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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Is the Blood Moon on August 24th 2016 in New York City The Thief in the Night?

Now here is the thing, people have been under the impression that the sign of the Rapture and the event of the removal of the people are at the same exact time? But here is the problem with that, if it is happening all at once it is impossible to be always on the watch. But, if being on the watch means that the sign is the beginning of the Rapture which is a process or period of time, not a single moment, then watching makes much more sense. First off I define the Rapture as the removal of the bad guys, we already see this process in motion, within the political arena. Everyday there is more trouble, for bankers, politicians, anyone that operates as a criminal. So, why don't we re-phrase the Rapture as the Age of Poetic Justice. So seeing the signs of arrests and the consistent take-down of entrenched evil that has been around for as long as since the fall of Man from the Garden. Now here is the other part of the Rapture that people miss, it's called the Rapture, like Divine Rape? It is about Sex? Why? Well, wasn't original Sin about Sex? Like real violent painful rape that no one has ever experience since with a God-Man? No, it was a fruit dummy and a tree. Well, here is the thing, Satan already had evil in him when he was created. How do I know that? Because he was a one-off, a wild card. There was no other Angel that was paired with him. If you look at how God, creates there are always a pair within at least the Angel and Human realm. What's above so below, Heaven and Hell are mirrors of one another with the exception that Heaven has a few more extra pieces but they are in proportion. Is it not odd that exactly 200 Angels left with Satan and not like 198, or 203? If the next event after the fall is the rape of the human females by the fallen Angels that were monsters like 15 feet tall, would it not make sense to believe that the original event was similar in nature? Perhaps the fruit was the semen in Satan's ball? Satan only had one ball like Hitler, the Tree was like you know the thing that gets Hard, like wood? That would mean that God, might actually have a sense of humor, calling it like the Rapture? That would probably by itself eliminate a third of Mankind from a heart attack. We can't have God having a sense of Humor now, I just could not handle that. That would mean that everything that I believed about God would have to be re-evaluated? Yep, so it is easier to just to yell at me, then deal with the fact that you may be wrong. Another heresy? I can't be wrong, because I have so much fun condemning people on blogs with the least amount of information, all I need is one little piece of string that sticks off the tapestry and I am collecting firewood for the burning. I love that Job, I don't want to give it up? How much do you get paid? Well nothing, I do it for the love of my creator. Ok, you can yell at other people for no good reason, but just not me, deal? I don't care if you are inconsistent and irrational in behavior with other people, but here you need to act sane. I think I can do that? Awesome. So in my world the tree and the fruit are metaphors for Sex, in your world they can be anything you want them to be. So the Messiah mission was to somehow find the hottest babe that has ever existed with the greatest seductive power of any woman, by a factor of lets say five times greater. Then Christ needed to get Eve to fall in love with him. Then Jesus just needed to die a real horrible death on the cross and take on the sins of the world. Then without dinner, he dove directly into the underworld without passing GO, to find the soul of Eve in Satan's throne, tell her were are coming back for her soon real soon. Lay a pathway out of the underworld with his the Christ spirit, that others could follow, when later they had the holy spirit and sufficiently had developed their hearts to feel their way through the dark? Yes, exactly. How long will this take? Not very long. It doesn't sound to difficult on paper. Now here is the thing where it gets a little X-file like. I was watching this video about when Christ was born and died on Wed Aug 24th. In the video, Christ was supposed to have died on 4/2/33. But the really interesting part that is the reason that I say the Rapture may have already started is that there was a blood Moon that showed up at Christ Death, like a Thief in the Night Now, at the same time the Blood Moon showed up in New York that same night, like a Thief in the Night. The key here is when the Rapture begins, not that we are going to miss it because we are in the Can or something. So the second Blood Moon on August 24th, over the World trade center and the Federal Reserve is the judgement against the Jewish Sanhedrin and or the Money changers. Now this would be a complete reversal of Christ whipping the Bankers and throwing over the money changers tables in the Temple. It fits with the story-line perfectly, since the Federal Reserve is the Banking system that runs the world. Now if my theory is correct there should be other information to confirm the thesis. We having been moving towards a Gold-backed monetary system and perhaps re-installing the original Republic for years. The bible has a cipher, the Alpha and the Omega. I am the beginning and the End and the End and the