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Monday, May 4, 2009

Ascension Energy Program Newsletter: Synchronicity and the Bio-resonance machine

As one rises from separation to unity consciousness, one begins to experience heightened Synchronicity. I have had my share of bizarre paranormal experiences over the course of my life, but they have been immense gaps of time between the phenomena. The commonality was that I was in expanded euphoric state of consciousness. There was the time when I ran my first 5 mile road race at 12 years of age; I felt like I was floating on air, I ran a record time for my age group and I was not winded at the end. Another time, I was playing golf shooting my best game and I knew what would happen before, there was a 100 foot putt on an uphill slope and I saw the ball right in the cup with absolute certainty. I putted immediately and it was like the golf ball was being pulled by a tractor beam right into the hole.
Up at Woodstock, I was doing an all night full moon ritual with a bunch of hippies. We danced and chanted by the fire for hours, the next day I got up and continued the experience when at one moment, the background light changed to golden hue, my sense of smell was heightened and I began to hear voices of people that were not actually there. Energy was everywhere, it was not localized at any one location, my feeling was that God was in everything in the most intimate of manner.
Invariably, I would come back to the Big Apple and those experiences would abruptly stop. As I would fly into JFK I would feel the heaviness of New York City begin to weigh me down. Whatever momentum and sense of adventure would begin to fade after 3-4 days until I had returned to that hardened New York personality.
I am going to contrast that to the experiences that I had over the weekend. According to Wikipedia;

Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events which are causally unrelated occurring together in a supposedly meaningful manner. In order to count as synchronicity, the events should be unlikely to occur together by chance.

The concept does not question, or compete with, the notion of causality. Instead, it maintains that just as events may be grouped by cause, they may also be grouped by their meaning. Since meaning is a complex mental construction, subject to conscious and subconscious influence, not every correlation in the grouping of events by meaning needs to have an explanation in terms of cause and effect.

On Friday, I went to my friend's Plato's Birthday party. We were supposed to meet at the Ritz-Carlton bar on the roof. The place was closed because of the wall street crash. We then shifted to a bar in Battery-Park city in the World Financial Center. Plato is the one that found Bill Kirkland first in an obscure internet chat room talking about esoteric occult technologies. At the party there were 8 people in attendance. 2 of them were friends of mine and Plato as well. Both Plato and I were exchanging stories about how well business was and life in general despite the crash of the economy at large. For both of us, we were consistently making more money from month to month even though, NY seems to be shuttering down at the moment.

Enrico and Disco are two of my friends that have been on the bio-resonance machine for almost two months now. Both Enrico and Disco are struggling financially, Enrico has recently launched his own business in kitchen re-modeling and Disco is a commerical photographer. Business has dried up in both areas. What I noticed about both Enrico and Disco is that there were mingling at the party as if they did not have a care in the world. Enrico does not necessarily feel the bio-resonance technolgy at this point, but from my perspective he is dealing with life much more effectively. The other two guys were Jay and Boris. Both Jay and Boris are in the personal empowerment business. Boris as of a year ago was very successful financially, but driven through the ego. As the world crashed so did Boris, to the point that he was just mopping around the party unable to look anyone in the eye or muster up an conversation.

Jay is the interesting one, in the fact that he was on Bio-resonance program before we actually had one and he jumped off after a month, because he did not "feel anything". Jay though like Boris was drifting off to la-la land obsessing on what was going wrong with his life, which at this time are most things, no girlfriend and dead broke, the main concerns of a 28 year old. The next day after the party I was hanging out with Plato at a coffee shop in the East village, we just sat there for about two hours mesmerized by the simplest of things. We were easily talking to strangers, girls were comfortable around us, it was like a scene from my childhood days out in Southampton, NY. It seems lately that reality has become high definition, I am noticing more things when I walk down the street, my sense of smell is heightened and my vision is almost 20-20 again.

It is virtually the same experience I had in Woodstock, slightly more muted, but with consistent positive feelings that seem to well up like a spring. Plato was experiencing the same phenomena. What impresses me are not the peak experiences on the bio-resonance machine, but the baseline moments such as waking up in the morning or the periods of the daily drudgery. At these times, I am no longer faking good thoughts or feelings or mustering the will-power to continue moving forward. I simply move forward like one of those escalator-like conveyor belts at the airport.


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