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Monday, August 31, 2009

Ascension Energy Program Newsletter: Star Trek, Oil of Antimony and Tachyon H Wands

Bill has been playing around with Tachyon glass for months. Every time, I would call him up, he would be waving the wand at me over the phone. I would always feel better after the little treatment session, my body would be much more relaxed and my mind calm. I had a vague understanding of Tachyon energy from an episode of Star Trek next generation. In the episode the Starship Enterprise is in 3 different time zones in the same location. Each Enterprise was projecting a reverse Tachyon beam from three different angles.
This caused a ‘rift in time’ that caused time to flip and become anti-time, where anything that came into this inverse time field would begin to de-age, to follow a reverse growth path from Old to Young. It is like watching a movie in reverse. I’ve always found the idea of Time Travel interesting but this Anti-Time idea offered a totally different set of possibilities. In the STNG episode, Enterprise crew members reported old scars healing and they became younger by the day. The blind chief engineer used electronic glasses. He experienced pain due to his eyes healing so that he could once again see.
Tachyons are subatomic particles that travel faster than light. Tachionization is a technological process that impregnates the physical matter with an increased quantity of tachyons and thus it permanently changes quantum properties of atomic nuclei which compose that matter. Chemical composition is not altered, the change occurs on subatomic level. Tachyon technology was developed through the course of the last 15 years. Tachyon technology greatly increases the efficiency of natural creams, food supplements and vitalized water. Because it decreases entropy of physical matter it reverses the aging process and strengthens the immune system. It also harmonizes chaotic electromagnetic fields in the human living environment. Since tachyons equally influence our physical body and our higher energy bodies, they accelerate our spiritual growth dramatically.

Now when the Star Trek engineer experienced a healing and his vision was restored, what he first experienced was pain. As the underlying trauma in the DNA was corrected there was a pain response from the removal of the corrupted imprint. It would be akin to ripping a band-off. Now remember the Etheric Water is energized by a Tachyon super-charger. Over the last few months, I have had 2 fairly dramatic pain experiences followed by a complete healing. The first one was about two month ago, I bent over slightly and got a shooting pain in my lower back. I had not lifted anything, just bent over slightly. Up to that point, I have been blessed with never having back pain. I pretty much did nothing for two days except hobble around.

I was scratching my head wondering why this was happening, I left it alone other than take Epsom salt bath. Two days later I got a memory of being laid up in bed for two days from an episode that occurred about 10 years earlier. Another day later the pain was gone and my back was straighter than it had ever been. Three weeks ago, I got a bad rash on my feet, it appeared out of nowhere. I did not treat it, I just left it alone. I surmised that this was a healing event rather than a new viral condition. The reality is that, if you had gotten sick with let's say Chicken Pox, that you still carry the Chicken pox virus. It is still having an effect on you, even though there are no obvious symptoms. Two weeks later, the rash on my feet cleared up and the skin was blemish free with no age spots. The legend of the Oil of Antimony reports the same effects as the Star Trek Tachyon episode. When one ingests the Oil of Antimony according to the legend, all the dead tissue and toxins in the body are expelled, including all the teeth, hair and nails. What happens next is a complete renewal of all the tissue in the body back to the prime of Youth at the age of 20. There is a 10 year old dog that has been on the Etheric Water for about two months now. Her coat has changed from Grey to black and she has started her menses again.

The key I believe is the Tachyon energy, my theory is that the Tachyon energy by charging the sub-atomic structure of the DNA, that we are really re-energizing our pre-natal Chi or Kundalini energy. The Chinese believe that we are born with a finite source of Life force energy. It is strongest at the point of Conception. We begin to expend this energy bank to grow a physical body and to buffer ourselves against Stress. Negative energy drains out Pre-natal Chi or life force energy. The problems begin to compound as these Stress events leave a residual sonar program that continues to emit a frequency. Yogi Bhajan the last master of Kundalini Yoga, stated that we processed 30,000 thoughts per second. That our minds were a cluttered mess. Virtually all of these thoughts were sub-conscious. The point of all of the asanas was to clear these thoughts and programs.

The Tachyon wands are the next tool in the technology arsenal that we are building to clear your genetic makeup to become in resonance with your higher self. The Tachyon wands allow you to clear yourself quicker and root out these Trauma-stress programs. You are no longer clipping the weeds but removing the roots. These wands allow you to become a master healer over-night. You can treat yourself or other people. Every time you use the wands whether on yourself or others, the wands increase in power due to the symbols that are on the wands. The basic H wand originally inspired by Bill watching one of the Harry Potter movies, functions like a laser as well as a wave. I have used the H wand to eliminate any pain from my dental expansion work that I am going through. The H wand has allowed me to expand my palate and restructure my teeth at 10x the rate. If fact my teeth are moving quicker even a child under the age of 6. This is a byproduct of the wand and the nutritional support from the etheric water. The basic wand is 12" and the thickness of a pencil. It will retail for $40 with $5 shipping. They are now in stock. We will have two other wands available shortly a D wand for sensuality that is 6" long and 1" thick that will retail for $125. The D wand puts one into the heart chakra and will produce a mild ecstatic feeling. It projects unconditional love and sensuality at the same time. It will bring you back to a state of innocence. The negative emotions around sex and sensuality are purged and it allows you to experience what True romantic love really is.

The third wand is a 2 foot version of the H wand it is thicker and has more mass than the H wand. It is like a hurricane compared to the H wand. This is for major clearing of Trauma, although the H wand will do the same thing over a longer period of time. The Hurricane Wand will retail for $150. They will be available by the end of the week. To purchase a H wand today, I have included a payment link for $40+$5 for shipping.

Tachyon H Wand $40

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Legend of Oil of Antimony

The Legend of Oil of Antimony created by Albertus Magnus is reported to have caused total Physical rejuvenation back to the age of 20 by inducing the purging all all toxic matter from the body at once causing complete regeneration over a period of three days, including the re-growth of new teeth.
While I have yet to see anything this dramatic happen, it does make a bit of sense that the body would reset itself with the removal of all toxins. On an energetic residue there is a memory pattern from diseases that registers a frequency even though there is no overt sign of a disease state. If all the underlying disease frequencies were cancelled. It would make sense that the DNA would regenerate back to a state of Optimal Youth. Genetic predispositions are simply frequency imprints that we carry over from our parents. Tachyon energy seemed to have the ability to erase the frequency imprint of diseases as well as stress states. It would explain why there are symptoms of old diseases that reappear and disappear with the regular use of the Etheric water, which contains a high amount of Tachyon energy.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Are you an Aging Beauty? Want to reverse that?

Technological breakthroughs through the use of Bio-resonance technologies, now make it possible to regenerate the physical body. It works through the principal of resonance. Time functions as white noise it interferes with functioning of the DNA. Negativity builds up from the effects of Time. Time eventually breaks down the physical body with aging signs, which are a loss of energy. The Bio-resonance machines remove the effects of time, they wipe clean the DNA of negative emotional experiences. Tachyon technologies increase the energies of the immune system and the physical body. With treatment around the clock from machines that produce energy similar to Radio frequencies you are continually being boosted with energy.
Over time this leads to youthing effects as the body increases in energy, you also will exhibit an increase in libido and optimism. The technologies are on a monthly subscriptions that start at under $100 per month.

Youth is wasted on the Young. Do you want to change that?

What could you do with a second chance? Are you tired of being called Madam, just because you have a few lines in your face or a couple of grey hairs. This is artificial respect, the sub-text is that young people are feeling sorry for you, because you are losing your game. What could you do if you combined the ferocity of experience with the peak powers of Youth? Your are now on the cusp of a new age in the field of life extension and Anti- Aging. There are technologies that can redeem your lost youth, that are not a product of some multi-national corporation, that means they are affordable and available for now... Great Opportunities come but once a lifetime...

Want to Recapture Lost Youth?

