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Thursday, October 29, 2009

DNA Repair and Activation

The human species have a 15 dimensional frequency bio-energetic field. DNA strands correspond to dimensional fields. The core Human DNA imprint is built on a 12 strand structure. Each strand corresponds to 1 of 12 dimensional frequency bands within the 15 dimensional scale. This implies that the human form was designed to embody 12 dimensions of conscious awareness (the full Christed state). In ancient days “ascension” was considered as dimension expansion.

Present day humans on average have 3 - 3.5 DNA strands activated. Healing modalities available through Selftransform, provide processes that clear blockages from the human bio-grid and the energetic bodies, stimulate the dormant portions of DNA into activation. The clearing of blockages progressively purges ancient distortions and mutations within the gene codes. Clearing the distortions opens the doors to higher levels of consciousness awareness and higher dimensions.

The distortions, mutations and all lower vibration (dense) disharmonic thought forms from past moments are known as miasms. Miasms distort the flow of energy and identity through the human system. Each lifetime’s miasms are compounded, creating repetitive patterns in the current lifetime. Miasms are responsible for the manifestations of disease and disharmonic conditions within the body and life structure. Each person’s miasmic imprint establishes their design and function of DNA. Transmuting miasms with the process of embodying higher identity levels allows activation of higher DNA strands. The activation of higher strands initiates a realignment in a person’s life direction and physical health towards a more harmonious and joyful path.

Chakra activations, meditations, breathwork, building of the internal pillar of light, opening to the higher bodies are processes that expand and activate higher DNA strands (after transmuting all miasms).

The 2012 - 2017 ascension wave requires a qualification of at least a level 5 DNA strand.

For Private sessions of DNA Activation and clearing.

Program Your DNA with Simple Language

Program Your DNA

There are a plethora of sites that have some incredible information on our pending (or current) DNA upgrade. The following information can be found at Divine Cosmos (click the yellow text to go to their site). Hopefully, this will help you understand what is (or will be) happening to you in the next few years:

Quantum based energy technologies to activate junk DNA.
Esoteric and spiritual teachers have known for ages that our body is programmable by language, words and thought. This has now been scientifically proven and explained.

Human DNA acts like a biological version of the Internet — and it is superior to the artificial one in many ways.

The latest Russian scientific research directly or indirectly explains phenomena such as clairvoyance, intuition, spontaneous / remote acts of healing, self-healing, affirmation techniques, unusual light/auras around people (namely spiritual masters), the mind’s influence on weather patterns and much more.

In addition, there is evidence for a whole new type of medicine in which DNA can be influenced and reprogrammed by words and frequencies — WITHOUT cutting out and replacing single genes.


Only 10% of our DNA is being used for building proteins. It is this subset of DNA that is of interest to western researchers, and it is being examined and categorized. The other 90% of the molecule is considered to be “junk DNA.”

The Russian researchers, however, were convinced that nature was not so dumb. They joined linguists and geneticists in a venture to explore that 90% of “junk DNA.” Their results, findings and conclusions are simply revolutionary!

According to their findings, our DNA is not only responsible for the construction of our body, but also serves as a means of data storage and communication.

The Russian linguists found that the genetic code — especially in the apparent “useless” 90% — follows the same rules as our human languages.

Bruce Lipton Where Mind and Matter Meet

This is a mind-blowing video about the impact of the quantum physics on the medical model. Matter is information, all matter is constantly be modified by other information from the perciever to the environment. Life is one giant stocker ticker update. The implications are that everything can be changed including the concept of death.

Ascensionenergyprogram- The application of Unified field theory to modify and recharge the genetic coil.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The power of Bio-resonance Jennifer's Story the beginning

