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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ascension Energy: Frequency Rising, Time Slowing Down

I drive upstate about once a week to get out of Dodge to clear my head and soak up the frequencies of Mother Earth. The trek leads me up to Cairo, New York where I see Preston Nichols of the Montauk Project. He essentially is in retirement and is tinkering with developing a sound machine that creates Quantum effects. Sound can create windows in time or portals. The ultimate intention of Preston's machine is Age Regression, he has not gotten there yet, but his machine does have very interesting effects where the thoughts are made manifest in a very dramatic way usually within a few days. I use Preston machines to heighten the effects of the When are all antennae and frequency transmitters, as we unify we become better at projection of thought into the world. Sound is the carrier wave upon which thought manifest on the physical plane. I use Preston's machine to massively increase the manifestation of thought-forms. When you become awake, you become aware that you are creating reality with your thoughts. Prior to waking up, you are being used by other forces to create reality for them that may not be to your benefit or the world at large. Essentially, you have been tricked into fear and chronic low energy states to enable someone else or something else to control you.
I was driving up there yesterday in a Zip car with my friend Charles. I would notice that every time we were stopped at a traffic light that it seemed like an eternity. The effects of time slowing down for me are becoming extremely noticeable to the point of annoying. Everything sees to take forever, yet at the same time the actual passage of time is not much. As your frequency rises time slows down. Immersion in the Unified field from the technologies of the definitely has compound effects which begin to express themselves in the physical body. I no longer feel like I am aging, I am not concerned with the fact that I may actual be much older than the people around me, in fact no one really knows how old I am. I am entering into that zone, where things are a bit nebulous, you can't pin me down or typecast me too much. This I believe is a function of expanding energy fields and energy accumulation in the etheric body.. As Karma or negativity is removed there is a corresponding reversal of genetics on a physical level. Aging is an accumulation of negativity in the aura as well as the physical body. If you can remove the Karmic blocks or dense energy patterns from the DNA that we inherit; it stands to reason the body will self-replicate indefinitely. What we take for aging is a program or a series of programs that run, because we are in chronic low energy states. These programs can only be eliminated by raising the energy levels contained within the Human Aura. This takes time and is not easy. There are also support mechanisms to aid the process such as diet which is a primary influence on the aging process, but alone will not reverse it.
Science is filling in the gap in the limitations of our chronic low energy states. The Ascensionenergyprogram is one of the aids to reverse the damage caused by negative emotions over time. I emphasize the time angle, because sometimes there is an impatience in people and an unrealistic expectation to see results. The removal of negativity out of one's life leads to enlightened choices on a physical plane to improve our health. Energy technologies by themselves are not enough; a comprehensive approach of proper nutrition, exercise and physical restructuring may also be needed to trigger the phenomena of Age Regression. All the solutions will be magnetically attracted into your life as you unify and become whole. One stop shopping for Esoteric Energy technologies

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