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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Age Reversal Through the use of Radio Waves

Tszyan Kanchgen has lead a series of experiments, which have shown an opportunity of direct transfer of the information from one biological object to another by radio waves. Tszyan Kanchgen has created installation [46], including hollow correct of polyhedron and hollow cones located on its sides. The biological object which is carrying out influence is located in a cavity of polyhedron, its the radiations amplify and are transferred to other alive object by microwaves.

In experiments with cereal cultures Tszyan Kanchgen placed in the installation green weight of wheat and influenced by radio waves on germinate sabadillas of corn. The "processed" corn had set of lateral stalks. On the place of panicle the original ears with grains similar and on corn, and on wheaten (fig. 26) were formed. The acquired new qualities were steadily transferred to the subsequent generations.

Fig. 26. Results of experiments of Tszyan Kanchgen.

Using a similar technique Tszyan Kanchgen carried out experiences above animals. He placed in installation a duck and irradiated 500 chicken eggs. 480 chickens were hatched, at which on the clutches have appeared the membranes, have changed arrangement of the eyes and there was flat duck form of the head.

Tszyan Kanchgen considers, that at influence of young organisms on old it is possible to rehabilitate the DNA of last and thus to rejuvenate them. The experiences on old mice were carried out. Them influenced by radiation of young sprouts of plants and germs of animals. In result at mice the reactions, mobility, appetite were improved. At some the sexual functions and ability to duplication were restored. At the most part of experimental group the life expectancy has grown for 1,5 years in comparison with control.
Basically it is the overlay of young DNA on older degraded DNA. It is sort of the same concept where an Old Man is revitalized by a younger woman. The key I believe is the intensity of the field strenght and the duration. If one could immerse themselves in a radio frequency field around the clock, the older DNA might completely take on the characteristics of the younger DNA. The mind resists the change, but if the genetic memory of the stresses and trauma's were wiped clean, the DNA may completely revert to a younger state.
Source Bioresonance technologies that remove fear, stress and negativity.

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