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Monday, January 24, 2011

Ascension Energy Newsletter: Mayan Calendar, Race to the Finish...Free Age Reversal Subliminal

The last few months, I have been sitting there and watching things; a period of contemplation looking for direction. So much is going on in the world that I find that by slowing down; one actually can speed up. Immersion in the Unified field for over 3 years now has given me a level of insight that I see others as going backwards. Worlds are falling apart all around me, yet I see the lives of most of the clients on the energy program as coming together. All around I see opportunities not potential calamities. Consistent high energy states lead to the midas touch; you capitalize on life because you are not in a state of fear and can see the trees from the forest. There is gold everywhere, if you can slow down watch wait and seize the day when fortune presents itself. Johan Calleman is a Mayan calendar researcher who claims the Mayan calendar actually ends on November 28th, 2011. What does the ending mean? The end of time or the way we interpret time as we transition from linear thought to non-linear quantum reality. I view it as the world of magic opening up again and we manifest almost instantly. What I have seen over the last few years is an increase in time as the frequency of our consciousness speeds up. That is the vibratory rate of our cells are increasing in frequency and the feedback loop known as karma is heightened in both frequency and intensity. We are learning our lessons at a vastly accelerated rate, so fast in fact that our bodies are having trouble keeping up with all the changes at times. fatigue, sleeplessness and flu-like symptoms can be expressions of the genetic code opening up to light and love.
Consciousness is modulated from the cosmic center that we loosely term God. God can be seen as Good, Orderly, Direction or Generator, Organizer and Destroyer. Life is an endless series of cycles which is how the Mayan calender counts time in terms of Universal cycles, cosmic cycles and transitions between night and day or positive and negative. The negative cycle is a consolidation of energy or the forgetting stage, where as the positive cycle is the expansion of knowledge and love. The end of the Mayan calender represents the end of several cycles at once. The calender consists of 7 days and 6 nights making up 13 heavens. All of consciousness goes through the same 13 stage cycle, of compression and expansion. The Mayan calender contains 9 underworlds with the first one the cellular underworld lasting 16.4 billion years and the 9th one the transformation lasts a mere 234 days. All nine underworlds end at the same time, according to Calleman Oct 28th, 2011. We are currently in the 8th underworld the Galactic underworld that started on May 1st, 1999. The 8th underworld is defined by the development of the individual or me generation. We are becoming Sovereign self aware beings with the powers of creation. The lessons are throwing off all forms of control, whether mind control or government control of the individual. The ninth underworld begins this year on Sept 3rd 2011 and ends on Oct 28th, 2011. The ninth world is the transformation into the Ascended being or the Superman. A unified human being with god-like powers. The calender ends on Oct 28th, most likely because the way we interpret time completely changes so the notion of a calender may become a moot point or the system of recording time may need to change. The things to look forward too are an extended lifespan as well as a massive increase in intuition. You will need to lead with the heart rather than the head to survive the transition.
The functions of the various radionics technologies of the Ascensionenergyprogram is to keep you ahead of the curve and allow you to gracefully and powerfully enter the new age. One of the side effects of the massive increase in the rates of Cancer are the faulty activation of DNA from the time acceleration. It one is not able to open up to love and stays in denial and seeks to hide from their intuitive nature that the body may reverse it's polarity and become self destructive. The immense energies that are flooding this planet and forcing resolutions on so many different levels. The path to health comes through forgiveness whether self-forgiveness or forgiveness of others that may have caused you harm or you may have harmed. Lies and self deception left buried in the sub-conscious will reek havoc in the immune system and are the source of most ailments. Disease is just that ill at ease with oneself. Trauma's experienced over the course of our lives left un-addressed, set up frequency patterns sub-consciously that build up in amplitude that eventually break through onto the physical plane and can manifest as disease. Aging and Death are essentially a function of a buildup of negativity over time from subconscious negative imprints that accumulate within our auras. Most of the things that harm us are below our level of awareness.
The collective consciousness of Man is the number one source of negativity. There is no way to completely escape the negative thoughts of humanity, but there is a way to take control of most of the programming that occurs on a daily basis. Day and night, night and day we are being programmed by our environment. Sleeping in your home or apartment, you are constantly being bombarded with the thoughts and intentions of others. Life is like the trader pit on Wall Street. Everyone is in competition with each other, screaming at each other hoping to gain an advantage.
Living in New York City; it is virtually impossible to escape the mass negativity of 12 million people living on a patch of land that is a mere 5 miles long. People stacked on top of people with millions of extraneous thoughts and intentions running around the psychic airwaves. The problem with opening up spiritually in a large metropolis is that you now acutely feel and sense what other are thinking and feeling. The Energy technologies mitigate a great deal of this negativity, but they do not completely eliminate the effects. What I have discovered is that I can take control of the programming that goes on in my consciousness to a much greater degree with the use of subliminal technology. While at home or even in this cafe that I am in now, I am running subliminal programs for Age Reversal, attracting abundance, muscle growth ect. I am not necessarily eliminating the other influences, but drowning them out with my own of my own design. I call it taking control of my mind programming. We cannot turn off the programming mechanism, but we can employ it to our advantage in a more complete manner. I have made an Age Reversal script that stimulates the body to turn on the life extension parts of the genetic code and shut down the death mechanism. I have included the free subliminal at the link below, you can simply download and run on your computer in the background. I have included the script below. I will be making more subliminals, in the near future some for sale and others I will include in a future newsletter.
I have learned ways to layer subliminals that penetrate into the deepest parts of the mind from my relationship with Preston Nichols of the Montauk Project fame. These will come at a later date as I get more familiar with the software. To get the free Age Reversal Subliminal, sign up for the Ascensionenergyprogram Newsletter by sending an email to put free subliminal in the header.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kryon On DNA Quantum Attributes Layer 9

Kryon has been around for 20 years and his information has been found to be quite accurate regarding the science concerning genetics. The DNA mutation as a result of an awakening from an accumulation of cosmic energy. Light is info and our genetics are being lighted up like a christmas tree right now.