Every one is a lab rat or guinea pig that works for me at The process of understanding the effects of Bio-resonance is ongoing. To improve the technology, I need feedback from people who are on the machine that are not me. Jennifer my beautiful statuesque Angelina Jolie like assistant, (minus the vials of blood and Brad Pitt), was just that statuesque operating on about 5-10% of her true potential. Jennifer is only 18 years old, this I keep forgetting knows multiple languages, plays multiple sports from fencing, golf, polo to baseball. I have a friend Greg who is the same way, everything comes easy so there is no motivation to excel.
Her main flaw was her personality reserved to the point that is like dealing with a great poker player, no affect or emotion. This leads to great difficulties in inter-personal relationships, the irony is that when you are beautiful you are often rejected when you are unable to affect an emotional connection. This can become quite extreme the prettier one is. There is often a tremendous sense of low self esteem attached with unusal talent and ability.
Jennifer went on the machines 4 months ago when she started to work for me. The Bio-resonance main function is to remove negativity and fear. As the layers of negativity and fear are removed, the person's life becomes more dynamic. There is a transformation of the personality to include more emotional range. A great ability to adapt to situations as the thought process becomes clear.
Jennifer's case is real interesting to watch because she has so much potential. She works as an Art Gallery on the bowery after she leaves work with me. The Art gallery is a collection of characters, crazy artists, rich people who are crazy, talented musicians and probably not so talented ones. A few months back, this place was a wreck, no paintings were being sold, there was an attempt to rent the gallery out for film shoots and music videos. I moved Jennifer up on the machines, she was drinking the etheric water and I was experimenting with the Tachyon products on her, remember she is a guinea pig, albeit a beautiful one..
There were minor changes at first, she looked less depressed, she began to have more physical energy. She had chronic allergies, those began to clear up. As the months progressed there began to be more drama at her second job at the gallery. This I suspected was due to the energy that she was beginning to project from the machines. At this point I had moved her up to the second highest machine.
Then the fire hit, the gallery had a fire that destroyed everyone's property, but Jennifer's guitar,..I guess she plays the guitar too. It was reminscent of the story of Mark Hamill who protected his home with a Native American ritual during a forest fire in California. Mark's house was also unscathed while everyone else's burned to the ground. The next day one of the guys that worked there flipped out and tried feebly to kill himself. He was the guy that caused the fire. Another guy quit, who was also another bad egg.
The next week, there was a new gallery with a new manager. Immediately, there were film shoots galore and Jennifer ended up being in a horror film and a Sean lennon video in the same week. There is now the budding of a real movie star like aura, albeit at the beginning stages. The point being here, is that when you remove negativity and fear the talents and beauty in the person begin to shine through. I am going to sit back and enjoy the show.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Crop Circles Activate DNA

Crop circles activate latent DNA, they help speed up the mutation of the human genome. This is a beautiful collection of crop cirles from around the world. Place your hand on the pictures and feel the energy that is emitted from them.

Orgone cloudbusters help regulate weather patterns. Excellent for preventing droughts for farmers.

David Wilcock on 2012, DNA Mutation, Stargates and Wormholes

Very entertaining, David talks about DNA mutating due to a move into the photo belt. A transformation in the nature of a human being into a silica based life form. Are we in Iraq to secure a stargate that once opened could destroy the planet.

Tachyon wands- Simple tool powerful result. Time reversed energy to clear deep trauma from the DNA.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Orgone Chembuster effects on clearing skies

This is from a traditional Orgone chembuster in the Croft style. They punch holes in the Chemtrail clouds of aluminum and barium. This mixture is used to bounce radio waves off the ionosphere for the Haarp project. Aluminum is also put in the food for the same reason. Consciousness modification, human thought cycles at 400-450hz, any frequency put in the range will be picked up by humans to a greater or lesser degree based on their sensitivity. Highly evolved spiritual beings become immune to mind control because of a filtration system based on high positive life force energy that blocks out manipulation. This is how Orgone protects and enhances human consciousness.
Unfortunately the Croft cloudbuster uses Aluminum as a component, which Wilhelm Reich said created DOR or negative life-force energy. At we only make our Orgone cloudbuster and Chembusters with steel, Gold, Silver, copper and zinc, never aluminum. We also add in monoatomic elements plus Tachyon energy from the etheric water program at the

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ascension: The changes to the Physical body

Another new age video depicting the changes that may happen to the physical body, such as it's nature turning from carbon to Silica. Bill was talking to me of some of the experiences with the etheric water like, it was changing into a crystalline structure. This is in alignment with several sources that I have read in new age circles such as Barbara Hand Clow and Barbara Marciniak. Now of course, they were also talking about life extension and immunity to all disease as well as dissapearing to more of the denser human beings.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fountain of Youth A physicists view

An interesting look into the future how mankind may solve the disease of aging.

Etheric water is a tachyonized (time reversed) homeopathic product with monoatomic elements that repairs the damage in the holographic field. Aging is a program that can be deleted.

Physics of the Impossible: Time Travel

Yes, Time travel is within our grasp.I remember reading a report in the NY Times of a stock trader who took $4000 and made it into 5 million in a matter of months with a streak of statistically impossible success of 95%. When he was arrested he claimed to be a Time traveller who was capitalizing on information that he got from the future. I never heard what happened to him after that.

Bio-resonance technologies- Activate your DNA with Quantum energy.

