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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tachyon Massage and DNA Activation

This work is a culmination of 15 years study in the field of radionics, massage and psychological therapy. The session will run 90 minutes consistenting of an Auric cleansing with Sound via the Solfeggio frequencies specifically the miracle frequency of 528hz. Tachyons are subatomic particles that travel faster than light. Tachionization is a technological process that impregnates the physical matter with an increased quantity of tachyons and thus it permanently changes quantum properties of atomic nuclei which compose that matter. Chemical composition is not altered, the change occurs on subatomic level.
Tachyons travel faster than the speed of light, they travel in reverse and as a result decrease entropy of physical matter and reverses the aging process. It also harmonizes chaotic electromagnetic fields in the human living environment. Since tachyons equally influence our physical body and our higher energy bodies, they accelerate our spiritual growth dramatically. The DNA activation occurs as a result of the massive infusion of Quantum energy into your fields. The key after a session is to continue to flood your fields with Unified field energy. With the booking of a private session, you have the option of signing up for the at 50% off the regular rates. The private clearing session in person is $200 for the 90 mins. 30 min. phone sessions are also available for $25. The links below for payment are available.
90 min Tachyon/DNA Activation

30 min phone session $25

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