beginning. What you Probably don't know is that the Declaration of Independence has a three part cipher, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Life is the shedding of the blood in the Revolutionary War, Liberty is the struggle to keep the Republic, Pursuit of Happiness is the correct installation of the Republic and the beginning of the 1000 year millennium of Christ. The problem of course is that you have not taken on the mind of Christ yet, which is the Quantum computing function of the brain when one has fully received the Holy Spirit. The brain then operates, both left and right hemispheres together, and your words come out more in story form. You also see that God is everywhere and that you have to pull information, from wherever it shows, up that can include things like Newspaper headlines and pictures as well as Movies. God loves using blockbuster movies to make some corrections in your understanding of the Bible as well as develop the theme of what Quantum Computing is. This was a teaching tool that was not available to Christ back in the day, but now that Satan and his followers have set up all the infrastructure, God just drops things in there as he sees fit. But Hollywood is Satanic? well yes, sort of, but what has that got to do with hijacking their system? We are at war? Do you realize that yet? Do you think I play fair with the devil? Are you out of your mind? The whole point of taking on the mind of Christ is that you can break the rules like Neo, we generally call that making Miracles, which are quantum shifts in reality that the devil cannot control or see coming. If you stay stuck in the brain with just the ones and the zeros you will never break free. Get used to the idea that the Bible is just a book and that one day you will need to let go of that book, to free your mind? Did I just quote the Matrix again? Who do you think wrote that script anyway? So, limited, do I need to create a class, No Christian left behind for dummies? Ok, one more sign there are many more, but this one is a real big one if you believe and I do, based on some much more stuff that I am not going to get into now. On Saturday August 27th a woman Brook Williams in Provo Utah had a seizure. This woman was sterile as a result of a brain tumor. She was taken to the hospital the following morning, had some blood work done and was told that she was 8 months pregnant. Now, the article implies that she did not know, but Brook had no morning sickness, no movement of the child, no belly. The media of course downplays miracles of Biblical proportion and this is one that put the immaculate conception to shame. What we have hear is the conception and the gestation in one night, followed by delivery the next morning. Wow! This harkens back to Abraham sacrifice of Issac. Remember Abraham wife was beyond child bearing years, when she conceived a child. Of course, God then said to Abraham, that he had to sacrifice his son to prove his loyalty. A mysteriously Angel, cough, cough Gabriel, stayed the hand of Abraham. To replace the sacrifice besides the altar there was a Ram in the thicket. The point here after Christ there is no replacement sacrifice needed in fact you get the double bonus of taking the ram home and the gold tree that it is on, all for $19.95. Now what about the sex part, well are the kids in bed. Here is the thing an angel not a human created the demonic imprint; you are talking an incredibly powerful being. You will need someone of equal power to remove the imprint. Does this make sense? Is this not the reason that Christ created the Eucharist and the wine, because in modern terms the Bread and wine are radionic witnesses that has Christ DNA encoded in it. Over the generations of the ritual of the mass, the code is altering the human DNA to make,your DNA like his, and you will be able to almost have the same power as him. Enough to remove Original sin in women, if you are able to become a Saint, that is sinless. The demonic imprint removal is done through sex, I know, you are disappointed that you will not need to be skinned alive, but this can be hard work. It may take a while for the imprint to be removed because it is a team effort no, we are not talking about a group thing, i guess you have more work to do on that sinless part. But, the fact that women are connected as a hive similar to a Beehive, means Christ cannot do it alone with Eve, he needs a few good men to help him with your own soulmate. We go back into the garden two by two like the Ark.
How will the relationship between Men and Women change? Well, in the Garden,it was the women that well, were worshiping the men, not men worshiping women. You see, women will probably start hunting you; if you have achieved what is called sainthood. I know this is odd to think that a Saint would be needed to have sex, but there were some mistakes made along the way and we are now attempting to correct them. In war, not everything goes the way you want it too, and we needed to keep some information from you. To restate, the sign will be the end of game playing on women's part and the dropping of the mask and the revealing of true intentions and feelings. This will happen at first in small ways, but later a growing wave of love that will sweep the planet because the connection to the interloper has been severed permanently.
Now in this photo It says the Cats Gone to The Dogs. Or you could say the God-Men if you reverse Dog.