Do you want to stay ahead of the curve of all the cosmic changes? There is the that quickens the quickening with unified field technologies.

Dolores Cannon: New Earth 5D, Ascension and DNA Activation

Dolores Cannon talks about the development of a New 5D earth from her work with regression therapy into the future. Her patients describe what this new earth is and what are the requirements for entering that stage of consciousness. She also talks about the DNA mutation into a super species with higher sentient faculties as well as an extended lifespan and immunity from disease.
Brings a sense of comfort to someone treading the spiritual path; there is a purpose after-all. Unified field technologies that speed up the Ascension process, like taking a bullet train rather than a donkey.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dawn of the Unity Wave: Mayan Calendar March 9th 2011

What does it mean Jelly-bean? Here is my take on the Mayan calendar shift based on my own personal sojourn. The shift into unity consciousness is moving from the over-use of the logical mind, back into intuition. I have noticed when I feel my way through life, that magic happens and when I fall back and resort to what makes sense; I often end up in situations that are less than ideal. The feedback loop of cause and effect are speeding up to the point that lessons that used to take years to learn may happen in a week. I have seen 20 year old kids grow up in a matter of minutes as the lights are being turned on inside as if they are ancient sages of old.
Unity consciousness is a process of switching to a different method of awareness, where both half's of the brain are functioning at the same time. You could say we are becoming super-conscious as a species, with some rejecting the process out of fear.
The ascensionenergyprogram has been designed to move up into unity consciousness faster than the general population and even quicker than with the meta-physical community. It keeps you ahead of the curve of evolutionary changes where you can gracefully and successfully capitalize on the new opportunities that the quickening is generating. Fortunes are made at the flood, and we are now in the thick of things.

We are now approaching the actual beginning of this wave of unity consciousness, which begins on March 9, 2011. This is the ninth wave also known as the Universal Underworld. This wave includes thirteen uaxaclahunkin (18 day) periods that propel a process designed to lead the universe and the human beings to their highest state of consciousness.** The purpose of this article is to provide some additional background to this wave, its initiation date and suggest how the energy of the wave may be used in the most beneficial way. This requires that I again summarize the basic structure of the cosmic time plan as understood from the Mayan calendar.

Many people have in recent years come to know about the existence of the Mayan calendar and its purported end date, but surprisingly, not so many have assimilated what the ancient inscriptions are saying about it. In fact, there is only one known ancient inscription that mentions the calendar end -- Monument 6 from Tortuguero*** describes what will happen when the calendar comes to an end. The current reading of this ancient inscription by professional Mayanists is that we will then “witness the display of Bolon Yokte Ku in his full costume and regalia.” So whatever else you might have heard associated with the end of the Mayan calendar such as a pole shift, the end of the world, a galactic alignment, solar flares, radiation from the center of the galaxy, etc., actually lacks foundation in any ancient Mayan text.

Yet what obviously does have a background in an ancient Mayan inscription is Bolon, the number nine. At first sight, the reading of the Tortuguero Monument may sound cryptic and difficult to understand. There is however a lot of surrounding information about Bolon Yokte Ku that allows us to make sense of this insciption.*** Crucial to understanding is that Bolon Yokte Ku is the Nine-Support, or Nine-Step, entity of “period endings.” Bolon Yokte Ku, in other words, is a name for a cosmic pyramid in nine steps. Through extensive factual verification this pyramid has been shown to symbolize the nine levels of evolution the universe undergoes on its climb to its highest state of consciousness.
Each level of evolution, of Bolon Yokte Ku, the cosmic pyramid, is then developed through a series of thirteen time periods. These range from the hablatun (1.26 billion years) on the bottom level to the uaxaclahunkin of 18 days at the ninth level. This means a twenty times frequency increase and speed-up of time with every single step to a higher level. Soon, as of October 28, 2011, the energies of the nine waves are then all going to manifest fully. This final manifestation, I believe is what the ancient inscription refers to when it says that it will be witnessed how Bolon Yokte Ku will appear in his full regalia. The fruits of the nine waves will then appear in their fullness as these are simultaneously completed. This is no longer confusing if we accept that the ancient peoples of the world, including the Maya, would tend to personalize the cosmic forces describing them as “gods”, while, in the modern world, we would probably only describe this as nine energy waves.

As of March 9, 2011, the ninth and highest wave of the Bolon Yokte Ku will be activated. It seems to me that the purpose of this particular wave of 13 x 18 = 234 days is to cap the entire evolution of the universe that so far has been propelled by the eighth lower waves. From what we know about the changing polarities of consciousness of the nine waves it will do so by providing energies that are conducive to the human beings cocreating unity consciousness.
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