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Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Mayan Council Speaks about 2012

Drunvalo Melchizedek speaks for the Mayan council. Unified Field Theories realized, the ascension of man assisted by technology.

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  1. Keep posting Jones. This is intriguing, while I am withholding judgment. My gut and other sources tell me there are important truths contained in Drunvalo's message, particularly the expectancy of major changes at 2012 and our current time journey until then.

    But I do think that a valid theological discussion should include consideration of the source of Drunvalo's angels and the validity of the Mayan ethic.
    A relatively fundamental spin on the Nephilim as 'fallen angels' is given by Raw Lovingworth at
    'Prophecy about Nephilim Aliens DNA'

    I am also moved in concern about allegations of Mayan atrocities in the form of ritual sacrifices.
    "A myth of the creation reveals that a feathered serpent brought time from the Underworld to humans. The feathered serpent is marked with a calendar, human sacrifice, and rulership."

    I'm certainly not ready to embrace the hierarchy of calendar-sacrifice-rulership. But it may be that the underworld gift of 'time' will be a thing of the past upon 2012. (Pun intended)

    An open mind by theologians to consider Jesus' commandment of love to be inclusive of 'fallen angels' (if they actually fell), and of Jesus' big brother Lucifer himself, is the biggest challenge in this discussion. Because, until 2012 we simply cannot know what we are up to, or up against.