No you can't do it through skin creams or cosmetic surgery. Father Time takes no prisoners. However all is not lost, you are on the precipice of a revolution in the field of life extension and anti-aging. Anti-aging machines have been developed to replace the lost energy of Youth and restore the physical body to it's prime. The latest technologies utilize Quantum energies from the unified field. The result is a youthing effect which is first experienced in the mind and the heart soon followed by the body. Outstanding potential for aging athletes to restore their skill level to beyond their prime. Want to know more?

Over The Hill?

Over the Hill? There is a solution.

Are you angry that our world is so image driven and topical? Are you an A-list chick who is now getting B-list attention. Aging is brutal, it takes no prisoners. You can't fake youth, cosmetic surgery only works to a point, skin creams forget it, make-up? What are you hiding? Youth is a function of energy, period. Your body reflects the loss of energy in signs of aging. Up to this point, there has never been a way to replace the lost energy. Do you want to know more? How the latest in energy medicine can replace energetically, the vitality of youth, which will reflect real youth in your body. Incredibly reasonable plans for the most advanced Quantum-based technologies on the face of the planet.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Tachyon Energy and Unified Field Technologies are Anti Aging

This is the next advancements in technology for anti-aging and removal of stress. Stress is the source of all dis-ease and is the source of aging. Time is a stressor and negatively impacts DNA. Stress makes an energetic imprint on DNA, which leaves a mark like a tattoo. This energetic tattoo plays a program that is essentially like a recording, that continues non-stop. The program builds up in frequency through repetition. After the frequency reaches a certain amplitude there is a negative change within the DNA, that begins to alter it's shape. The altered shape leads to a lowering in the energy levels throughout the body. This loss of energy creates a negative feedback loop that leads to a greater loss of energy, eventually leading to death.
Bio-resonance technologies and Tachyon energy remove negative imprints on the genetic code and erase the broken records. Wiping clean of the trauma, leads to an increase in energy and a positive feedback loop. Eventually over time this registers as a gain in energy and optimism. One first believes again that the future is unlimited. One stops thinking that one is growing older and that time is moving quicker. Eventually these changes are seen in the body directly as increased in hydration and glow. Over a longer period of time wrinkles begin to dissapear and people will start to think that you are younger than you really are.
The long-term implications may be a complete regeneration of the genetic code or Age reversal like in Benjamin Button. While you do not age that quickly, the age reversal process is also not immediate; it is a gradual transformation as the body begins to assimilate more and more life-force energy or Tachyon Energy. The cost of the program is very reasonable, starting with a trial month at $35. Ask for the special craigslist discount.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Orgone Energy Pendants

Orgone Jewelry: Heart, Square, Rectangle & Shamrocks

Orgone Necklaces- Hand crafted, sanded & detailed Orgone Jewelry with gold flake, sterling Silver, copper, gem stones and Mono-atomic Gold. Each necklace is unique and has been pre-treated with the Miracle frequency 528Hz from the Original Solfeggio musical scale. The Necklaces comes with a 16 inch sterling silver chain and clasp. These gifts are more than a piece of Jewelry, they are actually Talisman that will bring Spiritual Protection, Abundance, Luck and enhance the human Aura. Also will help negate the harmful effects from ELF waves and microwaves from cellphone use. Currently, we have Hearts, Rectangle and Squares available. Traditional colors are Green, Blue and Red. Other colors can be done on request. Pieces are handmade so they may be a slight delay on orders.
Orgone Jewelry $31.95 +$4.05 Ship

Tachyon Massage and DNA Activation

This work is a culmination of 15 years study in the field of radionics, massage and psychological therapy. The session will run 90 minutes consistenting of an Auric cleansing with Sound via the Solfeggio frequencies specifically the miracle frequency of 528hz. Tachyons are subatomic particles that travel faster than light. Tachionization is a technological process that impregnates the physical matter with an increased quantity of tachyons and thus it permanently changes quantum properties of atomic nuclei which compose that matter. Chemical composition is not altered, the change occurs on subatomic level.
Tachyons travel faster than the speed of light, they travel in reverse and as a result decrease entropy of physical matter and reverses the aging process. It also harmonizes chaotic electromagnetic fields in the human living environment. Since tachyons equally influence our physical body and our higher energy bodies, they accelerate our spiritual growth dramatically. The DNA activation occurs as a result of the massive infusion of Quantum energy into your fields. The key after a session is to continue to flood your fields with Unified field energy. With the booking of a private session, you have the option of signing up for the at 50% off the regular rates. The private clearing session in person is $200 for the 90 mins. 30 min. phone sessions are also available for $25. The links below for payment are available.
90 min Tachyon/DNA Activation

30 min phone session $25

DNA Activation with Toby Alexander

I had my fourth session with this guy named Toby Alexander from DNA Perfection.
The first was an Aura Cleanse, the second one for breaking Karma and the one last night was for DNA activation. I look at the results in my life to determine if a Spiritual Healer has any value for me. After the first two sessions, I met five girls, three Real Estate deals literally fell into my lap, one for selling a building for over $40 million and I am not even in Real Estate. So, yes I believe there is some merit to Toby Alexander's work. However a week later though the girls had disappeared and the real estates deals fell through months afterwards.
DNA according to Russian studies and Religious systems can be programmed with language. We are constantly programming ourselves with our own thoughts and actions as well as being programmed by the Media and the culture at large. The degree you wake up is the degree you can control the programming. It is like getting the Universal Remote, you will be able to watch the channel that you want rather than the BS on regular TV, maybe even with a little luck you will get all the Adult channels for free!
I work as an energy healer and a developer of radionics machines, mostly RF based electromagnetic devices. I plan on treating individuals and Real Estate properties. I am going to have a site that sell radionic treatments on a prescription basis with a photograph. A photo is a witness in the Occult world, that is you can link to the individual and send them energy for better or worse. We do it all the time with masturbation or when we idolize someone or hate them. If they are in our mind we are linked and sending them energy.
I started working with Orgone about 5 years ago and developed a site, where I commercialized the technology for multiple purposes. My favorite product and basic Radionic device is an Orgone Zapper It is a low brow way of using radionic type technology without spending thousands of dollars on a QXCI computerized radionic machine which can run over $20,000. The great thing about a zapper, is that it strenghtening your immune system with the more that you use it.. The zapper is a great device that will last for years and runs on a 9-volt battery. Electro-medicine was growing by leaps and bounds before the Rockefellers came in the 1920's and starting taking over the Homeopathic colleges. They just started to fund the schools and change the curriculum and gradually replace the professors with ones that used the allopathic model of symptom management rather than the wholistic approach. As for the effects from Toby's work months later, i believe there was a reversion of fall back. The problem in my mind is that although the DNA may be stimulated to activate, it tends to fall back or revert to it's previous condition. The pre-existing beliefs systems are too strong to overcome in a few sessions. What I believe needs to happen is immersion in a Unified field around the clock. This is what happens with the Bio-resonance devices found at the, since you are on the machines continuously, your negative beliefs systems are being bombarded non-stop with Unified field energy. Eventually, the negative beliefs are washed away in an undercurrent of positive synchronatic life experiences. You enter a positive feedback loop that does not stop because the energy never dissipates after the session, since the session is ongoing and actually increasing in energy from day to day. DNA is activated as a consequence of immersion in a unified field.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Age Reversal Through the use of Radio Waves

Tszyan Kanchgen has lead a series of experiments, which have shown an opportunity of direct transfer of the information from one biological object to another by radio waves. Tszyan Kanchgen has created installation [46], including hollow correct of polyhedron and hollow cones located on its sides. The biological object which is carrying out influence is located in a cavity of polyhedron, its the radiations amplify and are transferred to other alive object by microwaves.

In experiments with cereal cultures Tszyan Kanchgen placed in the installation green weight of wheat and influenced by radio waves on germinate sabadillas of corn. The "processed" corn had set of lateral stalks. On the place of panicle the original ears with grains similar and on corn, and on wheaten (fig. 26) were formed. The acquired new qualities were steadily transferred to the subsequent generations.

