mothers know that they didn't create it. It came from somewhere else.

Desires: Watch the children develop their own personal desires. What do they like regarding food? What do they like regarding music? What do they like to entertain them? What soothes them, or irritates them, or makes them angry? They're all very different and don't necessarily relate to the biological parents. Interesting, is it not, why this would be? Let me tell you a secret: Watch what kind of food they like, for it will tell you where they used to be. Look at this, for it gives away a lot about what the DNA got used to, and again desires.

What music do they like? What soothes their soul? What do they look at? What attracts them? They're all different, but it's shaped by the DNA of the Akash... who they used to be, what they learned, and what the crystalline past gives them. Children love the fads of today. First timers will simply go with the flow and enjoy all the new things, since it's their first trip. Others will start that way, but will soon tire of them and go to the things that are "calling to them from their DNA." This will include their past talents and interests. Many go "retro" immediately, much to the surprise of their elders. In their DNA is the record of all of the past lives that shapes who they are now.

Talent: They either have it or they don't. They can carry a tune or they cannot. Some of them come in filled with talent! Some are artists at birth, only carrying over what the Akash has given them in the immediate past life. In the DNA are lifetimes of drawing, colors, shapes and beautiful music. Some come in as maestros, and by the time they're three or four, it's only a matter of them finding the dexterity in their fingers again to play the keyboard or pluck the strings of a guitar. Some of them are drawn immediately to the instruments that they used to play, and their talent is way beyond what has been taught to them this time around. How do you explain this, Human Being? The Akash shapes it all.
The Next Great Ability of the Human Being

For years, the psychologists have been telling you that you could actually change yourself by what you think. Even out of a spiritual context, they say, "The power of positive thinking can actually change your life." They know this. It's about energy, and they are correct. It's also a hint of what's wrong with your thinking. New energy came in 1987. The grid shifted and the crystalline moved. The earth itself vibrates differently today than it did back then. We told you when we arrived, "You have changed your future." We told you about new gifts and now we will describe one of the best ones. It was always there, only now it is enhanced.

Why did you decide that the cells in your body could control you? Why did you decide that the genes that you have biologically were forever? Who told you this? Let me give you an old energy paradigm: "Whoever I am, I am. God created me this way for a reason and so I'll make the best of it. I will do the best I can with what I have been given." Doesn't sound too bad, does it? To some of you, it sounds fine. Now I'm going to say it again: Welcome to an interdimensional shift, for the entire thinking of the Human can be revised to include the new gifts!

"Whatever I was born with doesn't matter. I am in control of my biology, my immune system and my awareness. God created me as a divine creature able to claim the past energies within my Akash... and to totally shift my biology and my countenance and strengths into whatever I desire."

Does this sound impossible? There are profound teachers right now instructing Humans how to "think above the gene."* Medical science is telling you that your DNA is not your destiny!** In other words, this whole idea is occurring to all of humanity, since it is time. Let's discuss the sacred part of it.

Everything you have is changeable right down to the diseases that you currently carry in your blood. It's only the Akash, you know? It's part of your DNA, so it belongs to you. Listen to me: If the storehouse of who you used to be, which is contained in your own DNA, included a beautiful, young, healthy Human Being, it is, therefore, still there! Perhaps it included the ability to do certain kinds of things, being an artist, being the orator, the writer, the warrior, the self-confident one, the one who could stand tall and walk straight? Do you understand that this is all "you?" It's all still there. But, you say, "That's a nice thought, Kryon, but it's in the past. You can't touch the past." I say, how linear of you! For the new gifts are you, in a nonlinear attitude towards cellular structure. Delinearize your life and you will find that not only can you touch these things, you can mine them (extract them from the source). You can glean them easily! "I like the idea, Kryon. How do I do it? I'm ready."

Mining the Akash

I'll give you the first step. You've got to believe it. Don't believe it because I said it's there. You've got to believe it so strongly that it's as real, biologically, as your arm. When you look at your arm, you say, "I have an arm and it is there and I can see it." There's no question, and your brain knows it, too. The matter around you knows it, and to prove it, you can pick up things with it. No question about it. It's your arm.

