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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ascension Energy Newsletter The Void and the Dark Night of the Soul

I have been silent for a while, because I am in the middle of a processing period. I am still mapping what happens on the bio-resonance machine and now the etheric water and Tachyon products. Living in New York City is becoming increasingly difficult to handle energetically, mentally and emotionally. My world here is growing smaller and smaller and I know that I will soon leave here. The more I increase in energy, the harder it is to be around people that are asleep. It is like being in a huge sound dampener. No matter what I do, the energy gets sucked in and not amplified back and projected out. I remember reading a book called the Starseed transmissions by Ken Carey and he talked about Islands of Light and Darkness coalescing and a huge migration to one or the other areas before 2012. In other new age literature the source escapes me; I was fascinated by the aliens opinions of humans that we were very dangerous in an unawakened state and that is was very painful to be in our presence. I know what they mean now. Bill was telling me early on last year that eventually you would start to see all people as children that the level of consciousness was quite low here and it would appear that everyone was standing still. Again I know what he means now more than ever.
As my senses become more acute, I am literally feeling trapped in New York City without the contact to nature and open skies. The sense of feeling trapped also applies to the mind. Everyone no matter what they think is limited by the collective consciousness of the populace, it again is like ballast or a dampener. Since we are all one ultimately, there is a limit to the spiritual progress that can be made by an individual. The individual who is ahead of the curve in awareness is literally reshaping the collective mind of man to allow for more enlightened concepts and ideas. There are resistant points that are hit the resistance level of Gold as it breaks $1000. There is often a sell-off right after a high as there is a fear that things are moving too quickly. If you push too hard, your connective tissue will contract and rebel. It will make the clearing process a bit traumatic. The connective tissue is where the oxygen rides through the nervous system. The etheric water is highly oxygenated, it opens up the connective tissue and relaxes the muscular system. Muscle tension is mainly due to connective tissue tightness. Consciousness also moves in a spiral, events repeat although with a different shade as the responsives change due to a change in awareness. Awareness is everything, it is the guide through the void when the lights are turned out momentarily. There is not just one dark night but a series, it is a stage of progression as one rises in frequency. The half note or the dissonance zone, some are more difiicult to manage but when you clear a dark night you come out with more awareness which translates to more power and energy.
The reason we age and die is a fundamental lack of awareness as a collective. Our group frequency as a species is simply too low to have self sustaining life. Highly evolved energetic beings create more gravity or magnetism. Magnetism is a sign of a vital life force energy which is your base life force quotient. This energy, I believe is increased by the bio-resonance, etheric water, Tachyon wands and now Jewelry. We have the larger Tachyon wands in stock as well as the Camelot wand for sensuality. Tachyon energy is direct out of zero point and moves faster than the speed of light. Anything that moves faster than the speed of light is Time reversed or Age Reversal, think Benjamin Button. It is no coincidence that Benjamin Button came out last year. We are starting to believe as a species that we can halt and reverse the aging process. The mandate of the Christ was for man to become immortal, not get the gold watch or live our lives through our kids. He was saying we could get a second chance. The second coming may actually be finding the keys for immortality. I have noticed that as I immerse myself in these energy technologies that I am experiencing states of consciousness that I had in my twenties and as a teenager. Now these were very dark states, as they come out of my fields as the emotional and psychic suppression is released, I feel like I am dying. The dark night is about surrender of the ego. You will feel like you are dying and that your life is over, it is at this point to focus on the positives in your life and to take action jackson. Move a muscle change a thought. I forget that like everyone else. Tonight was the first time I went running again in three weeks. What was suprising was that it was the best run that I have had since I started running again a few months ago. My body was oxygenated right down to my toes, I could feel my whole body start to breathe. This I attribute to the habitual and maniacal use of the etheric water and the Tachyon wands. There has been an accumulation effect that I did not really notice until I started to run tonight. I also noticed that my teeth are really white, even though that I still drink some coffee and I don't brush my teeth as often as I should. Strong teeth are a sign of a strong internal organ system. Regeneration comes from the inside out not the outside in. The skin will be the last thing that improves as it is the least important organ in the body and that also it is processing out all of the negativity on the physical plane. The skin will not re-identify itself as going through a youthening process until the internal organs have reverted to a earlier state. weird stuff eh.. On a final note, the Tachyon Jewelry is now available for sale for $40. Virtually all of it is for women, although there are a few Tachyon discs that men can wear. The Jewlery is the best way to gain the zero point energy around the clock. Energy accumulation is a slow process just like the aging process is slow. If you can accumulate more energy than you are expending than eventually you will begin to exhibit age reversal signs. I have attached a file with all the pictures of the Jewelry. The road to the fountain of youth...

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