Fig. 26. Results of experiments of Tszyan Kanchgen.

Using a similar technique Tszyan Kanchgen carried out experiences above animals. He placed in installation a duck and irradiated 500 chicken eggs. 480 chickens were hatched, at which on the clutches have appeared the membranes, have changed arrangement of the eyes and there was flat duck form of the head.

Tszyan Kanchgen considers, that at influence of young organisms on old it is possible to rehabilitate the DNA of last and thus to rejuvenate them. The experiences on old mice were carried out. Them influenced by radiation of young sprouts of plants and germs of animals. In result at mice the reactions, mobility, appetite were improved. At some the sexual functions and ability to duplication were restored. At the most part of experimental group the life expectancy has grown for 1,5 years in comparison with control.
Basically it is the overlay of young DNA on older degraded DNA. It is sort of the same concept where an Old Man is revitalized by a younger woman. The key I believe is the intensity of the field strenght and the duration. If one could immerse themselves in a radio frequency field around the clock, the older DNA might completely take on the characteristics of the younger DNA. The mind resists the change, but if the genetic memory of the stresses and trauma's were wiped clean, the DNA may completely revert to a younger state.
Source Bioresonance technologies that remove fear, stress and negativity.

The Jim Humble Story and MMS and Malaria

Sodium chlorite is presently being promoted as a miracle mineral supplement or MMS with superior antimicrobial activity. You can appreciate its power from a statement by the discoverer of this remedy that all 75,000 individuals with malaria that have been treated were cured within a day, with 98% being cured within 4 hours (1).This obviously has great ramifications not only for self-healing but also for the drug industry and medicine. In the following I want to comment on these issues.
To purchase MMS here
Conventional Use of Sodium Chlorite

Acidified sodium chlorite is being used in many countries, including Australia and the USA, as an antimicrobial treatment in the food industry, for water purification, and for sterilizing hospital and clinic rooms and equipment. In hospitals it has been used as a disinfectant for a hundred years and in the US meat industry for about 50 years. Health-conscious countries and municipalities are increasingly replacing the health-damaging chlorine for the harmless chlorine dioxide in treating public water supplies (2).

In solution sodium chlorite (NaClO2) is very alkaline and stable but when acidified it forms the gas chlorine dioxide (ClO2) which smells the same as chlorine and probably is the strongest all-round antimicrobial and parasite remedy. While it destroys all anaerobic microbes and parasites, it does not damage the beneficial lactobacteria of out intestinal flora. The only residue left in water, food, or in the body after treatment with MMS is a small amount of table salt or sodium chloride (NaCl).

In 2003 the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code was changed to permit the use of sodium chlorite acidified with citric acid or other food acids for antimicrobial surface treatment of meat, poultry, fish, fruit and vegetables (3). The time between mixing and application is less than 5 minutes, and chlorine dioxide levels do not exceed 3 ppm. The safety assessment report concluded that if properly used no residues would be detected in the raw foods following treatment and prior to sale, and therefore there would be no toxicological concerns.

In solid form sodium chlorite is unstable and commonly mixed with about 20% sodium chloride. Commercially it is produced and shipped in Australia as a 31% solution in water. For end users in the food and agricultural industries it is available as a 5% solution called Vibrex. In the US and the UK it is also available as tablets that release chlorine dioxide (e.g. releasing 4 ppm per1 liter or per 30 liter of water). In Germany and Italy chlorine dioxide is the main treatment chemical for public water supplies.

Curiously, stabilized sodium chlorite that does not generate chlorine dioxide has been patented for intravenous use in the treatment of autoimmune diseases, hepatitis and lymph cancers. It supposedly prevents or reduces antigen activity and autoimmune responses (4).

The Discovery of MMS, the Miracle Mineral Supplement

Jim Humble, a chemist and metallurgist accidentally discovered the MMS by using a whole bottle of Stabilized Electrolytes of Oxygen (S.E.O.) to immediately cure a companion of malaria during a jungle expedition. S.E.O. contains about 3 % sodium chlorite.

Humble gradually realized that S.E.O. is too weak and that it does not work by releasing oxygen but rather that it must be acidified to release chlorine dioxide as the active ingredient. This is also how it has been used as a hospital disinfectant. The problem was to find a safe dose and procedure that allowed this most effective antimicrobial to be used for people. Humble ended up using a nominally 28% solution which, because of a nearly 20% sodium chloride content, actually contains only 22.4% sodium chlorite. Because of its miraculous effect in supporting the immune system against invading microbes and parasites Humble called his sodium chlorite the Miracle Mineral Supplement. However, I prefer to call it Miracle Mineral Solution, as supplements require the approval of health authorities, while a solution for treating water does not need to be registered.

Using this at a maximum dose of up to 3 x 15 drops he writes: ”MMS is producing some of the quickest results that I have seen with people's health, including cancer, diabetes, arthritis, shingles, warts going hard and dropping off, and many more.” Also AIDS patients in debilitated conditions went back to work without any further signs of disease (1).

Basically all diseases associated with microbes and immune reactions respond very well, and that includes not only infections and autoimmune diseases but most of our diseases. Chlorine dioxide was used to kill Anthrax during the 2001 Anthrax attack. Even most diseases that are not known to be associated with microbes and the immune system reportedly have improved (1).

As an example of the unexpected results of using MMS, Humble relates the following incident: a teenage girl, overweight with depression and failure to develop breasts, was given MMS. The next day her breasts started to grow. After another dose 4 days later she had the first period after 6-months, her breasts were fully developed, her depression lifted, and she started losing weight (1). My interpretation of this is that all her problems were caused by Candida.

Because of its strong oxidizing ability, chlorine dioxide seems to inactivate many poisons, may help with toothache, and makes stored heavy metals soluble so that they can more easily be expelled. Another advantage of chlorine dioxide as compared to chlorine is that it does not react with organic matter, such as food, body cells or even our “good” intestinal bacteria, but is specific in destroying pathogenic microbes. However, it does react with vitamin C and possibly other reactive antioxidants.

If this treatment option would become widely known and used by the general population that would be devastating for the medical-pharmaceutical complex. The FDA has a long history of jailing and otherwise neutralizing inventors of effective natural remedies and therapies that harm the drug industry, and Humble, as an American, tries to protect himself by remaining in hiding in Africa or Central America. Reports from my customer base confirm the findings of Jim Humble.


Science explains Paranormal Abilities in DNA

Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev and his colleagues have been carrying out cutting-edge research the more esoteric nature of DNA. They simply did not believe that 90% of our DNA is ‘Junk DNA’. From the German book Vernetzte Intelligenz by Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf (summarised and translated by Baerbel):
The latest research explains phenomena such as clairvoyance, intuition, spontaneous and remote acts of healing, self healing, affirmation techniques, unusual light-auras around people (namely spiritual masters), mind's influence on weather-patterns and much more. The Russian scientists also found out that our DNA can cause disturbing patterns in the vacuum, thus producing magnetized wormholes! Wormholes are the microscopic equivalents of the so-called Einstein-Rosen bridges in the vicinity of black holes (left by burned-out stars). These are tunnel connections between entirely different areas in the universe through which information can be transmitted outside of space and time. The DNA attracts these bits of information and passes them on to our consciousness...
Russian researcher Dr.Vladimir Poponin put DNA in a tube and beamed a laser through it. When the DNA was removed, the laser light continued spiralling on its own, like it would through a crystal! This effect is called ‘Phantom DNA Effect’.
It is surmised that energy from outside of space and time still flows through the activated wormholes after the DNA was removed. The side effect encountered most often in hyper communication and also in human beings are inexplicable electromagnetic fields in the vicinity of the persons concerned. Electronic devices like DVD players and the like can be irritated and cease to function for many hours. When the electromagnetic field slowly dissipates, the devices function again normally. Many healers and psychics know this effect from their energy work.
Source DNA activation through Unified field technologies

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Travel into Hyperspace with the technologies of Burkhard Heim

Burkhard Heim, new Grand Unified field theories allows for a potential creation of a hyperdrive that can propel man into hyperspace or the 5th dimension.
Are you ready to make the jump to hyperspace? A controversial paper, outling a "motor [that] would propel a craft through another dimension at enormous speeds" is making waves in military and scientific circles, New Scientist reports. "It could leave Earth at lunchtime and get to the moon in time for dinner. There's just one catch: the idea relies on an obscure and largely unrecognised kind of physics."