Now, how do you feel when you say, "I have an Akashic Record in my DNA. I have a record inside me of all that I ever was, which I can access." Tell me what parts of your body object to that statement. I'll answer - all of the linear ones! Logic will yell at you, "You can't do it. You cannot change who you are." And it will be wrong about that.

You can all do this. It is part of being in this new energy and I want to tell you that many already have who are in this room. It can be done slowly and in small increments. It can be done quietly with nobody noticing, and it can be so obvious that your best friends no longer recognize you. The energy for this comes from the storehouse that is you. It's in your DNA, every single piece, trillions of them that all are synchronized to your will.

There are three levels of difficulty: Simple, medium and hard. I will tell you what happens in each one. Do you understand the premise? Do you understand, Human Being, that you're not asking God for anything? What you're doing is changing yourself to the degree where you can go in and get what you have already learned... what you already worked for. The key? You have to understand and believe that the one Higher-Self was with you each time. That means that your central consciousness was involved in all of them. You are not a different entity this time around. You are simply another expression of the same Higher-Self. Therefore, you were there for all of these things we are speaking of. You have to believe it. Does the Higher-Self know what's going on? Do I have to really answer that? The Higher-Self has been waiting for you to bring in the belief.

Easy: Fears. Phobias and blocks. They're easy to clear. Yet these are the ones everyone wants to change and have trouble with. How would you like to not be afraid of the things you're afraid of? We'll talk simply here. Are you afraid of stepping forward, afraid of change, afraid of what's happening around you? Some of you have phobias. That is to say, these are holdovers, hangovers from past life experience. Are you afraid of heights, afraid of insects, water, afraid of this and that? You may say, "Well yes, but it doesn't really affect my life, since I've learned to live with it." Yes, it does! I'll tell you why, because it includes darkness in a study of light. It doesn't belong there. You don't need it. It interrupts your belief, your efficiency, your progress, and you are constantly aware of it. It's not you this time around, since it reflects another lifetime... from somewhere else. You don't need it anymore. It's like trying to be quick to change, but having to carry around a bunch of old baggage that you claim you never need to open and use. Make sense?

So begin. Start to work with what you now believe, in the same way you believe in your arm. Soon you find that the phobias and fears start to retreat and change. As they do, you start to claim that part of the Akashic Record that you used to be, but are rekindling. It feels just like you. It really is you. It doesn't feel like anybody else, for you are just claiming what you already own. The fears start to go away, too. You can feel it, and you can continue to challenge them and work on them so that your cellular structure feels it, too. Afraid of heights? Occasionally go to a high place to check yourself. You'll see how the fear starts to become less. You are no longer paralyzed to look over the edge. These things start to go away to the point you will wonder why they were ever there! These are small challenges. The blockages from you moving from one energy to another are real, but they will subside as you claim the power of what belongs to you... lack of fear. It's growth, and it takes practice. But you will absolutely see the progress.

Humans don't like to change. Many of you have these blocks. They are blocks of awareness. What is it that triggers your anger? It's a block of peace, isn't it? Can you eventually be patient while a fool speaks to you about his foolishness? Can you be understanding about his process instead of angry? Yes. These are the simple things. You can pass these tests, change your life, and then start to work on the more complex issues. The beauty of it, dear Human Being, is that if all of you did the simple things, you'd have a group of peaceful warriors... warriors of the light. You all would be unencumbered by fear, phobias and blocks. You would all send the light with purity, and there would be no judgment from Spirit if you did nothing else. But if you wish to, they get harder.

Medium: How would you like to get rid of your allergies and change your immune system? It's a little harder. You might ask, "Well, how do you do such a thing? Do you just think it away? I either have allergies or I don't. My cells are allergic." Oh, really? I'll tell you, dear ones, there are those in this room who have dropped their allergies because they realized they were holdovers for something they didn't need anymore. They went into the Akashic Record and they got the pristine DNA from the one lifetime that was never allergic to anything! That blueprint is still there! It represented an immune system that was hardy and whole and never had disease. They were strong and never allergic to anything. How would you like to not have sickness? How would you like to have strength and energy beyond your years? This is harder, you know? But it is so. Whatever you think you are can be re-written at the cellular level.

