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Friday, August 21, 2009

Tachyon Energy and Unified Field Technologies are Anti Aging

This is the next advancements in technology for anti-aging and removal of stress. Stress is the source of all dis-ease and is the source of aging. Time is a stressor and negatively impacts DNA. Stress makes an energetic imprint on DNA, which leaves a mark like a tattoo. This energetic tattoo plays a program that is essentially like a recording, that continues non-stop. The program builds up in frequency through repetition. After the frequency reaches a certain amplitude there is a negative change within the DNA, that begins to alter it's shape. The altered shape leads to a lowering in the energy levels throughout the body. This loss of energy creates a negative feedback loop that leads to a greater loss of energy, eventually leading to death.
Bio-resonance technologies and Tachyon energy remove negative imprints on the genetic code and erase the broken records. Wiping clean of the trauma, leads to an increase in energy and a positive feedback loop. Eventually over time this registers as a gain in energy and optimism. One first believes again that the future is unlimited. One stops thinking that one is growing older and that time is moving quicker. Eventually these changes are seen in the body directly as increased in hydration and glow. Over a longer period of time wrinkles begin to dissapear and people will start to think that you are younger than you really are.
The long-term implications may be a complete regeneration of the genetic code or Age reversal like in Benjamin Button. While you do not age that quickly, the age reversal process is also not immediate; it is a gradual transformation as the body begins to assimilate more and more life-force energy or Tachyon Energy. The cost of the program is very reasonable, starting with a trial month at $35. Ask for the special craigslist discount.

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