The Scotsman notes that...

The theoretical engine works by creating an intense magnetic field that, according to ideas first developed by the late scientist Burkhard Heim in the 1950s, would produce a gravitational field and result in thrust for a spacecraft."

Also, if a large enough magnetic field was created, the craft would slip into a different dimension, where the speed of light is faster, allowing incredible speeds to be reached. Switching off the magnetic field would result in the engine reappearing in our current dimension.

Professor Jochem Hauser, one of the scientists who put forward the idea, told The Scotsman that... "NASA have contacted me and next week I'm going to see someone from the [US] air force to talk about it further, but it is at a very early stage. I think the best-case scenario would be within the next five years [to build a test device] if the technology works."
Source bio-resonance technologies remove fear and negativity through the application of Heim's Metron Calculus.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Tachyon Energy Private Sessions 30 mins $25

This is an amazing technology that is a part of the Etheric water program which is the source of it's power. Bill Kirkland has perfected a technique that can Tachyonise glass by a magnitude of 1000X stronger than Tachyon products that are made from plastic. The Tachyon energy charges the sub-atomic particles of the DNA, that are essentially quantum based. Quantum energy is the energy of the 5th dimension, it is non-linear and demonstrates itself on the physical plane through the power of Love and Synchronicity. In Chinese energy medicine there is a concept called pre-natal Chi, this is the energy that we have at the point of conception. It is the point in which the soul descends on the physical plane and begins to unfold the genetic code. Time affects the DNA by spending this bank of finite quantum energy to the point of exhaustion which is death.
Tachyon energy has the ability to recharge pre-natal Chi and hence remove the effects of aging which is simply the accumulation of negative energy. As the negative energy is removed by the absorption of Tachyon energy, the DNA begins to expand. What happens to the body is a deep release of muscular tension. These changes can be immediate and fairly dramatic. As negativity is removed from the genetic code, the body begins the Age reversal process. The Tachyon wand sessions are but one part of a comprehensive program found at where the goal is the removal of fear and the Ascension of Mankind into a awakened being of light.
The private Tachyon sessions will be conducted by either Kevin Courtois or Bill Kirkland Jr. To purchase a Private session for $25 Click here with a credit card through Paypal For an appointment you can call 917-407-4091 Ask for Kevin.

Crop Circles Aug. 12 Montauk Project Anniversary

Now these images have nothing to do with the Montauk project, but they is a stong association with Montauk and England via Aleister Crowley who performed a Magickal experiment on August 12, 1943, the Anniversary of the Philadelphia experiment at Men-Al-Tol in Cornwell, England. I would receive an astonishing letter several months later that would close the case as regards whether or not the Wilson brothers had existed. It was from a man named Amado Crowley who claimed to be an illegitimate son of Aleister Crowley. Not only did he remember his father talking about the Wilson brothers. but he also provided clues which revealed that the odds of his lying ahout his parentage were nil.

Amado not only verified the existence of the Wilson brothers, he gave a spectacular account of his father's whereabouts on August 12, 1943 (the day of the Philadelphia Experiment). Aleister had directed a magical ceremony at Men-an-Tol in Cornwall, England where a large donut style rock lays upright in the water. According to Amado, Aleister put him through the hole in the rock whereupon a line of rough water ran from the coast of England to Long Island, New York.

This beautiful formation has appeared at Wayland Smithy on this day August 12th, The number 12 is significant within this design.

The revelation came when we counted the outer sections of the pattern, and realised the full significance. There is a clear and concise message here, as I’m sure it was no coincidence to turn up on the 12th August. This important formation with regard to its numerology, not only signified that this date was part of the message, but also of the overall design. On closer inspection of the design, there is a remarkable resemblance to Gothic Architecture, especially Rose Windows, seen in many cathedrals from the 13th Century throughout many parts of Europe.

Rose windows utilise geometry on three levels: manifest, hidden, and symbolic. The 12 divisions throughout this Crop Circle design that are also typically found on Rose Windows all point to the finite and infinite, Earth and Heaven, or matter and spirit, and of course the 12 Disciples.

Numbers had a metaphysical significance in the 13th Century, which is why they incorporated them into the Architecture at the time. The same can also be said for the Crop Circle phenomenon today as this latest Wayland Smithy design demonstrates.

Are we just like the Pilgrims from centuries ago, gazing in wonder and raising subconsciously our awareness of the Divine?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Galen Hieronymous Another Form of Energy that has Infinite Possibilities

I work for a Dr.Dean Howell, who was Galen Hieronymous last student in the early 90's. Galen would literally download information into Dr. Howell's mind. The first result has been the creation of a portable Rife machine with 93 programs. This will be sold through

"Complete theories do not fall from heaven"... Freud.

This well exemplified the attitude of many people --- that if an idea is not completely developed and the theory so foolproof as to be beyond question, then they want no part in it.

Following Benjamin Franklin’s discovery of electricity, a scoffer caustically asked, "Of what use is that kind of knowledge?"

To which Franklin kindly replied, "Of what use is a child? He may grow into a man."

We are very much in the same position as Franklin. We have discovered a new force or rather we have uncovered a force that has been here since the beginning of time but only a few have recognized it.

The BIG question is, "What shall we do with it?"

At the moment, we are doing two things: continuing research and acquainting interested people with the idea in order to get their cooperation. That is the reason for this paper. This is the first time the subject has been discussed publicly before an audience.

Eloptic Radiation Theory

There is an all-pervading media that is capable of being set into activity by certain forces. This media might be the same as that which is described by electronic and electrical engineers and physicists as the ether in action at higher harmonics than so far explored, or it may be a finer media. Since it acts as if it were different, let’s call it the FINE MEDIA for descriptive purposes at the moment.

Our material world is made up of combinations of a few units, some of which are called electrons, protons, and neutrons. These units act as if they were precipitations out of the Fine Media, because these units may be disintegrated or put back into their original state in the Fine Media. There is much in today’s scientific literature that points the way to these conclusions in addition to our own research results. The Fine Media can take on or manifest several different qualities, such as frequency and cohesive force.

Just as the ether can be caused to vibrate at different bands of frequencies to manifest as electricity, radio, heat, light, ultraviolet, etc., so can the Fine Media be caused to manifest in many ways.

When the Fine Media is properly influenced, it can be caused to coalesce to the point where material units such as electrons, protons, and neutrons are formed. When these units are desired to be grouped together, a still further manifestation of the Fine Media takes the form of the cohesive force necessary to form the nits into elements such as helium, iron, gold, and uranium. A still further manifestation of the cohesive force is necessary to form elements into compound or complex groups.

When such units are formed into elements or compounds, there is a stress field, or aura, around or radiating from such elements and complex groups. This field or aura has a frequency that is characteristic for each nuclear and molecular combination.

For example, chromium having in its nucleus 24 protons and 30 neutrons will have a slightly lower frequency than will iron with 26 protons and 28 neutrons, even though both nuclei contain the same total number of 54 units each.

This phenomenon is the basis of the idea covered by patents and its use as an analyzing medium, the subject matter of this paper.