How would you like to have peace over everything in your life, no matter what? I didn't say the problems would go away. I just asked how it would be to be peaceful about them? How would you like to get rid of the drama and the worry? It's an interesting thing about drama issues: When the Lightworker does not work karmic energy, drama disappears! When you drop your karma, there is no reason to continue the drama about something you don't need anymore. "Kryon, I dropped my karma years ago when I decided to change my path. This sounds like it's still there." It's not that simple. Giving intent to drop your karma is like clearing the path before you. But now you have to get up and walk that path. The karmic attributes shout at you: "Pick me up... I'm yours!" But then you remember as you walk that your intent has created a situation where you never have to pick them up. But they will always be around, talking to you.

This is difficult. Let me tell you, old soul, anyone who sits in this room, or any Lightworker reading this, has been through a spiritual revelation. You have been priests, you've been nuns, you've been shamans. You've gone through these things or you wouldn't sit in the chair or be reading this esoteric information. In these medium Akashic attributes, you might say, you can develop a personality that is so peaceful that everybody wants to be with you. That is the answer, is it not? This is the peace that the masters had. This is only the medium part, so I've just given you the starting point. I've given you the simple. I've given you the medium. Now I tell you the hard one.

Hard: This is the unbelievable part. This is for the one who really wants to dig into the Akash and change the future. In each of you is all that you ever were... eons of experience. In addition, if you're going to mine the Akash, that is to say, if you're going to go in and get these things, you will be voiding the things that you don't like about this life. That is the result. It's not that you're going into the DNA and getting something different to paste upon you. Actually, it's an exchange - one for another. That's the way it works. For the DNA claims everything you are. What you are doing is exchanging attributes... putting into the record what doesn't suit your energy, and claiming the things that do. You own them all.

There is something else: Each of you has what we would call a spiritual jar. That jar is filled with everything you have ever learned as a Human Being on this earth about God, about guides, about angels, about interactions, about sacred communication. And the jar is yours. It does not have to be refilled every lifetime. It lays there ready for you to unscrew the lid and pour out everything you ever knew. It is part of the system of the spiritual Akash. It is the spiritual gilding of all that is, allowing a seeming novice on this planet to become a master overnight. This "novice" paid his dues and lived through it. Perhaps he even died for his belief.

Many of you are afraid of certain things because you died as a result. Some of you don't want to touch the esoteric because it carries a fear of enlightenment and death. Your fear is such that you don't want to open the jar. So many will reject this entire premise, not believing. Well, not really. You believe, but you just don't want to touch it again. I know who's here. So the first attribute in the hard category is opening the spiritual jar and placing upon you all that ever was learned by you. Are you afraid of this? For some of you were important in the history of spiritual things. That's the truth.

Not only do you carry spiritual knowledge, you carry the persona of who you used to be... in the jar. This is difficult to explain to you. Overnight, seemingly, one who is not interested at all in metaphysical things may become a giant teacher. Out pours the jar and all they have to do is learn and listen to use the information in a linear fashion. Non-teachers become teachers. Those who had no knowledge at all, now have great knowledge. Those who were clueless have great wisdom. The spiritual jar - that's the hard one. It's there; all of you have it. Everyone in this room and reading this are included.

You can assume a personality that is completely and totally different than the one you were born with. Are you ready for that? Are you too attached to the fears, phobias and blocks? Would you like to have a more peaceful personality? That is a fear in itself, is it not? You might feel you are losing yourself, only to find yourself! It's available in this "hard" category. These are the things that can be given with clarity through connection with the Higher-Self. Growth in these things requires a greater communicative ability from the Human Being to the Higher-Self. Each step gets you more connected.

"Wait a minute, Kryon. You said we were connecting to our DNA, not the Higher-Self." Yes, I did. Where do you think the Higher-Self is? It's in the interdimensional DNA. We even gave you the information of which DNA layer contains it, and the Hebrew name for it. We even told you its number was six: the sixth energy of DNA. That core information, that Higher-Self, lurks in trillions of pieces of the DNA all working together to create who you are. Oh, you want to think your Higher-Self is some angel in the sky? It is not. It's inside you, imbedded in your cellular structure. That's where it is. There's so much here to know.

