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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ascension Energy Program Effects

I found Bill Kirkland through a friend of mine. Plato the guy who makes an herbal supplement that increases Virility and has been to China to make Flash Floods with Orgone technology,( by accident.) The Bio-resonance machine is designed to remove negativity and Karma. The potential application is for the Ascension process, You know that stuff that is supposed to happen around 2012; either tragedy or Ecstasy as ABC Sports use to say. Well, I went on the machine July 2nd, 2008; I was down on Canal Street at a Starbucks when Bill turned the machine on. The Bioresonance effects were immediate, it was like being put into an alternate space, where everything was silent. He asked me to see if I could plug into any negative thoughts, I said no.
The real litmus test however is over the long-term,that is an ongoing process. I have been to enough healers and had enough "peak" experiences to understand that often the effects are temporary and short-lived, like the DNA activations that I have done. I like to look at the manifestations in my life rather than how I feel. Well, the feelings have stayed fairly consistent in not being able to plug into negative thoughts; that does not mean I do not have negative thoughts, it just means I can't hold onto it very long; it seems to melt away after a period of time without any effort on my part. The Bio-resonance machine seems to have brought out the best part of my personality while allowing the negative parts to whither through disuse.
In an economic environment that you could say is a Depression, I have actually been doing better in business like 50%-100% better. Opportunities seem to pop up out of nowhere, synchronicity seems to be a daily event now, even in Satan's lair in NYC.
People seem to like me better and I actually and beginning to like them...well beginning let's leave it there for now; I may eventually be able to drop the self-imposed Black Sheep label.
Lately I have been gravitating towards a raw food diet just like John the Baptist,(as I eat my sausage Egg and cheese sandwich). Imagine that a cigar smoking, meat eating Massage therapist that considers a vegetable a movie prop is now surrendering to the obvious; that live food is the only thing that will keep us alive. Girls, did I mention the girls...Yes, I think the machine does work. When you move up in frequency and consistently stay there, Life takes on a new tenor and you will gain the Midas touch, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly; energy is what we lack not ability or intellect. The machine breaks down the EGO interference, where you don't give a Rat's ass, about anything, Change, Depressions, War, Chemtrails, Martial Law, anxiety, ect. These things are put on the back-burner as your vision for a new way becomes clear, distinct and loud.
I, however are probably a bit more pre-disposed to believe in radionic technologies due to my experiences with Preston Nichols from the Montauk Project in the early 1990's as well as my relationship with Dr. Dean Howell, Galen's Hieronymus last student and my own work with making Orgone over the last 8 years.
I would say for a fair evaluation of the Bio-resonance technology is 4 months. The removal of negativity results in the increase in intuitive decision-making process which leads to healthy and beneficial choices which lead to greater happiness long-term. The process is addition by subtraction, without the internal noise, created by conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious programming, life will begin to work and fall together. I believe the most profound effects are the erasure of the deep programming that occurs in other lifetimes and parallel worlds. One of the side benefits is an clearing of the voice, the quality of the voice takes on a resonance effect usually found in competant singers and public speakers.
I dismissed the vocal improvemen as not being possible; since I have always had a somewhat nasal voice, which I thought was due to a deviated septum. To my surprise I was listening to myself on the radio the other day and did not recognize my own voice.

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