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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sacred Sound and DNA Activation

I first read about the Ancient latin scale called the Solfeggio in the book the Biological Apocalypse by Len Horowitz. The frequency 528hz is called the miracle frequency and it the note Mi. I began to play around with this miracle frequency as I made Orgone. I would charge the resin with the miracle frequency before I made the Orgone. What I noticed was that the Orgone would come out crystal clear rather than cloudy. The effects would become more pronounced as I layered more sound into the resin.
I later decided to create a gas additive product called Miracle Miles with the 528hz frequency right on the label. The name Miracle also has Mi in it as well as Miles. What happened was that there was an increase in gas mileage of 15-20%. We are constantly immersed in a field where are DNA is being affected by frequency. The frequencies of the matrix are designed to keep you in a vibrational prison. The TV is the main culprit. You are constantly being bombarded with dissonant signals that break down the genetic code. The anti-dote is to immerse yourself in a world of sacred sounds and images. These frequencies expand and activate the genetic code or in New Age lingo, DNA activation. The concept of DNA activation is sound in principal, the problem has been a lack of power to overcome the effects of the vibrational prison. Unified field technolgies as found at continually stimulate the DNA to expand and open. The relentlessness of these technologies coupled with the huge power signature, overwhelm the programming of the matrix, so the person on the technologies begins to ascend very rapidly. The intuition comes on line without the normal interference patterns from the matrix. As the negativity is swept away, the DNA begins to power up and unify the consciousness of the individual. A unified being is a true individual in that he is not subject to the beliefs of the unawakened masses. He or she begins to generate a massive amount of creativity in all aspects of their life.
The being that is on bio-resonance technologies begins to wreck the polarized world and unified the perceived contradictions. A unified state is simply a wholistic love-based consciousness that melts the divisions within the mind of the collective unconsciousness of Humanity.

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