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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ascension Energy Newsletter: Xcalibur 2 and the Consciousness Shift

All along my goal with the Xcalibur machine was to have three units in the same room and hetrodyne them together. Next week, I will recieve the second Xcalibur machine which according to the engineer will be double in the magnetic field strenght to the first Xcalibur machine. The Xcalibur has three settings on the machine, the Dotto Ring frequencies 1.9Mhz-2.1Mhz used by Dotto for Anti-Aging purposes. The other two settings are the multiple of the Schumann resonance and an audio setting that can convert music into a magnetic field. Primarily, I alternate between the Dotto Ring Frequencies 80% of the time and the Schumann frequencies.
The combining of multiple Xcalibur machines may lead to heightened quantum anomalies, we shall see soon. I have noticed a massive increase in processing of mental and emotional memory over the last 2 months, this may be due in part to the machines as well as the 2012 consciousness shift. Things are happening fast and will continue to speed up even faster, like being in a Ferrari coming off the line. Moving into the heart and out of the head will keep you in the sweet zone where life is all magic. If you notice that your mind is spinning out of control, it is because you are trying to figure things out and control them with your mind rather than feeling your way through the decision-making process. Actions that are intuitive require no processing time, you don't need to think about it, just do it.

As more fear is removed, it becomes easier to make spontaneous decisions and just let things flow and stop with the attempts to micro-manage life with the head. You don't need to figure things out, but trust and surrender understanding that there are forces in motion re-creating your life. Happiness and pleasure should be the goal and the more time that you can spend being happy, the faster the changes will take root in your life. Don't worry be Happy, heard that somewhere before... We have a new mantra here at the AscensionEnergyProgram, it is a re-working of Murphy's law, my mother's core belief. Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong is now....drum roll. Whatever can go Right will go right; this was on the back cover of the Daily News in regard to a Mets player named Murphy who had the game winning hit for the Mets 4th consecutive victory.

Synchronicity comes in many forms including headlines on the backs of newspapers; it is all about the timing of events similar to the new TV show Touch with Keifer Sutherland, where there are these whacked out coincidences that are all tied together by the 11 year old boy who can read the signs and symbols of the matrix. The good news here is that you do not have to micro-manage synchronicities, just go with the flow based on what feels good. After being on the machine a while, you should be letting go of conscious control of your life and relaxing into a state of trust of self. When you have faith in yourself that is the point where there is a god connection. Where do you end and god begin? This should be indivisible, a blending of energies that is seamless in it's ideal form. What is an ideal? Someone that is balanced, I mean really balanced on all levels, mental, emotional and the physical. The quest for internal and external balance really is the ascension process which unfolds through the balancing of forces internally.

You say the right thing at the right moment and do the right thing at the right time. This happens automatically as fear is removed from your aura overtime. When you remove the mud you have the perfection. Michelangelo used to see the perfection in a block of granite and he would chip away what was non-essential. Addition by subtraction, with the purification of the personality what is left afterwards is all good so you can swing with your full force of your personality that even anger will be divine and has a function of righting things that are not working in your life. The beauty of moving vertically up the ascension spiral is that obstacles and troubles become your best friend. They will spring board you into new worlds that you never would have thought of even entering. The best part is that even when you lose things, they will be replaced with something better and fairly quickly because of the heightened energy state that you now live in. Accumulation of Energy within your Aura leads to more refined and powerful manifestations. You may have noticed an accelerated cycling of karmic lessons. Emotional pain leading to insight or enlightenment follow by a period of bliss or Ecstasy. This last for a period of time and the whole cycle will repeat again, compressing out character flaws within the personality. On the flip side of this process should be an increase in power, you words and actions will have a tremendous effect on the world. My advice is to dive into the feeling and run with it, you will not harm others if you begin to trust yourself and your own desires. It is when we hold back on what we want is where the trouble begins, this can manifest as anger. depression and even physical illness not to mention self sabotage that can border on the absurd. Absurdities are not really that bad a sign that you are going through a dimensional shift and that if you can hold the vision of the new idea that you would like to take root, the world will begin to re-form around your will. This is true co-creation it is an act of the will and the heart in sync, with the mind tagging along for the ride. The next week should be fun...