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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

AscensionEnergy: Choice is about Resonance, What Signal Do You Hear?

The whole point of the Ascensionenergyprogram is to boost the small voice that registers in the heart and the mind as a faint echo, into a signal that eats all other frequencies like a Pacman that gobbles the energy packets. Synchronicities are the path that one follows that is a byproduct of resonance. We either resonant with people or we are out of sync or in direct opposition. What constitutes the Matrix is a system that operates with work under the control of time. Happiness or magic is something we schedule and purchase with our labor. Nothing is free in a world ruled by work, which is the entrapment of our consciousness under a false ideology that is a series of spells stacked on top of spells. As we wake up, we become spell breakers. Insights collapse spells, they reveal the correct relationship with our creator. The true face of the invisible God is that of innocence and power always generating pleasure, absent of pain. Life is always new, experiences stack on top of each other, generating a deepening of a connection to our creator. This is a world we have yet to experience, but it is the end goal. To move beyond the illusion of Time. Time is control and timelessness is living life out of control in a perpetual open state like Children live briefly before the matrix people and institutions traumatize them so they can fit in and work. Generate energy to sustain the life of the binary matrix devoid of spontaneity and freedom. Liberty is purchased in small bites in order for the prisoner to stay viable as a battery to be tapped and used as a resource to sustain the matrix as a type of food. The matrix is a non-reciprocal contract that we call sin that causes eventual death. Immersion is an artificially induced high frequency field produces states of consciousness that enable to overcome the temptations of the matrix that cause us to sell our dreams off piece by piece. We sell off our aspirations to stave off the artificially induced starvation that causes us to submit to unrevealed contracts with minimal benefits and hidden costs. If we were in our right mind, we would reject outright with a big belly laugh. The ability to resist bad contracts is contingent on our ability to accumulate energy thru indirect avenues, which in religion is primarily a result of prayer, meditation and the practice of good works. Behaviors that mimic the unseen observer rather than the current matrix operator. The key is resonance, can we ride the freedom frequency that resonates above the starvation level which appears as Time itself. Bringing Heaven to Earth is destroying the very concept of Time. We have all the Time in the world, hence we have all of everything that we need all the Time. In order to become timeless, we have to overcome events that reflexively cause our hearts to close in reaction to avoid the experience of emotional pain. Increasing our capacity to feel is increasing our emotional pain threshold, this is what brings us out of the land of the dead into the land of the living. Feel Free to contact me for a free consultation. 307-200-4503 Sincerely, Kevin Courtois Earn 4% per year on your Bitcoin, reliable easy to use wallet. Referral programs are a great way to help support the AscensionEnergyProgram. Thank you, Kevin

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

AscensionEnergy Newsletter: Rumors of War, Breaking Entrenched Patterns of Behavior

