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Friday, August 14, 2009

Tachyon Energy Private Sessions 30 mins $25

This is an amazing technology that is a part of the Etheric water program which is the source of it's power. Bill Kirkland has perfected a technique that can Tachyonise glass by a magnitude of 1000X stronger than Tachyon products that are made from plastic. The Tachyon energy charges the sub-atomic particles of the DNA, that are essentially quantum based. Quantum energy is the energy of the 5th dimension, it is non-linear and demonstrates itself on the physical plane through the power of Love and Synchronicity. In Chinese energy medicine there is a concept called pre-natal Chi, this is the energy that we have at the point of conception. It is the point in which the soul descends on the physical plane and begins to unfold the genetic code. Time affects the DNA by spending this bank of finite quantum energy to the point of exhaustion which is death.
Tachyon energy has the ability to recharge pre-natal Chi and hence remove the effects of aging which is simply the accumulation of negative energy. As the negative energy is removed by the absorption of Tachyon energy, the DNA begins to expand. What happens to the body is a deep release of muscular tension. These changes can be immediate and fairly dramatic. As negativity is removed from the genetic code, the body begins the Age reversal process. The Tachyon wand sessions are but one part of a comprehensive program found at where the goal is the removal of fear and the Ascension of Mankind into a awakened being of light.
The private Tachyon sessions will be conducted by either Kevin Courtois or Bill Kirkland Jr. To purchase a Private session for $25 Click here with a credit card through Paypal For an appointment you can call 917-407-4091 Ask for Kevin.

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