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Friday, September 14, 2018

AscensionEnergyProgram Newsletter: Technology Upgrades of the Ascension Energy Program

There have been many improvements with the Ascensionenergyprogram since the beginning 9 years ago.. I wanted to make a recap of all the different programs and the addition of new technology and subtle energy adjustments. The AscensionEnergyProgram consists of 5 different types of technology; Orgone Radionic Machine, which is a big chest of Orgone about 40lbs, hooked up to a power supply. Orgone effects the mind and the emotions, as a result of inducing more life force energy into the aura. I will be increasing the size of this machine every month, about another 1-2lbs per month. I have broken the program up according to the technology, but in reality; you receive one large energy signature that coheres together as soon as you walk in the door. The door is a metaphor, for a virtual energy space that overlays what you would call the physical world. My goal is to recreate the original conditions found in the Garden of Eden before the Fall. Essentially remove genetic trauma from the bloodlines, break spells and curses, generational by flooding your aura with high-frequency energy around the clock. What drives the process forward are the insights that you accumulate that remove the damage and heal the soul and the energy bodies. It does not happen by itself but is aided by the high-frequency energy that interacts with your genetics, to repair and reverse the damage. Most problems are left in an in-completed state simply because of a lack of energy to heal the breaks in the genetic code. We pull for answers, but cannot seem to grasp the insight that would unlock the puzzle, reduce fear and increase energy levels. Spiritual growth is the path to holiness thru seeing through deception and becoming immune to temptation. Increased energy states lead to the boredom of activities that now seem as a poor substitution for real connection. Ascension is the process of becoming real and being the living embodiment of the Truth, simply because it feels good. The Tachyon Mirror machines are a series of Tachyon mirrors that Bill Kirkland originally invented that seems to reduce Chronic pain in the body. Tachyon energy is faster than the speed of light and is outside the influence of Time. Time is essentially the limit that Saturn or Satan can reach. What we know as Heaven is beyond the grasp of Time. Time eventually leads to aging and Death. The goal of Ascension is to vibrate faster than Time, to put time beneath our feet so to speak, so we have all the Time in the World, or on the Earth. The Etheric Water Machine- is Tachyonized water with homeopathic nutrients such as Monoatomic Gold, essential proteins, vitamins, and minerals. The energy signature is imprinted in the water with a link code that we provided for you upon signup. It is an easy way to imprint from a distance. Etheric water will boost energy levels and cover some nutritional deficiencies in your diet. I consider it a type of insurance that really does not take much effort to apply. Simply write the link code on a piece of paper and treat any type of liquid from water, alcohol to almost any type of food. Etheric water will improve cleaning agents as well as gasoline for the car.. The Bio-resonance Machines are technology modified by Bil Kirkland. The technology is based on the work of Burkhard Heim, unified field theories. The machines generate a massive increase in etheric energy, that remove emotional and mental trauma. The Bio-resonance machines create a feedback loop with the client, clearing trauma and feeding in more unified field energy. There are 5 machines in the program, number, 3,5,7,8 and #9. The last three machines are variable, that is the power levels can be turned up. When we move you up from machine to machine, you stay on the lower machines as well. This creates a resonance field with all five machines that increase the overall effect of the client. The goal that I seek to create for the client is a baseline stability of your frequency. In other words a new floor or baseline frequency, that you will not fall below. In terms of trading, I am creating a new stop-loss bottom. There are many variables on the upside, but that is a function of the new cycle of experiences that will generate the next series of insights to jump you up another level of consciousness. Spiritual power and progress is a function of insights that seal off your aura as deceptive concepts are removed from your consciousness that drains off your energy. With the Program, I am finding the leaks in your aura that are hidden that cause us to age and lose power. The wage of sin is death, but the promise is that Death can be overcome one day, which would be a sin-free state which is the absence of leakage of energy from your aura. We still have not reached the limit of the limit of the power of the bio-resonance machines. The Xcalibur Machine is my baby that I have developed about 8 years ago. Originally based on an Anti-Aging device called the Dotto Ring used in the 1980's. The machine was destroyed and the inventor was driven out of the country by our lovely British Service Corporation that runs our nation states. The core idea behind the Xcalibur machine is the replication of the magnetic field properties found in the Hunza valley in Northern Pakistan where they are alleged to live up to 150 years of Age in Prime condition. Gogi berries and other magic food come from this area. The specific location is an area that has a clash of two different temperate zones, a hot valley juxtaposed next to a glacier mountain, the treatment area is in the middle. The Xcalibur machine is actually stronger than the frequencies found in the Hunza valley by a factor of 10. Our genetics operate on sonar principles, we hear the song of creation, there is an opposite frequency that is a creates a disruption in hearing the signal properly. The Xcalibur machine amplifies the corrects frequency and drowns out the oppositional song. The war between Good and Evil is an internal frequency battle for dominance. Most of our communication occurs below the level of conscious awareness. This is the level that I have sought to treat and correct. I deliver the information through the Heart rather than the Head, which is why I shy away from becoming a guru for people. You could say, I strive to ever remain the student and become the Anti-Guru. The best teacher is one that doesn't teach, but observes feedback and makes subtle corrections along the way that translates into unseen effects in the real world at large. In essence, is the main benefit of the program to create underlying stability and an ever increase in power, but without a frame a reference as to how the client will apply the power. Real freedom is removing coercion from the choice. The power of the Xcalibur machine is growing rapidly as a network for the AscensionEnergyProgram. There are currently 7 machines active at various locations throughout the world. Each machine that is now sold is linked to the network, so it benefits the members of the AscensionEnergyProgram. Currently, there are 5 Xcalibur machines available for sale.