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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Ascension Energy Newsletter: Becoming an Authentic Natural Organic Living Being, Understanding the Why?

My mother when she could not grasp the word she needed, used to say the 'thing'. The thing could be anything, person, place or thing; it was the universal replacement adjective, noun or preposition. If you did not grasp what, she was trying to communicate, Mom would double down and point in the air, you know the thing. This was actually a signal for me to read her mind and come up with the word that was at the tip of my tongue. I was often out of sync with my mother and we would play this game for what seemed like several minutes before I was able to deduce what she was trying to communicate by putting on my Deerstalker Sherlock Cap. There is another phrase we sometimes say with certain people, " You took the words right out of my mouth", this usually happens between people who are genuinely friends, who are congruent with the same beliefs and ideals. Nikola Tesla would actually spend time with his Father practicing reading each other's mind. Tesla eventually was able to develop his mind to the point that he would download whole ideas like Blueprints of inventions that needed very little further refinements to complete working models. I seemed to have mastered the mind reading technique with certain waiters at restaurants. Recently, I frequent Orion Diner on 23rd and 2nd Ave; sometimes as often as 3 times a week for breakfast or lunch depending on when I wake up. Louie is a young Mexican waiter that works behind the counter. Louie calls me, Grande every time I enter the diner because; I am pretty big and Mexicans are well, let's say not so Big. Going to the Orion Diner is like being in a TV sitcom back in the 1980's, Cheers comes to mind first. I want to build the wall and Louie wants a tunnel, actually, I gave Louie the tunnel idea. Louie will often guess exactly what I want, I would say he has a 70% accuracy rate. I often think about what I want to eat before I go to the diner then often change my mind at the counter. Louie, usually will pick up on the original thought and not the change in thought that I make sometimes when I enter the eatery on 23rd street. Redheads can be fickle and change their minds at the last minute, similar to women, cough, cough... The convergence of consciousness is when we operate with the unspoken word, we interact with people intuitively, part mind reader, part empath, each party's needs are met on multiple levels, even unconscious desires that the other person sees that we are blind too. This is a very rare relationship, what we call soulmate types of events, this is not necessarily about sexual interaction, but when the living soul really knows who you are and what your needs are. You likewise understand that soul's needs and desires and meet them in the perfect balance. This is the goal of humanity to be able to interact with all human beings on this level. This would be the complete removal of the confusion between the living souls of the world, the reversal of the tower of Babel. What is the ultimate cause of confusion? Lack of energy and its myriad forms of negative expression, Greed, Lust, Envy, Pride, Sloth and Gluttony ect... All the positive traits found within Men and Women though require a massive amount of energy to sustain an existence that we would consider a Utopian world.
What is the AscensionEnergyProgram? It is designed to be the energetic bridge to connect to God. The AscensionEnergyProgram represent the intangibles, the good luck that people so often refer too; like when they tell the actor to go break a leg before he goes on stage. Well, maybe that is not such a good example, strike that from the record, you didn't hear that...,forget about it. Where were we, In Football the bookie always slaps 3 points on the home team, when he is going to make a betting line? Why? The energy from the home team's fans creates an edge that is quantifiable due to the focused attention and emotional intensity of the Fanatics who are watching the game. Life is experienced when we are fanatical, intensely passionate about life. God is trying to light a fire under our ass to get us to feel and break the hypnotic mind control of the matrix that operates on a routine zombie like actions repeated over and over and over and over again. Religion is supposed to be the counter to the thrones and principalities that control our lives, yet in a technological age, the rituals of institutionalized religion have not evolved to keep up with the advancements of the controlling forces of the matrix. Today we have TV, the ultimate mind control instrument controlling the images that are put into our minds. The meaning of these images is interpreted by the new priests the media intelligentsia that read off teleprompters. These media whore's babble meme's that program behavioral response in the masses; that is desired by the man behind the curtain. It is not news, but simply programming for control purposes to keep the flow of energy consolidating into a central system, we call the NWO. If one does not have a positive belief in something greater than themselves, they will tend to become more negative and lose energy with each obstacle. Life is not a straight upward progression or downward spiral. We are good some of the time and bad at other times. These factors are greatly enhanced, by your environment such as space. Animals and humans need space, the more space we have the more secure and free we will become. The lack of space in a Large Urban center such as my home, New York City distorts character and creates misery mainly because of lack of space. Everyone is trapped here with people above and below them. We feel the emotions and read minds of people constantly. In large Cities, people are bombarded by negative thoughts and feelings all day long. It is imperative that we as a species begin to understand that we are all empaths and psychics, most have this function operating at very low efficiency as a result of chronic low energy. All problems are fundamentally an energy deficiency. The machines from the energy program are designed to feed us a type of energy that feeds the Aura itself comprised of the non-physical energy bodies. They say everything happens for a reason? And it does, rarely though do we see the reason. The chain of cause and effect, for the most part, remains hidden from us until we get older. As we mature, we start to see the patterns repeat in life and begin to realize we are not as free as we thought and that life is not limitless. There is a finite amount of time and specifically energy to achieve our dreams and aspirations in life. the problem lies in ignorance, that we don't know what that reason is? The why as the Merovingian told Neo is the power, Neo, you do not know why you need the key maker and hence you have nothing to offer to me. The frustration, doubt, anger sadness, angst, anxiety all flow from lack of understanding. All pain is a derivation of ignorance, evil is born out of ignorance, this is not to say that there are not living beings that consciously choose evil, there are, but the majority start down the path good, while life blindsides us with events that we cannot explain. There is a real metaphysical opponent out there that I will just call the matrix, that responds to positive increases in healthy human behavior. The Matrix seeks to prevent authentic human behavior from becoming the norm. Why? Because authentic natural, organic human behavior is the line in the sand that will collapse the Matrix and end the war between Good and Evil,[ I really am ripping off the Matrix films here...] It is the intangibles areas in life that can have the most profound change on the qualitative experience of living that can answer the question are you Happy? Happiness is a function of how well, we deal with the unseen adversary that feeds off our negative thoughts and emotions. As we understand Why? We can begin to deconstruct the patterns that control us and move from ignorance into knowledge, power and a perpetual state of Happiness. As we remove parasitic relationships that drain us, we advance in power and accumulate energy. Accumulating energy is a function of removal of sin, we remove people, thoughts, and ideas that have a negative effect on our lives and drain us of energy. Becoming Holy, is simply understanding the Why? We will stop banging our heads against the wall when we know why? Understanding the Why, though requires a massive amount of energy to get to the lofty position to see the pattern's that control us. We are born into the Matrix, the patterns are embedded in the very fabric of our being. The most difficult thing to see is what is right in front of you because what is right in front of you has always been there. We mistake this thing for being natural and real, just because something has always been there, does not make it good or necessary. The AscensionEnergyProgram was designed to supply the power needed to generate the insights necessary to break our habitual behavioral responses that keep us bound in a cycle of pain and misery. It is designed to give us a choice, a way out of a system that only has one choice and an alternative that is a mirage or an appearance of a choice. The trap of having an external authority to interpret the information so you can make the choice is no choice at all, but simply control. The 7th day in the book of Genesis is the Sabbath, it is the day of rest or the end of cycles. We as a species are about to end all cycles of War and Peace, it is the end of the world and the beginning of living True freedom without the influence of the Adversary. Time itself has been defeated we are moving out of Time. We will have all the Time in the world, while Time itself is out of Time. Kevin

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