It takes a certain amount of energy to cause the Fine Media to coalesce so that the units, protons and neutrons, will be formed and a lesser amount of energy to combine the units into the group of particles called the element, e.g., hydrogen, silver or mercury, and still a lesser amount of energy to form the molecules of the various compounds.

Such an element or compound can be disintegrated back into its components or units or even completely back into the Fine Media from whence it came. The atomic bomb action obeys this principle.

To disintegrate an element and change it back to its units takes energy, the amount depending upon the way the energy is applied. Assume a very heavy weight suspended by a long chain. To cause this weight to oscillate over, e.g., one foot with one blow from a hammer might require a hammer of very large proportion and a giant to wield it.

On the other hand, if a small boy gave the weight a push, then waited a bit and gave another push and another, all timed properly, the weight would begin to swing andintime would be swinging through the arc of one foot.

When a single blow in the form of a fast-moving particle, such as a neutron or alpha particle, accelerated in a cyclotron, is the "hammer", and the nucleus of an element is to be broken up, the "hammer" must strike a tremendous blow (millions of electron volts) to crack the nucleus.

On the other hand, if a small amount of energy is fed into the nucleus at its proper frequency, the nucleus will easily, slowly, quietly fall apart into its units, just by neutralizing the effect of the cohesive force or binding energy as it is sometimes called. Thus a little energy of proper frequency steadily applied may do more than an enormous amount of energy applied in the brute force manner.

One of the most used but least controlled and understood methods of setting the Fine Media into oscillation is by the Mental-Emotional output from a human being. Just as the crystal in a radio power oscillator sets the frequency, and the energy applied to the plate circuit determines the power output, so does the Mind act to set the frequency and the Emotional Body to furnish the power.

Every time we generate an emotion we start a wave motion in the Fine Media. Such a wave motion can travel infinite distances, and it continues to oscillate until some counteracting wave motion is set up to neutralize the original or until the original wave motion is absorbed by someone or something that is in the proper frequency relation to it.

Just as a radio receiver that is tuned to the exact same frequency as a transmitter acts as if it were connected via some invisible medium to the transmitter by responding exactly as the transmitter is activated, so does a specimen of certain things act as if there were a connection between it and the parent body form which it was taken by responding exactly to all activities of the parent body.


At this point, the scoffer usually says, "That’s all bunk!" Suppose we digress a moment and see to whom he directs his verdict of "bunk".

Almost 20 years ago, Dr Robert Millikan, former president of the California Institute of Technology and Nobel Prize winner in physics for his work in weighing the electron, was speaking before a joint meeting of all the technical societies of Kansas City, MO. He showed a large number of slides, the last of which was a smooth curve with "f" along the left margin and "e" across the bottom. He said, "Some day we will find that each of the elements of material matter vibrates at a frequency, each different from the other."

The writer was thrilled beyond words because some of the material in this paper had at that time already been discovered.

Years laterm Dr I.I. Rabi of Columbia University won the AAAS prize for his work on nuclear resonance. Quoting from Science News Letter for January 6, 1940, on this work, we read, "Atoms can act like little radio transmitters broadcasting on ultra short waves."

The Associated Press release of December 30, 1939, went further and said about Dr Rabi’s findings, "Man himself as well as all kinds of supposedly inert matter constantly emit rays. The existence of such rays coming from man and all living things, and probably from the inanimate, has been suspected by a few scientists for many years. Today brought experimental proof. The discovery shows that every atom and every molecule in nature is a continuous radio frequency broadcasting station. Those who believe in telepathy, second sight and clairvoyance, have in today the first real proof of the existence of invisible rays which really travel from one person to another."

Another Associated Press release next day states, "Scientists who have studied Dr Rabi’s report said it furnishes for the first time a logical explanation of such things as telepathy, heretofore a quasi-scientific phenomenon, and the ‘feeling’ that someone else is approaching in a dark room. It may also prove to be the source of attraction or repulsion between individuals since all the atoms of the body are continually broadcasting weak but detectable radio signals."

David Sarnoff, president of RCA, speaking before the 7th International Congress on Rheumatic Diseases in New York (June 1, 1949), said, "Men do not understand how their thoughts and emotions are born, and by what power they grow to fruition. Is this force electricity? When we understand each other, is it because we are attuned to each other electrically or electronically? If so, we should learn the electrical characteristics of the human body."

On March 7, 1951, the Miami Herald (FL) printed a UP release from Copenhagen, Denmark, Agricultural expert Herluf Hansen said, "Any mental disturbance is immediately reflected in the pig sty. Keep your temper, talk friendly to your pigs, and caress them. The financial result will be excellent."

The same paper on march 16, 1950, carries this, "If beautiful blondes run away at your approach, if dogs growl at you without explanation, cheer up, maybe it’s not your face after all. Might be your body vibrations."

This is the theory put forward today b y Austrian psychologist Dr Hubert Rochracker, who says, "The human body sends out minute vibrations that, for good or ill, affect all our daily lives."

Norman Hillier of New York, speaking at a convention of the National hair Dressers and Cosmetologists Association in Des Moines, IA, said, "A quarrel with her husband will have repercussions in milady’s hair in five minutes." It reduces the life of a permanent.

The United Press (July 7, 1949) under a Paris dateline quotes two Frenchmen, Jules Clate and Andre Coatrieux, "Every metal and every person, living or dead, sends out short waves of different length. Personal wavelengths are as individual as fingerprints. Eventually we hope to develop it for diagnosing disease."

You are all acquainted with the work of Dr J.B. Rhine of Duke University I extrasensory perception and his study of the mind and the way it can control things. Every doctor has recognized the effect of the emotions upon the physical body. Expression such as "that man gives me a pain" and "this business makes me sick" may be literally true, according to Dr Edward Weiss of Temple University Medical School. "The body has some sort of 'organ language' for the outlet of tense emotions, which mimic almost any disease", said Dr Weiss.

The work of Dr Felix Bloch and his group at Stanford University and by Dr E. M. Purcell and his group at Harvard, the two groups working independently but simultaneously in 1945, confirmed the work of Dr Rabi and carried it further.

Anyone who is interested will find that hardly a week goes by without some press article or technical reference that ties in and touches on some phase of this phenomena.

Eloptic Energy

A form of energy hitherto unknown has been discovered, and a basic patent has been issued covering its use.

The name ELOPTIC has been coined and assigned to the energy. The word is taken from the first two letters of electricity and the word optic, because the energy has some, but not all, of the characteristics of both those forms of energy.

Eloptic energy radiates from or is in some manner given off from, or forms a force field around, everything in our material world under normal conditions at ordinary room temperature and without any treatment of any kind. Each element and combination of elements that make up our material world gives off this energy; however, the energy from each element differs in frequency from the radiation coming from every other element. Thus, we have a means of determining the contents of an unknown material by analyzing the radiations from it without in any way destroying or disturbing the object or material in question, or having to excite it in any manner.

Eloptic energy obeys certain laws just as does electricity, heat and light, and we have uncovered man, but not all, of these laws and have learned much about the utilization of eloptic energy.

Just as electricity in its infancy had few uses because little was known about conductors, insulators, and the laws governing the action of the force, so is the use of eloptic energy today limited only by available technology.

We have barely scratched the surface of the possibilities; however, there are quite a few uses that have been developed and much is already known about the behavior of eloptic energy.

We have identified the radiations from over one-third of the elements of material matter; the ones easily obtained in relatively pure form such as beryllium, carbon, magnesium, aluminum, iron, copper, zinc, silver, tin, tantalum, platinum, gold, lead, bismuth, etc. Carnotite ore has been analyzed for radium and uranium. Many ore samples have been analyzed to determine the various elements contained in them, and the findings have been verified by more extensive chemical, spectrographic or other analytical methods.

Combinations of two or more elements give off a characteristic frequency of radiation by which the combination may be identified. For example, hydrocarbons such as benzene and toluene have been analyzed and the findings verified by spectrographic and chemical analysis.

