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Friday, July 31, 2009

Merkabah: The Chariot of Ascension

A beautiful video showing the purpose of an activated Merkabah. Removing the veils of Negativity, opening up the gate to the 5th dimension. Unified field technologies for 2012.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Male Herbal Fertility Formula enhanced by Bio-resonance

Fertility Max- This product is created by a buddy a mine, Plato who is familar with Orgone and Wilhelm Reich. If fact he did a weather modification project in China and created a flash flood on his first try. He is the reason that the Chinese government is promising perfect weather for the next Olympics. Fertility Max is an herbal formula to increase Sperm motility for Pregnancy. I have personally tried this formula; it definitely works, modesty prevents me from elaborating, I am a bit of a conservative in certain matters.
I have recently enhanced this product with radionic energy derived from the etheric water machine from
This interested phenomena has been a 50% increase in sales. I have been unable to effectively market this product, because it is not necessarily synergistic with my client base. The increase in sales has been directly related to the energy enhancement of the product name itself. It is now radionically attracting buyers in, quite weird. Apparently the Etheric water machine can actually improve the sales of the product as well as improve the effectiveness of the supplements for sperm motility. The potential application is limitless for increase of sales of virtually any product from cosmetics to food.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Ascension Process is happening Now.

This is another brief explanation of the Ascension process. Overcoming dis-belief is the essence of spiritual evolvement. Is it a nice goal to not actually have to die? I think the founders may have known this when they encoded the pursuit of happiness in the Declaration of Independence.

Reality as we know it is about to ascend, evolve, 0r return to its natural state of light. This is about shedding the physical body, in the alchemy of time of consciousness, as stated in all of the prophecies since the beginning of our biogenetic linear time experiment. The dream is ending , the wake-up calls heard by the souls around the world.

In the theory of ascension, it is assumed that humans are composed of seven energetic or subtle bodies - physical, etheric, astral, causal, mental, celestial, and Christ consciousness. Consciousness at the physical level vibrates at the lowest frequency, and each of the successive bodies exists at higher frequencies, following the color of the rainbow, hence the rainbow bridge of consciousness. Subtle bodies are related to the seven main chakras, which correspond with specific endocrine glands.

Ascension is described as consciously increasing the vibratory rate of the physical and other bodies to the Christ level. Stories describe the physical body losing its definition, diffusing, then finally resembling a star imploding or exploding.

People who have raised their bodies through ascension are fully in command of the physical realm, capable of decelerating their vibratory rate to appear any way they desire, including moving about freely on Earth. Thus, ascension is seen as an alternative to death.

Some relegate ascension to pseudoscience, myth and metaphor, but that is the nature of our reality, while others maintain the process of ascension is as natural as human evolution. Reality as myth, math, and metaphor act to manifest messages through illusion. When you adjust your frequency, you will understand.

Always remember, our consciousness program is about to evolve along with all of the souls within. Trust your instincts on this.
Source Spiritual technologies for the Ascension of Man.

Ascension, The potential for DNA Activation with Bio-resonance pt 2

Listen how the removal of negativity with the use of bio-resonance technologies will activate DNA and accelerate your spiritual path on levels never seen before. Spiritual technologies based on the Unified Field Theory of Burkhard Heim.

Ascension, The potential for DNA activation with Bio-resonance pt 1

A radio show on the astounding results from the use of Etheric water and Bio-resonance technologies. The implications for a massive acceleration in the spiritual growth of Mankind as well as the possibility of activating DNA for a mutation of the human species, yes like Heroes or X-men.

An Explanation of the Ascension Process Technologies to remove fear and negativity, assisting the Ascension of humanity.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

QiGong Master makes Steam!

Now this is a skill set that has a practical application. Just think you could make your own tea or coffee while out in the bush. Is it possible to accumulate enough energy with Bio-resonance technologies to activate advanced QiGong skills? Only time will tell.

Qigong Master Boils Water With His Hands Pyrokinesis - The funniest home videos are here

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ascension Energy Program Newsletter: Private Sessions with Bill Kirkland Allergies and the Blues

Bill's Homeopathic elixirs and Tachyon wands are one of those things that I took my sweet time, before I wanted to talk about them, simply because I didn't understand them or see the need for them. It wasn't until I had an allergy flair-up in the spring from what I thought was pollen. It turned out to be Potatoes and wheat, which is not unusual for someone of Celtic descent. At the time I was eating a lot of Pizza, simply because I was thinking of opening a Pizza shop in New York. With the plunge in the commercial real estate rates and my kick-ass pizza recipe that I have been honing since I was a wee lad growing up on the Gold Coast of Long Island.
I had two sessions with the German Homeopathic preparations in conjunction with the Tachyon wands. Normally, homeopathic preparations don't work with me, I need to get hit in the head by a large piece of wood before I respond to traditional homeopathy. This time though, the food allergies were eliminated in the first session with a slight residue that cleared up with a follow-up treatment. The alleged hay fever also disappeared. I assumed that what was happening was liver over-load that manifested as Hay fever symptoms in the spring for two months.

Bill has at his disposal an enormous array of spiritual tools from several kinds of tachyon wands, to hundreds of homeo-pathic elixirs that can be amplified by any number of technologies. Allergies are often deep trauma embedded within the DNA on a physical level or non-physical level held in by a magnetic charge. DNA is essentially re-programmable. The problem has been mostly the lack of power.
Have you ever been treated for Allergies and felt better for a short period of time, but had the symptoms return? Until recently there have not been technologies available that can clear out all of the trauma layers held within the genetic code up to the 6th dimension. The Bio-resonance machines are based on Burkhard Heim’s Grand Unified Field Theory and the Temple of Man in Luxor, Egypt.
Relationships problems in addition to allergy removal, are based on DNA corruption due to a neuro-association with Trauma with an individual or type of individual to a particular event or series of events in this life or other lifetimes. Bill and I, achieved a breakthrough when we started to approach Relationship troubles as simply an allergy problem. Unrequited Love, Obsessional Love, constant rejection of the opposite sex, fear of intimacy, panic and anxiety all can be treated the same way as allergies. We come up with a homeopathic antidote for the particular issue and then treat it with the Tachyon glass and Bio-resonance machines. The key with the success is the identification of the true problem and the application of a massive amount of Tachyon energy. The discussion and re-hashing of the alleged problem is not necessary because the mind is incapable of healing a wound; all it can do is amplify a process. The mind is an amplification device and a tuner. We tap into frequencies and amplify them; the variable is how deeply we engage our emotions and how much we repeat the commercial. Most programs are sub-conscious and automatic. The proper identification of these running programs is 90% of the battle. The solution after-that is to run the energy to erase the program and flush the system; since most of the information is kept in the hyper-dimensional aspects of the DNA, it was virtually impossible to affect a complete healing that would not re-surface prior to Tachyon and Bio-resonance technologies.
Want to experience the Egyptian walk of the Dead? A private session can be utilized to explore higher states of consciousness not normally accessible within the context of a modern urban lifestyle. We are after results here – not continual processing. Wilhelm Reich was kicked out of the Vienna institute in Austria because he wanted a uniform standard in which to judge the effectiveness of any therapeutic approach.
To Book a private session with Bill to speed up the journey or perhaps remove a specific irritant or burden.
Kirkland 30 mins $120