"Kryon, I'm confused. Where is God in all of this?" Right where you would never look, for God is the concept of a loving family of spiritual help that is somewhere beyond the veil. God is love, yet you can't really find that fullness outside of you. It is a constant search and humanity has been looking for God since creation. Now I again reveal to you that the system of God is inside you, and that the very essence of your divinity lies in the interdimensional DNA that is within your own body. Be still, and know that you are God. Let the search stop and celebrate victory in finding the truth in the most unlikely place... inside.

We're almost done. How would you like to have talents that you do not have now? "Kryon, how can that be? I'm either talented or I'm not. I either play the piano or I don't." How 3D of you! There you go, deciding that it's finished. You feel like you are some kind of cake, and when you come out of the oven, you're finished! You don't understand that you are just the beginning recipe, and that recipe shouts to be altered. In your Akash, that is to say, in your DNA, is the remembrance of talent that you don't think you have, but which you did have. This is again called mining the Akash. We've spoken of it before. It takes years. It's doable. It can happen, and it can be awakened. What are you afraid of? Why not begin?

You say, "Well, I cannot speak in front of people. I'm not good at that." What about the orator in the third century? Are you going to throw him away? After all, he was you! Would you like to go in and get those attributes? The orator will speak with authority and people will listen. That's a talent. Many of you have this within you, yet didn't when you were born. Therefore, you can't imagine such a thing. You can't live that many lives without having this talent. I'll say it again: There's such a variety of what you have in your own history that you can pull upon it, dear Human Being. It's yours to develop. Too strange? Ask my partner some day about it. He did it.

The hardest one: How would you like to change your DNA to such a degree that the disease that surges through it now won't even remember it was ever there? Go in and get the clean DNA that you had before the disease ever arrived! The DNA remembers what it was like. It was participating, remember? Begin to change your own DNA in an interdimensional fashion so that the disease will retreat, go away, and never come back. "Sounds like a miracle, Kryon!" Indeed, it is... the miracle of shift into mastery.

Miracles are only things that are outside of your normal belief. Change your belief and they become ordinary. Sometimes when these miraculous things occur, Humans lift their hands to God and say, "Thank you, God!" There is no understanding that they have activated their own DNA to such a power that they received what only the masters could give in the past. They simply exchanged what was theirs to exchange, in a nonlinear way. They healed their own life. What was only thought of as available from the masters is now available to all. This is the enablement of the Human race. Less than one half of one percent will ever do it. But you are part of that group, and you know it.

Emerging from Denial: Barbara Marciniak Part 2

Your biological vehicle is a very sophisticated code-reading device for analyzing the environment, and as a spiritual being you occupy your body for the purpose of interacting with and immersing yourself in the exquisite system of nature. As a human being you are a physical creature of nature; nature sustains you and without it you cannot exist in your present form. You are part of a massive dance of energy that chooses to differentiate itself from the cosmic mind to experience this dimension, as well as many others. When you take a holiday to a foreign land you become immersed in new experiences that catalyze you to learn more about yourself; when you come to Earth you have similar goals and intentions. For billions of years in your terms, various forms of consciousness have been drawn here to experience the rich intricacies of physical reality. While you are here, you share space with many other legitimate realities that are layered and linked to you, somewhat like fine French crepes. Each reality has a pronounced border, laced with its own rich filling; each layer and its filling are separate yet still connected to form a larger structure of consciousness, a multidimensional version of reality that is far grander than what is readily apparent. The flowering of your inner knowledge and psychic senses are tools for accessing new wisdom for navigating these changing times, and once you entrain with these abilities, it will be difficult to imagine how on Earth you got along without them.
Everything in your world is a symbol for how energy is being made manifest. Symbols represent ideas about reality; they are an interface between the field of existence and consciousness. Symbols express and unlock larger ideas; without symbols how would you express yourself? Symbols transform reality by building connections; you assign meaning to the symbols, yet rarely do you question where the meaning really comes from. In 3-D reality, part of your challenge is to swim in a sea of symbols and use them to navigate your life, without becoming overly attached to the symbols, no matter what they represent. Every invention is a symbol for managing the energy of the field of existence. From a historical perspective, during the eight years of the last Venus occultations in 1874 and 1882, a number of inventions by Thomas Edison — specifically the phonograph and electric light bulb — instantaneously opened the doors of human perception to new and drastically different versions of reality. Sound and light took on meanings that would forever alter society's world view. During this time, creativity sprouted like fields of flowers bursting into bloom over every hill and dale. The light bulb was a unique expression, a way of notching the local field with new significance; it served as a practical manifestation in 3-D reality based on a translation into form for the codes of bright ideas that the Venus occultations were activating. As innocent as these inventions appeared to be at the time, the light bulb and phonograph helped pave the way to the version of reality you currently occupy; one covered in a web of visible and invisible electrical power lines, cell towers, and satellite surveillances transmitting trillions upon trillions of bits of sound and light.