Each of the tissues of the body give off a characteristic frequency of radiation by which it can be identified and the virility or vitality of the tissue may be determined by noting the intensity of the radiation.

Each disease entity gives off a characteristic emanation by which its presence in the body and something of its virility may be determined.

Eloptic energy can be conducted along light rays, focused with lenses, refracted with a prism and its effect implanted upon photographic film.

An aerial photograph film taken at several hundred thousand feet elevation can be used to determine what was in the objects photographed on the ground, such as people and metals in buildings, cars, etc.

The apparatus can be set for any elements such as iron, a stylus placed on the spot on the film to be analyzed, the energy implanted on the film can be picked up by the stylus, conducted through the instrument, and if there is the eloptic energy of iron on the film it is evident that there was iron on the ground, radiating the characteristic iron frequency even though not visible to the eye.

Plants can be analyzed to determine whether the root, stem, or fruit contains the elements necessary for proper nutrition, such as iron, copper, manganese and other trace elements. The plant or fruit can also be analyzed to determine whether it contains arsenic or other poisons from sprays.

Foods, poisons, drugs, etc., can be checked to determine their effect upon the body or any particular tissue of the body. Those foods or drugs to which a person is allergic and those which are compatible can be quickly identified.

Just as a photograph can hold the emanation of the object photographed, so can a specimen, an article of clothing, a drop of blood, urine or perspiration carry the emanations of the person from whence it came.

Such a specimen will carry all the emanations from all parts of the body of the person from whom the blood was taken. Its emanation and those taken directly from the body of the person will be the same. Thus, many of the characteristics of the person from whom the bloodor clothing came can be determined.

Thus far, only the analytical phase of the utilization of eloptic energy has been discussed, and that only in a very limited way; but it should be evident that eloptic energy has desirable applications in the fields of: (1) Laboratory chemical analysis, (2) Mining, (3) Prospecting, (4) Medicine, (5) Nutrition, (6) Animal husbandry, (7) Horticulture, (8) Military intelligence, (9) Criminology, and (10) General betterment of humanity.

Naturally, as time goes on and research is continued, many additional uses for eloptic energy will be discovered. We already know that eloptic energy can be generated or picked up from a natural source, filtered, amplified and directed into a tissue of the human body, a plant or animal to produce certain desired effects.


When the eloptic energy from an unknown material is caused to refract through a proper prism, it behaves in the same manner as energy from the visible portion of the spectrum, except that the angles of refraction are much more acute.

It must not be inferred that eloptic radiations and visible light and ultraviolet radiations are the same or related because they all may be refracted through the same prism or that the frequencies are related. Eloptic radiations will behave similarly to the radiations of the electromagnetic spectrum in some respects and entirely different in other respects, showing that they are probably not the same energy at all.

For this reason I prefer to call it the Finer Media.

A 31.5° glass prism with an index of refraction of 1.505 was used in one experiment (see circular coordinate chart). Eloptic energy from a number of elements was caused to enter the prism at an angle of incidence of 5.5° .

Using the face of the prism as "0", carbon (element # 6) refracted at an angle of 18.25° to the face of the prism, and bismuth (element # 83) at 48.25°. Later, hydrogen gas was found to refract at 16.45°, a range of 31.8° for 83° of the elements of the material world.

Another arrangement employing a 24° prism with an angle of incidence of 17° showed hydrogen approximately 7° from the face of the prism, and bismuth at 62.3°, or a range of 5.3° for the same 83 elements.

A 19 black plexiglass prism of 1.847 index of refraction with an angle of incidence of 19 allowed bismuth to refract through at approximately 65.7° and carbon at 12.15°. All of the angles were measured with a protractor in a somewhat crude way because of the construction of the apparatus, but they are very close to being correct.

If a 90° arc is drawn with the center at the point of eloptic energy emergence at the face of the prism, between a line projected out in the direction along the face of the prism, it will be found that all of the radiations are refracted out in this quadrant (see Prism Refractor sketch). If the arc of the quadrant is divided into 1600 parts with "0" on the line extending along the face of the prism and 1600 on the line perpendicular to the face of the prism, then it will be found that with a certain apparatus arrangement, one of the isotopes of beryllium (Atomic # 4) refracts through at approximately 186 on the scale and that bismuth (Atomic # 83) refracts through at 1097 on the scale, and all of the other elements and their various isotopes refract through in their proper relationship, the one having the lowest nuclear weight indicating a higher frequency and a more acute angle of refraction, and the one with a heavier nuclear weight indicating a lower frequency and emerging at a less acute angle. The tests show that eloptic energy obeys some of the laws of refraction just as does the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.
Continued at Source Energy machines to remove fear and negativity and to negate the Aging process.

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Metron Calculus key to Download of the Merkaba

Metron Calculus is the math of the 5th and 6th dimension; it explains the flaws in Einstein theory of Relativity and opens the doorway to the perfection of the Light body in Man, otherwise known as the KA or Christic body. Metron calculus is the key to the dimensional locks of the mental and spiritual planes, opening the way for ascending into hyper-dimensional space. Compassion is the key to get through zero-point.

Significant and future-oriented discoveries and findings of modern physics and biophysics are the theoretical basis of BRT. Superordinate to the elementary particles with mass, known as nucleons, are interaction and resonance phenomena which control the behavior and structure of matter. These include in particular the quanta of the electromagnetic spectrum, referred to as photons. Before the late 1980's, what was discovered by empirical research had been given only a sparse theoretical foundation. The breakthrough was made by the German physicist Burkhard Heim with his Unified Quantum Field Theory(UQFT) which may be found here-English translation by B. Heim and here-The Physics of Burkhard Heim and its Applications to Space Flight by Illobrand von Ludwiger. With this theory, it is now possible to explain in physical and mathematical terms those biological processes in the organism or in living cells which had been observed but for which no satisfactory theoretical explanation had yet been given. The UQFT substantiates the key role which electromagnetic oscillations play in the organism, which is the centerpiece of BRT.

In the first half of the 20th Century, there were espoused two complementary physical theories: Heisenberg's Quantum Theory and Einstein's Theory of Relativity. Unification of these theories with infinitesimal calculus proved to be non-productive. A student of Heisenberg, C. F. von Weizsacker, recognized that infinitesimal calculus would not work. His student, Burkhard Heim, was able to develop a mathematics which takes into account quantization, which he called metron calculus. A metron is a quantum of area in space with an elementary space of 6.15 X 10E -66 cm. squared. The quanta of length and time are termed the Planck length with 2.48 X 10E -33 cm. and Planck time with 1 x 10E -43 seconds. It was only this new mathematics, which was first published in part in 1984, that it became possible to construct a UQFT which no longer showed the errors of infinitiesimal calculus. This new mathematics was published in entirety in 1988 and is still not widely known. A brief summary follows.

The starting equations are 4 basic axioms: conservation theorems, extreme principles, the law of quantization and the existence of electromagnetic and gravitational fields. These facts are read off from nature. Heim used Weyl's space-time geometry and obtained as the field quantity what are known as second-stage tensors. Tensor is the term for a mathematical quantity used in physics for the representation and calculation of functions and interactions on various coordinates. A second-stage tensor has 3 values, each of which independently of the other runs through the coordinates X(1) to X(4) of 4-dimentional space-time, resulting in 64 non-linear equations. These 64 equations may be placed in a 8 x 8 matrix with 8 rows and 8 columns which span an 8-dimentional cosmos according to the known physical and mathematical laws.

X(1)=length, X(2)=width, X(3)=height and X(4)=time. Correct data in the calculation of particles of matter such as electrons, neutrons, photons and protons are only obtained from X(5) and X(6). The X(5) and X(6) are physical coordinates and thus the true physical cosmos has 6 dimentions. X(7) and X(8) are physically empty and yield no information on the physical cosmos. If X(5) and X(6) are deleted from the Heim mathematics, the system breaks down and yields the formula systems of infinitesimal calculus.

