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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ascension Energy Newsletter: Xcalibur Machine Update and the Magic Basement Manifests a Hoard

I have been busy using the new Xcalibur Magnetic treatment machine for the last two months looking at the effects for myself and the clients that have been placed on the machine. The results have been spectacular, I can almost now predict what will happen to people when they go on the new machine. The effects are similar to the bio-resonance machine in the removal of negativity, but at an accelerated pace. With the magnetic field there is a rapid accumulation of energy which begins to open up the DNA, the first manifestation is a return to innocence. The emotional armoring begins to break down and the original self or ideal version of the personality begins to appear.
This I believe is simply a function of energy accumulation. As a child we had an abundance of energy so everything was a new adventure rather than a dull repetitive experience that requires effort. As one tunes into their higher self, there is an increase in Synchronicity and good fortune. Situations become win-win for everyone. These changes are subtle an incremental as the aging process is subtle and incremental where one day you wake up and look in the mirror and realize that you are no longer a teenager. Aging takes years and regeneration will take years as well. The mental and emotional improvements will be the precursor to any physical changes. Trauma accumulates in the subtle energy bodies over the course of your life and manifests on the physical plane as aging. The reduction of negativity is a process, especially if you are still immersed in a highly negative environment. Eventually as you rise up in frequency, you will most likely remove yourself from negative environments or have opportunities that take you away from these influences. The new world and the old world overlap, so when you jump on the program, you are being hit with a new overlay or blueprint for a new existence. This does not mean that things will change overnight, everything is a process and depending what stage of the path that you are on; sometimes change will take longer than expected. The ego always believes that the personality or soul is more advanced than it really is. This applies to virtually everyone across the board.
I will use a new friend of mine as an example of the effects of the new machine. I will call him Peter, although that is not his real name. I met Peter around May and placed him on the bio-resonance machine soon after. At the time, Peter has been under federal indictment for over (two years without a trail) on trumped up charges in Federal court. The case has no real basis and to this day, I still cannot figure out what the underlying crime is other than some federal prosecutor is looking to make a name for himself in his own words, "because I can". Peter had hired an expensive lawyer with a great reputation, who was apparently living on his reputation. The lawyer never filed the correct motions to get the case dismissed, rather he was eager to take to trial even though this was completely unnecessary. The lawyer was soaking Peter to the point that he ran out of money and had not been able to work for the last two years because of the indictment. The intractability of the case began to unravel after Peter went on the bio-resonance machine and went into high gear after Peter went on the Xcalibur machine. Peter ended up firing his attorney dramatically in court and threw the court in a tizzy. He was able to speak before the court and was able to enter testimony in the court record which laid the foundation for a mistrial. The court officers who have gotten to know Peter on a first name basis had never seen a defendant speak in court without an attorney and get the judge to rule in the defendant's favor.
Peter refused to accept the court appointed attorney because of the prejudicial nature of the attorney at the original hearing. The judge was flustered and lost command of her court. Peter was involved with three other defendants, the judge separated the cases which was a big win in Peter's favor. The three other defendants were eventually acquitted with the exception of one minor conviction. The District Attorney's case continues to fall apart, yet they still slog forward. The investigator for the DA's office was so frustrated because he was unable to obtain any witnesses or dirt against the defendant, he walked into court and directly threatened the defendant in front of the DA and the court reporter. In every instance Peter continues to win every battle; the case continues to hang on by a thread but he is no longer afraid of dealing with these people. Peter is now in a position to not only have his case dismissed but actually go after the DA and perhaps the judge from disbarment and eventually recoup all of his court costs and civil damages to boot. This reversal of fortune has occurred all within a three month time frame. What has changed is Peter's perception of the case and the removal of fear in dealing with the Federal Court system.
Now what about manifestation? I get these questions all the time. Can the machine manifest abundance for me? Yes and No. I use an example from about 12 years ago. I went to a Notre Dame Football game at Giants stadium, afterwards my friends decided to go to Atlantic City to do some gambling. At the time, I was unemployed and had just cashed my unemployment check. I had about $160 on me. When we got to Atlantic City, I promptly lost my unemployment check in record time and ended up waiting three hours for my friends outside the casino, it was a bit humiliating. The point here is never go unfunded into a casino and never go, if you actually need the money. Manifestation always comes from a position of power, you get abundance after you don't really need it. Fear will choke off manifestation, if you are in a chronic state of fear, you will never manifest. You do manifest, but lack rather than abundance. You are watering the lawn and stepping on the hose at the same time. You have to step off the hose to allow the flow to come through. It is always at the time when you have forgotten about the thing that you were asking for or written it off completely. Now when you move out of fear and are able to project positively on a regular basis, here is what can happen.
I have a Magic basement, that is my basement has delivered me items over the years that I have needed. I would just think about needing things and in a few days something would appear in my basement to fit the bill. I have gotten two brand new pair of shoes that have fit perfectly and were a style that I liked. Half my furniture in my apartment has come from my basement. I have a paper shredder, several printers and even a flat screen TV. Actually, I missed out on that one, because I needed to go to the bathroom first. Jennifer my assistant has also manifested items from my magic basement. Yesterday however was the most ridiculous manifestation I have seen to date. Jennifer was thinking about buying a new handbag. Jennifer never buys anything for herself she is quite frugal and non-materialistic. Yesterday, Jennifer went down to the basement to take out some trash and ended up finding 53 brand new designer handbags in variety of designers and styles. We estimated the hoard netted over $5000 worth of handbags. She also scored a pair of snowshoes that fit perfectly as well as a great pair of designer glasses. Jennifer is of course on all the energy technologies and works directly in the field of the Xcalibur machine. I have included a picture of the hoard because it is so ridiculous. There is a lesson here for Jennifer in being able to accept Abundance and there is a lesson for everyone in the light touch of manifestation. Less is more and if you are in a state of worry, let go and let God. Give it time, with these technologies that are available now, allow the energy to remove the fear and you will see manifestations take root over time.