During the interim of the past 100 years — or the span between one series of Venusians eclipses and another — the choices made by humanity reveal a vast misunderstanding of the vital qualities of the atmosphere. Many modern practices have created huge disturbances within the system of nature by blocking out the sun's rays and disrupting the stability of the ecosystem. When there are disturbances within the field of nature, your personal biological field of energy and your surrounding environment are deeply affected. A pond, or most any body of water, does not always have a smooth, serene surface. A pond can transform into cold hard ice under the influence of winter's harsh, frigid winds. And during a storm the pond's surface is often whipped up, and tossed about, frothing and dancing to its own invigorating primordial rhythm. On a warm summer afternoon, the pond will be calm and beautiful, filled with the surrounding sounds of small creatures vibrantly conducting busy lives. Like the pond, the field of existence has weathered many storms; a disturbance to the normal state of affairs is known and understood on a spiritual level as a way of ridding stagnation and introducing new vitality. Nature is a symbol for a system that supports and sustains your identity in cooperation with celestial activities that continuously provide structure and meaning to Earthly existence. In order to wake up and accept your personal power, you must be willing to emerge from denial to activate the psychic sensitivities that will gift you with sensibilities to discern truth from deceit. The storm that is disturbing the world is a symbol of your own awakening consciousness. In the past humanity collectively chose to close down their psychic intuition, and now they are paying the full price of self-imposed ignorance.
Various mundane and cosmic forces are aligned in a desperate battle for your attention because your attention represents where and how you focus your energy for creating the reality you encounter. In America, the courage to fearlessly ask questions is at the core of the country's spiritual karma. People have been clinging to various stages of denial for a long time and as a result of this inattentiveness to life, a behind-the-scenes breeding-ground for carrying out despicable deeds was easily fostered. During the summer of 2004 and beyond, the potential for difficulties coming home to roost in America is heightened due to some very challenging astrological transits to the U.S.A.'s natal sun, as well as to the natal sun and Saturn in President Bush's birth chart. A reality check extraordinaire is in the making. The gross mismanagement of resources at every level has set a dynamic into motion that will catalyze huge changes in political, economic, and geophysical arenas. Saturn in Cancer works to restructure your psychic abilities by taking you into the depths of your identity to meet yourself and accept responsibility for who you are. Saturn's passage through each sign provides invaluable lessons for maturation of responsibility in specific areas of experience. Playing hooky and ignoring the value of the lessons, creates a gridlock where all movement is stalled and stuck until the dynamic of the teaching is accepted, valued and applied.

Your world leaders epitomize society's denial to affectively deal with the truth, and by playing out exaggerated versions of lies and deceit; they test your abilities of discernment. By claiming your rightful abilities to move your conscious awareness around the field of existence, you will experience direct knowledge and be able to tell the difference between truth and deceit. And you must claim these abilities in order to reach beyond the confines of physical reality to understand the power of the forces that challenge you to awaken. And once you awaken, you will not be so easily deceived again. The controlled media is used as a tool to pull your attention into a probable world that is devoid of vitality and creativity. By enticing your attention into a reality of violence and war, your thoughts and beliefs are conditioned to enslave you in victimhood and complete disempowerment. The twenty-five years of acceleration are an opportunity to live a life of empowerment by developing your attention and conscious awareness to the extent that you can recognize the larger truths of your spiritual heritage and actively participate to create a world that embraces this understanding.