Of immense importance is the fact that computer calculation shows 100% agreement between Heim's calculated values and the data of mass-spectroscopic measurements. The basic states of particles of matter were calculated, including their resonances. Since the masses of the 300 or so particles now known may be measured to an accuracy of 8 decimal places by mass spectroscopy(which yields the most accurate measured data), agreement between theory and practice is outstanding confirmation of the correctness of Heim's theory.

Electrically charged particles may be precisely calculated with all 6 coordinates X(1)-X(6). Neutral particles by X(1)-X(5) without the time coordinate of X(6). Quanta without rest mass, such as photons, may be described by X(4)-X(6) and do not contain space coordinates. Only when a photon enters into interaction with mass are all 6 coordinates needed to describe the process. Thus, the dualism between wave and particle is given expression here. There is a 4th category of quanta which depends only on the coordinates X(5) and X(6), the gravitons. These are the quanta of gravity.

Heim's UQFT has direct import for medicine. From Heim's Theory, we are able to distinguish several logically distinguishable layers of being. The science of being is known to us from various Eastern doctrines and has been discussed in Europe. Accordingly, there exist several planes of being lying one on top of the other in the following pattern: the Spritual Plane above the Mental Plane above the Biological Plane above the Material Plane. The work of Heim shows us that there are further dimensions which are distributed over higher planes. The fact that the physicist is able to make statements on higher planes of being is due to the complex mutual linking and interactions of all the layers. Thoughts are able to influence both the mental state (3rd layer of being) and biological processes (2nd layer of being). The transdimensions of X(5) and X(6) on the one hand and the Biological Layer of Being on the other are mathematical and physical evidence of the existence of biological formation processes. Thus, as well as the 3 dimensions of which have here-to-fore been used alone and which convey a purely substantial approach, there are other dimensions and planes of beingness which may be grasped only by holistic medicine. The change in paradigm in classical physics now needs to be mirrored in that of medicine. Bioresonance therapy has already initiated this change of paradigms in the medicine of non-invasive therapy (high-potency Homeopathy, Bach Flowers, gems, bioresonance and multiresonance). based on the unified field theories of Burkhard Heim, opens access to the 5th and 6th dimensions. The zones of creation.

Burkhard Heim Unified Field Theory

Burkhard Heim is hard to grasp to say the least. The man made up his own calculus called Metron to explain his theories. He never learned english so his theories were never published in English until recently.
Burkhard Heim had a remarkable life. Born in 1925 in Potsdam, Germany, he decided at the age of 6 that he wanted to become a rocket scientist. He disguised his designs in code so that no one could discover his secret. And in the cellar of his parents' house, he experimented with high explosives. But this was to lead to disaster.

Towards the end of the second world war, he worked as an explosives developer, and an accident in 1944 in which a device exploded in his hands left him permanently disabled. He lost both his forearms, along with 90 per cent of his hearing and eyesight.

After the war, he attended university in Göttingen to study physics. The idea of propelling a spacecraft using quantum mechanics rather than rocket fuel led him to study general relativity and quantum mechanics. It took an enormous effort. From 1948, his father and wife replaced his senses, spending hours reading papers and transcribing his calculations onto paper. And he developed a photographic memory.

Supporters of Heim theory claim that it is a panacea for the troubles in modern physics. They say it unites quantum mechanics and general relativity, can predict the masses of the building blocks of matter from first principles, and can even explain the state of the universe 13.7 billion years ago.

EVERY year, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics awards prizes for the best papers presented at its annual conference. Last year's winner in the nuclear and future flight category went to a paper calling for experimental tests of an astonishing new type of engine. According to this paper, this hyperdrive motor would propel a craft through another dimension at enormous speeds. It could leave Earth at lunchtime and get to the moon in time for dinner. There's just one catch: the idea relies on an obscure and largely unrecognised kind of physics. Can they possibly be serious?

The AIAA is certainly not embarrassed. What's more, the US military has begun to cast its eyes over the hyperdrive concept, and a space propulsion researcher at the US Department of Energy's Sandia National Laboratories has said he would be interested in putting the idea to the test. And despite the bafflement of most physicists at the theory that supposedly underpins it, Pavlos Mikellides, an aerospace engineer at the Arizona State University in Tempe who reviewed the winning paper, stands by the committee's choice. "Even though such features have been explored before, this particular approach is quite unique," he says.

Unique it certainly is. If the experiment gets the go-ahead and works, it could reveal new interactions between the fundamental forces of nature that would change the future of space travel. Forget spending six months or more holed up in a rocket on the way to Mars, a round trip on the hyperdrive could take as little as 5 hours. All our worries about astronauts' muscles wasting away or their DNA being irreparably damaged by cosmic radiation would disappear overnight. What's more the device would put travel to the stars within reach for the first time. But can the hyperdrive really get off the ground?

“A hyperdrive craft would put the stars within reach for the first time”

The answer to that question hinges on the work of a little-known German physicist. Burkhard Heim began to explore the hyperdrive propulsion concept in the 1950s as a spin-off from his attempts to heal the biggest divide in physics: the rift between quantum mechanics and Einstein's general theory of relativity.

Quantum theory describes the realm of the very small - atoms, electrons and elementary particles - while general relativity deals with gravity. The two theories are immensely successful in their separate spheres. The clash arises when it comes to describing the basic structure of space. In general relativity, space-time is an active, malleable fabric. It has four dimensions - three of space and one of time - that deform when masses are placed in them. In Einstein's formulation, the force of gravity is a result of the deformation of these dimensions. Quantum theory, on the other hand, demands that space is a fixed and passive stage, something simply there for particles to exist on. It also suggests that space itself must somehow be made up of discrete, quantum elements.

In the early 1950s, Heim began to rewrite the equations of general relativity in a quantum framework. He drew on Einstein's idea that the gravitational force emerges from the dimensions of space and time, but suggested that all fundamental forces, including electromagnetism, might emerge from a new, different set of dimensions. Originally he had four extra dimensions, but he discarded two of them believing that they did not produce any forces, and settled for adding a new two-dimensional "sub-space" onto Einstein's four-dimensional space-time.

In Heim's six-dimensional world, the forces of gravity and electromagnetism are coupled together. Even in our familiar four-dimensional world, we can see a link between the two forces through the behaviour of fundamental particles such as the electron. An electron has both mass and charge. When an electron falls under the pull of gravity its moving electric charge creates a magnetic field. And if you use an electromagnetic field to accelerate an electron you move the gravitational field associated with its mass. But in the four dimensions we know, you cannot change the strength of gravity simply by cranking up the electromagnetic field.

In Heim's view of space and time, this limitation disappears. He claimed it is possible to convert electromagnetic energy into gravitational and back again, and speculated that a rotating magnetic field could reduce the influence of gravity on a spacecraft enough for it to take off.

When he presented his idea in public in 1957, he became an instant celebrity. Wernher von Braun, the German engineer who at the time was leading the Saturn rocket programme that later launched astronauts to the moon, approached Heim about his work and asked whether the expensive Saturn rockets were worthwhile. And in a letter in 1964, the German relativity theorist Pascual Jordan, who had worked with the distinguished physicists Max Born and Werner Heisenberg and was a member of the Nobel committee, told Heim that his plan was so important "that its successful experimental treatment would without doubt make the researcher a candidate for the Nobel prize".

But all this attention only led Heim to retreat from the public eye. This was partly because of his severe multiple disabilities, caused by a lab accident when he was still in his teens. But Heim was also reluctant to disclose his theory without an experiment to prove it. He never learned English because he did not want his work to leave the country. As a result, very few people knew about his work and no one came up with the necessary research funding. In 1958 the aerospace company Bölkow did offer some money, but not enough to do the proposed experiment.

