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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Is the Rapture happening now, signs from the matrix: A process not an event

Let me define the rapture, it is the removal of the wheat and the chaff as well as the removal of original sin through the divine union of the Christ and Magdalene. Both process accelerate the ascension process or the separation of worlds, like two overlapping holograms with one receding and the other growing brighter, eventually leading to thing like Age Reversal. Ib took a picture yesterday in Sheeps meadow that is very similar to the full page spread described below. In the New York Post Aug 30th, 2016, on page 22 and 23, there is a full page spread comparing old york to New York,a series of side by side images or mirror opposites. There is radio city and Union square. On page 23, there is Trinity church on the top, the brooklyn Bridge and Washington Square Park, which is another connection to a different NY Post paper that I will get to in a minute. In the middle is virtually the same shot of the picture above except taken from a distance over the lake. What is the significance? Moving into the New world, with the origin point trinity church, a bridge the brooklyn bridge, connecting the two worlds and the Washington Square Arch. On the back cover of the NY Post on Friday August 26th is the headline Arch De Triumph. Reference to a trump victory, but more from a secret society point of view. Above that it says, Mets Keep gateway open to playoffs, by taking two of three from Cards. The Mets represent the New World while the Yankees the established order. The Mets colors are the royal blue and can be associated with the French Cathars against the Cardinals of the Vatican. The mets home is in Queens again signifying Mary Magdalene.. On Saturday,the back of the post has the title in all color, Super Sports Saturday. Now Saturday is Saturn, or Satan or cronos the ruler of time. The color signifies heaven or the new world above time with the restoration of the correct female-male balance. The player in the center is ecstatic with his arms in the shape of the trinity, signifying the merger of the mind into the heart. The title below is a big give away Flor' it, reference a car accelerating because the victory is in sight and also the Fleur di lis,again a reference to Magdalene and the cathars. The celebrating George Washington inauguration, this is similar to the Arch De Triomphe in Paris celebrating the French Revolution. Ok, if this was just one coincidence, I wouldn't bother posting, but what is happening is that I am getting multiple symbols from the matrix every day that we are already moving into the 1000 year millenium of Christ, which I believe to be the re-installation of the American Republic along with sound money. I don't believe in flying up in the air, makes no sense at all. Life is an organic process, where we build through a series of c cycles which are caused by the concept known as Original Sin. I talked about it briefly in my last post, but what I didn't get into is what happened after Adam and Eve were kicked out of the garden. The rape of the human females by the Fallen Angels. This trauma was so great that it is the source of the anchor of repeating cycles of rise and fall of empires, rooted in the trojan horse found in women that triggers the battle between men and women. Essentially, we make some progress, but inevitably it collapses, then there a war, followed by the rape of the women by the invading army. This is traditionally how we paid off our debts. For the first time in history we are attempting to reset the banking system without an extensive war. How are we able to do this, because we are finally at the point in the dynamic between Men and women, that we are going to be able to root out original sin. Why is original sin so difficult to remove, because pain has been linked to pleasure, when the woman reaches the point of extreme orgasmic pleasure over and extended period of time, what typically happens is the fear of the rape by the fallen angels, this fear is so great that the woman will do anything to break the connection with the man. This will only happen though in soul mate type relationships, which is why so many people just avoid them in the first place and settle for compromises. So we have two problems finding the right kind of mate that can take us over the edge and then actually doing it without the relationship blowing up. This requires the male to be an expert in inter-personal relationships and have the awareness when to back off. But one major sign that I first heard about was the concept of orgasmic birthing. Apparently there have been a few cases, where women have had an orgasm rather than pain during childbirth. What does the bible say. Genesis 3:16 To the woman He said, "I will greatly multiply Your pain in childbirth, In pain you will bring forth children; Yet your desire will be for your husband, And he will rule over you." I like archetypes though like a famous person as a signpost, God typically uses them for the plot-line of the film. Enter Alicia Silverstone who burst onto the scene as an instant sexpot in the movie clueless. When I first read the article years ago, I did not realize that the whole birth process was not pleasurable only half of it, which is interesting too. Alicia Silverstone had a 27hr labour of which she described the first 14 hours as sexy. The actress opened up about giving birth during an appearance on Live! with Kelly and Michael this week, and her description of her 27-hour labor may just surprise you. “The first 14 hours was almost sexy,” insists Alicia, 37, who welcomed son Bear Blu in 2011. “The oxytocin was doing all this magic and felt amazing.” The last half not so much. So let's examine what her name means. Silver, well we are mostly like going back to sound money that will include silver. Silver is the achille'
s heel of the cabal that could crash the financial system which is why they have so tightly rigged the gold and silver markets. Christ betrayal was purchased for 30 pieces of Silver which was the cost of a slave. Stone, well that could be the cornerstone, a reference to building a new house, church or new world. silver is a metal so it has the makings of a sword perhaps, like a knight or King Arthur sword in the stone. Her child Bear Blu was born in 2011, so we are talking 5 years ago. Perhaps we can say that we are halfway there since half of her birth was pleasurable. Ok, what about her first name Alicia, this one is a wow, She knows. Huge sign. I was watching the first matrix film over the weekend and Neo goes from no belief to some belief, then reaches the point that he is killed. Trinity then steps in because she was giving a prophecy that she would fall in love with the one. When Neo dies, she knows that she is in love with him, so she said he can't possibly dies. Trinity then gives Neo the kiss of true love. Neo then is resurrected and now knows and he can stop the bullets with his mind and even jump into the matrix as if he is the ghost in the machine. Trinity of course, represents Mary Magdalene and Neo is the christ figure, but they do not win until they have joined as one which is what happens with the mystical marriage. Trinity name also represents the Quantum mind that operates with the universal mind, that can break the rule of the linear system. Now there is also the connection to Trinity church down by ground zero, where George Washington was inaugurated as President. The President first home was New York City before moving to Washington DC. Trinity Church was also where the treasure of the founding fathers was buried. so there is a reference to revolution, the republic and a metal backed monetary system. The New world trade center could be significant of the two becoming one after the crucifixion. The mystical marriage of Christ and Magdalene and the removal of Original sin and the ushering in of the 1000 year reign of Christ. I could go on for perhaps the whole day, but I will leave that for another time.

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