Humanity is learning about the utmost necessity of being able to recognize the proliferation of lies that have infiltrated every facet of society; yet after having lived for far too long in stages of deep denial by pretending they were hearing the truth, behaving in a truthful manner is challenging to everyone's courage. Lies are sometimes tempting to believe, because then you can avoid the personal responsibility of taking action. We ask you to honor yourself and embrace the courage that truth calls forth. Enjoy the freedom you are claiming to know yourself as an empowered being.
The awakening of conscious awareness is unstoppable. During the highly creative years between the Venus-sun eclipses, nature will work with you to help you birth your own versions of bright ideas. You must value the life you are living during these times of tremendous change. You are highly adaptable and well prepared on other levels of realty to deal with your chosen probabilities. You must gather the courage to believe in your inner strength. Pay attention, focus your attention and your mind and body and the subatomic levels of your being will start to gather new intelligence. The sounds, sights, and scents of nature create hemispheric balance between the right and left sides of the brain, allowing you to tune in to what is going on with greater precision and clarity. When you balance your body, you can integrate the new fields of energy that carry codes of consciousness for navigating this huge transformation.

Emerging from Denial: Barbara Marciniak Part 1

I have been a closet fan of Barbara Marciniak for 15 years, discovering her book Bringers of the Dawn in the early 1990's. Here are some excerpts from her June 21st Newsletter.
As most of you are well aware, you are living during times when momentous and unprecedented changes in all avenues of life have become the hallmark of human experience. Your entire globe is swept-up with the effects of accelerated energy that is altering the consciousness of Earth and all her inhabitant at supersonic speed. This acceleration of energy, which we call "the nanosecond" in the annals of time," began unfolding during the summer of 1987 and will eventually encompass twenty-five years of astounding changes in values and perceptions among humanity. Throughout this entire period a massive infusion of cosmic energy is altering the fabric of physical reality by triggering humanity to awaken to much larger truths about the nature of existence. You are here along with everyone else to integrate this energy; to participate in and contribute to a world-wide paradigm shift through the process of expanding your personal understanding of your identity. Ultimately, conscious awareness is the necessary component for understanding and dealing with the various stages of turmoil and chaos used to control the masses. The nanosecond is especially important because as everything quickens, and many monumental changes occur, your beliefs and ideas about reality — and the nature of reality itself — can be altered in the blink of an eye.

On a mundane level, the past few years have been especially noteworthy for events revealing disturbing new images of senseless violence and trauma. Major news outlets steadfastly promote the new vistas of violence and then for the most part, turn their collective backs on every logical lead that could unravel the truth behind the why's and where fore's of the shocking events. Biological threats through anthrax spores and other carriers, the rising death count and mysterious demise of world-famed microbiologists, chemtrails insidiously blocking out sunlight in urban areas, the proliferation of mad cow disease, SAR'S, the avian flu and other such destabilizing environmental conditions are officially treated as random activities; yet on some level of awareness, people intuitively recognize the underlying implications of what is transpiring. The very deceptively contrived events on 9/11, followed by the quickly manifested Patriot Act, then the sudden Afghan invasion, the Washington sniper, the Columbia explosion, and the war in Iraq have more than dominated world headlines with decisive spins, yet the truth and the real reasons and issues behind all of these events still remains sequestered in the shadows of secrecy.
On a psychic level, human consciousness is profoundly affected by the restless stirring of new levels of awareness coming to life across the globe. Momentum is building as people the world-over steadily emerge from various stages of deep denial due to the effects of the accelerated energy. And like a few billion Rip Van Winkles suddenly coming to life, they are realizing that they are waking up to a very different reality from the one they dozed off in. The ever-increasing influx of cosmic energy shakes everything up on a subatomic level, nudging you to recognize and grow beyond every old dysfunctional pattern that separates world society into factions that thrive on discord and disagreement. The twenty-five years of accelerated energy involve a huge transformation of consciousness that will collectively unlock specific perceptual limitations, essentially freeing humanity from a state of bondage that is as yet, largely unrecognized.
The years of the nanosecond include a cosmic identity crisis that is steeped in enormous complexity; everyone will have to completely reevaluate and reconsider who they are in relationship to the ever-expanding map of cosmic existence. An official acknowledgement of the presence of intelligent life-forms that share time and space with you is just around the corner. Unfortunately this proclamation may be used to steer humanity into another contrived quagmire — this time encompassing cosmic proportions. Numerous ET races have been interacting with humanity and operating on Earth for more millennia than you can imagine. However, like every other aspect of the news, the presentation of selected ET factions into the public domain will be filled with staged events designed to deceive people and distract them from noticing the more disturbing, secret hidden agendas being carried out with the very same ET races. Once this disclosure becomes official, everything will speed up; life will seem more complex and the choices for what to think and how to respond to the pending changes will become exceedingly more confusing for those still chained to the old, crumbling paradigm where the words of public officials are neither questioned nor doubted.
As the veil of denial is whisked away, all that has been formerly hidden will become more and more transparent.