While Heim waited for more money to come in, the company's director, Ludwig Bölkow, encouraged him to develop his theory further. Heim took his advice, and one of the results was a theorem that led to a series of formulae for calculating the masses of the fundamental particles - something conventional theories have conspicuously failed to achieve. He outlined this work in 1977 in the Max Planck Institute's journal Zeitschrift für Naturforschung, his only peer-reviewed paper. In an abstruse way that few physicists even claim to understand, the formulae work out a particle's mass starting from physical characteristics, such as its charge and angular momentum.

Yet the theorem has proved surprisingly powerful. The standard model of physics, which is generally accepted as the best available theory of elementary particles, is incapable of predicting a particle's mass. Even the accepted means of estimating mass theoretically, known as lattice quantum chromodynamics, only gets to between 1 and 10 per cent of the experimental values.
To be cont' Source

Originally published From issue 2533 of New Scientist magazine, 05 January 2006, page 24 based on the theories of Burkhard Heim.

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Tachyon Energy is Anti Aging

Tachyons are subatomic particles that travel faster than light. Tachionization is a technological process that impregnates the physical matter with an increased quantity of tachyons and thus it permanently changes quantum properties of atomic nuclei which compose that matter. Chemical composition is not altered, the change occurs on subatomic level. Tachyon technology was developed through the course of the last 15 years. Tachyon technology greatly increases the efficiency of natural creams, food supplements and vitalized water. Because it decreases entropy of physical matter it reverses the aging process and strengthens the immune system. It also harmonizes chaotic electromagnetic fields in the human living environment. Since tachyons equally influence our physical body and our higher energy bodies, they accelerate our spiritual growth dramatically. Because of all above mentioned reasons tachyon energy has a very positive effect on our health and well-being.

The Etheric water from is charged with a Tachyon super-charger created by Bill Kirkland from his knowledge of etheric circuitry. This form of Tachyon energy is stronger by a factor of 100X over the products that I have purchased over the years. We have noticed a super-saturation process occuring from the regular use of the Etheric water. I did not really understand what was occuring until I began to read up on Tachyon Energy. It appears that the gluons, the sub-atomic quantum properties have the ability to store more and more Tachyon energy, essentially creating the basis for anti-aging or age reversal. Gluons may be analogous to pre-natal Chi which the Chinese believe is a finite supply of energy that is strongest when we are conceived and gradually is used up over the course of a lifetime. It this is true, we may have found a way to increase the levels of pre-natal chi back to the power at the point of conception and maybe even beyond those power levels...
We are about to come up with a series of Tachyon glass products from Jewelry to wands. These products will be far superior to any Tachyon products in the marketplace currently.

Sacred Sound and DNA Activation

I first read about the Ancient latin scale called the Solfeggio in the book the Biological Apocalypse by Len Horowitz. The frequency 528hz is called the miracle frequency and it the note Mi. I began to play around with this miracle frequency as I made Orgone. I would charge the resin with the miracle frequency before I made the Orgone. What I noticed was that the Orgone would come out crystal clear rather than cloudy. The effects would become more pronounced as I layered more sound into the resin.
I later decided to create a gas additive product called Miracle Miles with the 528hz frequency right on the label. The name Miracle also has Mi in it as well as Miles. What happened was that there was an increase in gas mileage of 15-20%. We are constantly immersed in a field where are DNA is being affected by frequency. The frequencies of the matrix are designed to keep you in a vibrational prison. The TV is the main culprit. You are constantly being bombarded with dissonant signals that break down the genetic code. The anti-dote is to immerse yourself in a world of sacred sounds and images. These frequencies expand and activate the genetic code or in New Age lingo, DNA activation. The concept of DNA activation is sound in principal, the problem has been a lack of power to overcome the effects of the vibrational prison. Unified field technolgies as found at continually stimulate the DNA to expand and open. The relentlessness of these technologies coupled with the huge power signature, overwhelm the programming of the matrix, so the person on the technologies begins to ascend very rapidly. The intuition comes on line without the normal interference patterns from the matrix. As the negativity is swept away, the DNA begins to power up and unify the consciousness of the individual. A unified being is a true individual in that he is not subject to the beliefs of the unawakened masses. He or she begins to generate a massive amount of creativity in all aspects of their life.
The being that is on bio-resonance technologies begins to wreck the polarized world and unified the perceived contradictions. A unified state is simply a wholistic love-based consciousness that melts the divisions within the mind of the collective unconsciousness of Humanity.

Crop Circles Activate DNA

This is the most compelling video that I have seen on crop circles. A stunning collection of images and a concise narrative on the influence of alien cultures seeking to wake up humanity. Sacred geometry is the primary building block of creation. The geometric images imprinted in crop fields around the world shift the collective consciousness of mankind back to full awareness in a playful and non-threatening manner. There is even a scene midway through this clip where two UFO's imprint a crop circle within a matter of seconds.
The bio-resonance technologies activate DNA through the amplification of statements and images placed on the machines. The Bio-resonance machines operate in 6 dimensions according to the Unified field theories of Burkhard Heim. The effect is the removal of negative imprints and trauma's encoded on the genetic code. The power levels of the machine create a much more dramatic healing response than those just done by healers. The main difference is the continual clearing from the machines on a daily basis. It is a function of quality and well as quantity. We are enetering a new era, where there are technologies available that actually assist in the evolution of man into a unified being.

Sound Creates Form David Icke

David Icke is the pre-eminent conspiracy theorist in the world. He is seen here talking about how sound creates form.

Messages in Water, What the Bleep*** Do you know

The scene in the film where they show Emoto's photographs of water affected by words and music. The basis premise is that water can be programmed by intention, music and common language. This is also the basis of the Etheric water from the Etheric water is radionically enhanced with homeopathic preparations and Tachyon energy.

The Montauk Project with Preston Nichols

The Montauk Project is an alleged Time Travel project based at an Air Force base in Montauk NY, out at the tip of Long Island. I view the information as a myth and as a resource for potential development of technology.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Alien Sound Machine DNA Activation

Preston Nichols the Time travel scientist from the Montauk project demonstrates in Sound machine derived from the wingmakers. You really need to experience this in person to understand it's capability. It creates sound that is like a live concert, actually it creates sound in holographic form. Super sound would be a better term. Technologies for accelerated Spiritual evolvement.

Tetrahedronal Physics Haramein

This is a talk about the nature of Tetrahedron's relative to planetary bodies similar to Richard Hoagland. Haramein is working on creating Unified Field technologies combining gravity with torsion to make technologies for free energy as well as enhancement of genetics to unity consciousness. Similar to the Bio-resonance machines from

Grand Unified Field Theory: Haramein Pt.1

Nassim Haramein is this segment talks about Gravity and torsion as being the basis for creating technologies for ascension or access to the 5th dimension. Nassim can be contacted at the based on the Grand Unified Field theories of Burkhard Heim.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Drunvalo Melchizedek on the Unified Field Theory

Drunvalo Melchizedek on the Unified Field theory. A new age interpretation of something extrapolated by both Einstein in 1928 and Burkhard Heim. Burkhard Heim's Unified Fielf theories is the basis of the bio-resonance technology found at

Barbara Marciniak: The Ascension Technique of Spinning

Spinning has relevance in Sufi tradition with the whirling dervishes. It is also one of the exercises found in the Tibetan 5 rites for anti aging. Spiritual technology to remove karma, fear and negativity.

Barbara Marciniak: Bringers of the Dawn Pt 1

This was the first book that talked about Age Reversal and Spiritual technologies that will help Man evolve. It is one of the big influences in my involvement with Bio-resonance technologies from the

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Talk on Radionics and Synchronicity and Orgone

The owner of talks on the implications for spiritual evolvement with Orgone, radionics and Bio-resonance technologies.

Temple of Luxor and Sacred Geometry

This is a talk about Sacred Geometry from the Temple of Luxor. A conference call from

This will be a talk on traditional Alchemy and the new alchemy with the use of modern radionics and Tachyon technology. For more info