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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Crop Circles Activate DNA

This is the most compelling video that I have seen on crop circles. A stunning collection of images and a concise narrative on the influence of alien cultures seeking to wake up humanity. Sacred geometry is the primary building block of creation. The geometric images imprinted in crop fields around the world shift the collective consciousness of mankind back to full awareness in a playful and non-threatening manner. There is even a scene midway through this clip where two UFO's imprint a crop circle within a matter of seconds.
The bio-resonance technologies activate DNA through the amplification of statements and images placed on the machines. The Bio-resonance machines operate in 6 dimensions according to the Unified field theories of Burkhard Heim. The effect is the removal of negative imprints and trauma's encoded on the genetic code. The power levels of the machine create a much more dramatic healing response than those just done by healers. The main difference is the continual clearing from the machines on a daily basis. It is a function of quality and well as quantity. We are enetering a new era, where there are technologies available that actually assist in the evolution of man into a unified being.

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