Now, in direct opposition to the ever-increasing attempts to confound the public, the incoming cosmic energies serve to balance the situation by opening the flood gates of human awareness, deliberately stimulating you to pay closer attention to a new source of information stemming from deep inside. As this all-powerful inner-knowledge genie emerges, newly realized psychic and intuitive abilities will help you to achieve levels of personal empowerment that will assist you in dealing with the spiritual dynamics of the transformation. With humanity's inner abilities strengthened and unleashed, the truth, on all levels, will be increasingly difficult to hide. As the veil of denial is whisked away, all that has been formerly hidden will become more and more transparent. For those who refuse to acknowledge what is occurring, the years ahead will not be easy. However, with everything moving at an ever-increasing pace, all forms of consciousness entrained with the awakening aspects of the acceleration can achieve massive leaps in conscious awareness and learn how to manage their newly unveiled mental, emotional and intuitive capabilities. Eventually, it will be apparent that all forms of consciousness engaged with 3-D reality are learning extremely valuable, if sometimes volatile lessons concerning the effects and ramifications of playing with the power of subtle energies. As the acceleration progresses, your solar system will traverse new areas of space that carry important codes of consciousness for understanding that all life is sacred, and that life ripples outward and coexists with you in the same space, separated only by a barrier of time. It is most important to be aware of these connections, yet quite another to experience them first hand.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Bill Kirkland of Ascension Energy Program

Bill Kirkland is the creator of the Bio-resonance technology to assist in the Ascension of human race. Bill's background is a wall street trader, who wrote a dynamite book on economics called Power cycles which has been predictive of the current economic crash. He currently has been developing energy technologies to assist in Ascension for the last 15 years.

Ascension Energy Program

Melchizedek Part 4: Enter in Unity Conciousness

Ascension Energy Program- Positive technologies to remove Karma ignite Biological Evolution.

Melchizedek Part 3: Removal of Duality

In this part Drunvalo talks about the dissolution of polarity and negativity. Yes, that does include the NWO. Oneness becomes the state of Man. Rapid change is a transformation of conciousness. Technology to remove the veils of negativity.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Drunvalo Something Beautiful Part 2

In Part 2 of the video, Drunvalo explains that the heart is the first form of the human being. The heart is the great decider and the connection with the whole. The heart knows all.
Machines to aid the Spiritual Evolution of Man into Christ Conciousness.

Drunvalo Melchizedek: Something Beautiful within 2 Years

I have been following Drunvalo for the last 15 years ever since I read the book by Bob Frissel called; Nothing in this book is True but that is exactly how things are. In this video, Drunvalo reiterates his theme that we are going through a massive evolution in the blink of an eye, never seen before in the whole of the Universe. That the transformation will take place in a scant 2 years.
Technologies for Ascension and DNA activation.