Is Time Travel Possible? Delving into possible theories.

This is an explanation of possible Time travel techniques. I am reading a book by Michael Chrichton called Timeline that utilizes a theory by Richard Feynman. He postilates that we change location in the multi-verse we move to a different reality construct rather than travel into the past. A quantum computer is used where there are 32 different possibilities rather than a linear construct of ones and zeros.

Quantum-based Esoteric Energy technologies- The next wave in alternative health field. Re-program your genetics.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

15 Genes linked to Longevity found.

There are many roads to Rome. Aging is a complex problem and the human is a complex organism. Understanding how computers operate, is helping us understand the human organism which is a biological quantum computer. How do we change the programs and install ones that can return us to the Garden of Eden, where we live for over 1000 years. If we understand that aging is simply a problem to be solved, then eventually we will crack the code.

Kevin Where art meets science. Orgone zapper, the return of electro-medicine. Health does not need to be expensive.

By Roger Highfield, Science Editor
Published: 12:01AM GMT 13 Mar 2008

Scientists are a step closer to developing an anti-ageing pill with the discovery of 15 genes linked to a long life.

The find suggests that those genes could be targeted to help slow down the ageing process and treat age-related condition.

Finding genes that are the same in those two organisms is significant, researchers say, because the two species are so far apart on the evolutionary scale - even farther apart than the tiny worms and humans.

That, combined with the presence of similar human genes, is an indication that these genes could regulate human longevity as well.

Source seeking the keys to the Age reversal through quantum based energy machines.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

St. Germain the Immortal Elixir of Life

St. Germaine is alledged to have become immortal through the use of an elixir of life.

AscensionEnergyprogram New wine skins for a new day. Quantum based energy technologies.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Physical Immortality is a Program.

This is not a new idea per se, but a different way at viewing why do we age. Aging is a function of a level of consciousness. It is a byproduct of lack of en-lightenment. A number of new age sources are predicting that a small percentage of mankind is going through a genetic mutation from a carbon-based life form to one based on silicon or silica. Barbara Hand Clow is one such proponent in her book liquid light of sex. Recently, I picked up another book called Earth changes and 2012 by Sal Rachele; he channels of group of beings called the founders from the 12th dimension. He actually or the founders propose an idea that ascension is a program encoded into the DNA that triggers a mutation when a human being reaches a certain consciousness level and consciously focuses on an ascension path. The founders predict that up to 30 million humans will ascend to the 5th dimension by 2030.
At the higher part of the 4th dimension, the body ceases to age and begins to age regress. The nature of the carbon-based cell mutates into silicon or liquid silica. It is triggered by purity of heart in addition to a strong will for ascension. The program is contained within the junk DNA and is re-organized and activated by will and celestial frequencies stimulating the DNA directly. Our bodies grow automatically without our conscious input, it actually makes sense that an Ascension process would be equally automated. Our consciousness is the sum-total of our frequency, it is mostly comprised of the sub-conscious and unconcious. Our conscious minds are only as strong as our willingness to delve into our psyche and allow the truth to set us free. As one releases repression, energy is freed to express itself in a non-linear fashion. Higher dimensional frequencies are absorbed directly by the DNA lighting up the programs. The process can be stimulated artificially with the use of quantum-based energy technologies to access the energies of the 5th and 6th dimension. An Ascended being is operatining on a 5th dimensional level which is basically outside of time which is a lower frequency.Time is the prison which causes us to age and die. When we step out of time, our energy vibrates at a faster rate than time and essentially begins the process of negative entropy or Age regression. The process first begins in the mind and the emotional body. You will first feel like you are getting younger and begin to think like a young person. The physical body will lag behind a while, before it begins to believe that it is possible to return to a state of youth. Aging is triggered by certain programs within the DNA. There is a death gene that causes the body to break down. As the physical body begins to entertain the idea that one can return to a state of youth. It will begin to turn these programs off. There is an intermediate phase where you will one day think that you are dying and another day that you feel like you are getting younger. The body is in a state of conflict as it decides what direction it is heading, to live or to die. If you live in a major urban area, it is difficult to age regress for the simple fact that you have millions of people in your immediate proximity that believe they are going to die.
As someone that wants to break the mold, you will need to move out of large urban areas to allow the body to take on it's new identity. Aging ultimately is just a belief system, you know the old adage that there is nothing certain but death and taxes. Opening up higher dimensional worlds with technology.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ascension Energy Newsletter The Void and the Dark Night of the Soul