When my Father was teaching me to ride a bike, he used to hold on to the back seat and run beside me. Most people are familiar with this experience, he would let go at one point and I would fall over. At one point my Father let go and I kept riding a whole block until I looked down and realized my Father was not there for support, so I abruptly became unbalanced and fell over hard. The breakthrough though had been made and after a few more tries I was riding unaided. Later on, as a teenager, I got into BMX, I had a Mongoose bike with titanium forks and mag rims, I used to be able to wheely down the street with one hand on the handlebars for like a half mile without falling down. I gave up pushing the limits in BMX when I was jumping off 8-foot high railroad ties behind the Post office in town. The jump was like a mini ski jump, I was trying to keep up with the best BMX rider in town matching his tricks. One day, I jumped and flipped head over heels on the bike and landed on my Rump. I came away unscathed but I easily could have broken my neck and that would have been a wrap for this lifetime. I had the Fear of God instilled in me, I understood that day that I had limits to my ability. I listened to the warning rather than try to push past those limits. Becoming a professional BMX rider was never my goal, I just wanted friends and to be accepted by the Cool kids. Riding BMX although it was fun, was not part of my destiny. I accepted the fact that Dave was a much more skillful rider. I no longer needed to push the limits, because I understood my motivation was to obtain friends and not because I had the drive to become a great BMX rider. We tend to think of the Fear of God as a bad thing, that we did something wrong and we are getting punished. After a lifetime of experiencing the Fear of God over and over again, failing time after time to the point of absurdity. I have to come to realize that the Fear of God is a very good thing. The Fear of God is simply the removal of bad programming that causes us to make the very mistakes that ultimately destroy our lives. The wage of Sin is Death. What is Sin? Its behavior's that come with a cost or a price for the benefit, it's the snake eating its tail. Ultimately Sin is behavior that is motivated by Fear, drives that are buried deep within our genetic makeup. My goal at 26 was to understand the cause of Aging and overcome the limitations. The cause of Aging is Sin. The Fear of God is simply the process of removal of fears that are buried in our source code that is locked in the Delta state frequency zone. We need events that trigger these Fears to be surfaced, yet do not re-traumatize us or kill us. Here is a bible phrase that no one has attempted to adequately explain Rumours of War, "And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet". Mathew 24:6 (KJV) What is a Rumour of War? It's a simulated event that appears to be real where no one actually dies. Is there an example in the Bible? Yes, the sacrifice of Issac by Abraham. God lied to Abraham, digest that statement, God withheld the Truth from Abraham that he never intended Issac to die. The Living God's purpose was to create a psychological and emotional reaction in Abraham. Abraham had to BELIEVE he was going to kill his Son to create the spilt in his consciousness so he could BEGIN the process of learning the first law, "Thou shalt have no other gods before me"The sacrifice of Issac makes the living God appear to be a psychopath, but if you look at the event in context as a part of a much larger process of the restoration of Man back to the Garden of Eden. Melchizedek randomly met Abraham on the road and did a spontaneous ritual initiation of the breaking of the bread and the wine. The sacrifice of Issac by Abraham, BEGAN the process of reconnection of Mankind back to the living source of reality, The Tree of Life. You could also call the Tree of Life, the Tree of Pleasure. In order to experience unlimited pleasure you need to be innocent. Satan is a God of Pain, The living God is a God of Pleasure, when choice was created, Pain and Pleasure were made strange bedfellows. The Restoration is undoing of the strange bedfellows so we can what? Enjoy unlimited Pleasure without a cost. In the Declaration of Independence, we have an enigmatic phrase known as the Pursuit of Happiness or the Pursuit of Pleasure. We suffer because we are untying the link between pain and pleasure. We do not suffer for the sake of suffering, we suffer because we are breaking the connection to Death. There is a quantum entanglement between Pain and Pleasure that needs to be what? Disentangled, like when you tie your shoelaces together to tightly, that you now cannot untie them without a lot of effort. What would be the point of creating a Simulated event that triggers a large scale emotional trauma in the masses? To instill the Fear of God to release deep trauma within the collective of the human race. If you pour clean water into a liquid that has sediment and dirt, you need to keep pouring the water in, until the sediment is removed. As the sediment is removed, it feels like the sky is falling, the Chicken Little syndrome. The process of removing the sediment causes pain, sometimes physical pain, but also mental and emotional pain. Most people shut down when they feel pain, they close the heart and check out, it is not normal to intentionally face the pain and experience it on a deeper level, but this is where the process of Ascension occurs. We become more connected to the living source of Life as we come closer to the source, the pain in it's purest form is experienced as The Fear of God. The point of the Ascensionenergyprogram and specifically the Xcalibur machine is to provide the energy needed to initiate the process of the release of deep trauma. High-intensity magnetic fields that simulate the Earth's magnetic field create periods of incredible peace and bliss followed by periods where your consciousness will create events to trigger your own fears to surface so you can ascend. That is vibrate beyond the frequency of time out of the past future orientation of the mind into the center of your heart. I call it the Field of Dreams space, where Time stands still and you have all the Time in the world. As your heart opens into the face of resistance, the machines provide the energy to overcome the trigger points that would typically collapse our spirit where we would lose hope. Aging is fundamentally the loss of innocence as our hearts close down and we live in the world. We give up on the dreams that we had as children. The process of restoration is simply the heart opening because there is an energy source to draw from, as the trauma is processed out via rumours of war on a personal and on a collective scale. You could look at the Tribulations in the Bible during the restoration period, prior to the 7th day as Group therapy. The Tribulations restore us back as Real people with magic that create with love and spontaneity. We no longer live subject to the parasitic forces that controlled our minds and influenced our choices to stay stuck in repetitive patterns that make the movie Groundhound day seem just like the first installment of a 9 part Epic Series, spanning several decades. We have inherited tendencies from our family such as a predisposition for certain illnesses or diseases, we have deep ancestral trauma such as the Fall of Atlantis which is the true origin of Halloween and All Saints day. There is a deep fear in all humans from the period when the Giants walked the Earth and mated with Mankind. Pain and Pleasure were tied together with the Rape of Human females by the Nephilim, this is the true origin of the cycle of War and Peace. When deep trauma is triggered we often react out of proportion to an actual event. Ascension is the process of the integration of the shadow, only the shadow knows.. Power is relative to how well you know thyself. Yoda told Luke, leave the Lightsaber outside the cave before he walked in to fight his shadow. To become pure light, you need to see in the dark, become a friend with the unknown, walk fearlessly through the shadow of the valley of Death as the Psalm says. As we restore ourselves, events manifest in the same manner that we would experience real trauma, except that the event never materializes just the emotional reaction as a purging effect of the trauma out of our genetic code. A new program is being installed in us as we jettison the bad programming that causes us to drive off the road into a ditch for no apparent reason. The Ascensionenergyprogram was created to accelerate this process while reducing the intensity of traumatic events to restore our innocence. To the degree that we can open up in the face of resistance, is the degree that we can experience Pleasure without the need for Pain. By following the True source of Life, we are increasing our capacity to experience Pure Pleasure, without falling off the Horse, there is a Prize at the end of the Rainbow. The end result of the whole process is that we now again interpret the world first from the internal state, rather than through external associations. Idol worship is the interpretation of the world through external associations that are devoid of true feeling. Spiritual growth is a process not an event, no different than anything else in Life. If you are interested in the I invite you now for a free consultation, simply email me or give me a call, (307) 200-4503 Kevin