I have been silent for a while, because I am in the middle of a processing period. I am still mapping what happens on the bio-resonance machine and now the etheric water and Tachyon products. Living in New York City is becoming increasingly difficult to handle energetically, mentally and emotionally. My world here is growing smaller and smaller and I know that I will soon leave here. The more I increase in energy, the harder it is to be around people that are asleep. It is like being in a huge sound dampener. No matter what I do, the energy gets sucked in and not amplified back and projected out. I remember reading a book called the Starseed transmissions by Ken Carey and he talked about Islands of Light and Darkness coalescing and a huge migration to one or the other areas before 2012. In other new age literature the source escapes me; I was fascinated by the aliens opinions of humans that we were very dangerous in an unawakened state and that is was very painful to be in our presence. I know what they mean now. Bill was telling me early on last year that eventually you would start to see all people as children that the level of consciousness was quite low here and it would appear that everyone was standing still. Again I know what he means now more than ever.
As my senses become more acute, I am literally feeling trapped in New York City without the contact to nature and open skies. The sense of feeling trapped also applies to the mind. Everyone no matter what they think is limited by the collective consciousness of the populace, it again is like ballast or a dampener. Since we are all one ultimately, there is a limit to the spiritual progress that can be made by an individual. The individual who is ahead of the curve in awareness is literally reshaping the collective mind of man to allow for more enlightened concepts and ideas. There are resistant points that are hit the resistance level of Gold as it breaks $1000. There is often a sell-off right after a high as there is a fear that things are moving too quickly. If you push too hard, your connective tissue will contract and rebel. It will make the clearing process a bit traumatic. The connective tissue is where the oxygen rides through the nervous system. The etheric water is highly oxygenated, it opens up the connective tissue and relaxes the muscular system. Muscle tension is mainly due to connective tissue tightness. Consciousness also moves in a spiral, events repeat although with a different shade as the responsives change due to a change in awareness. Awareness is everything, it is the guide through the void when the lights are turned out momentarily. There is not just one dark night but a series, it is a stage of progression as one rises in frequency. The half note or the dissonance zone, some are more difiicult to manage but when you clear a dark night you come out with more awareness which translates to more power and energy.
The reason we age and die is a fundamental lack of awareness as a collective. Our group frequency as a species is simply too low to have self sustaining life. Highly evolved energetic beings create more gravity or magnetism. Magnetism is a sign of a vital life force energy which is your base life force quotient. This energy, I believe is increased by the bio-resonance, etheric water, Tachyon wands and now Jewelry. We have the larger Tachyon wands in stock as well as the Camelot wand for sensuality. Tachyon energy is direct out of zero point and moves faster than the speed of light. Anything that moves faster than the speed of light is Time reversed or Age Reversal, think Benjamin Button. It is no coincidence that Benjamin Button came out last year. We are starting to believe as a species that we can halt and reverse the aging process. The mandate of the Christ was for man to become immortal, not get the gold watch or live our lives through our kids. He was saying we could get a second chance. The second coming may actually be finding the keys for immortality. I have noticed that as I immerse myself in these energy technologies that I am experiencing states of consciousness that I had in my twenties and as a teenager. Now these were very dark states, as they come out of my fields as the emotional and psychic suppression is released, I feel like I am dying. The dark night is about surrender of the ego. You will feel like you are dying and that your life is over, it is at this point to focus on the positives in your life and to take action jackson. Move a muscle change a thought. I forget that like everyone else. Tonight was the first time I went running again in three weeks. What was suprising was that it was the best run that I have had since I started running again a few months ago. My body was oxygenated right down to my toes, I could feel my whole body start to breathe. This I attribute to the habitual and maniacal use of the etheric water and the Tachyon wands. There has been an accumulation effect that I did not really notice until I started to run tonight. I also noticed that my teeth are really white, even though that I still drink some coffee and I don't brush my teeth as often as I should. Strong teeth are a sign of a strong internal organ system. Regeneration comes from the inside out not the outside in. The skin will be the last thing that improves as it is the least important organ in the body and that also it is processing out all of the negativity on the physical plane. The skin will not re-identify itself as going through a youthening process until the internal organs have reverted to a earlier state. weird stuff eh.. On a final note, the Tachyon Jewelry is now available for sale for $40. Virtually all of it is for women, although there are a few Tachyon discs that men can wear. The Jewlery is the best way to gain the zero point energy around the clock. Energy accumulation is a slow process just like the aging process is slow. If you can accumulate more energy than you are expending than eventually you will begin to exhibit age reversal signs. I have attached a file with all the pictures of the Jewelry. The road to the fountain of youth...