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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Metron Calculus key to Download of the Merkaba

Metron Calculus is the math of the 5th and 6th dimension; it explains the flaws in Einstein theory of Relativity and opens the doorway to the perfection of the Light body in Man, otherwise known as the KA or Christic body. Metron calculus is the key to the dimensional locks of the mental and spiritual planes, opening the way for ascending into hyper-dimensional space. Compassion is the key to get through zero-point.

Significant and future-oriented discoveries and findings of modern physics and biophysics are the theoretical basis of BRT. Superordinate to the elementary particles with mass, known as nucleons, are interaction and resonance phenomena which control the behavior and structure of matter. These include in particular the quanta of the electromagnetic spectrum, referred to as photons. Before the late 1980's, what was discovered by empirical research had been given only a sparse theoretical foundation. The breakthrough was made by the German physicist Burkhard Heim with his Unified Quantum Field Theory(UQFT) which may be found here-English translation by B. Heim and here-The Physics of Burkhard Heim and its Applications to Space Flight by Illobrand von Ludwiger. With this theory, it is now possible to explain in physical and mathematical terms those biological processes in the organism or in living cells which had been observed but for which no satisfactory theoretical explanation had yet been given. The UQFT substantiates the key role which electromagnetic oscillations play in the organism, which is the centerpiece of BRT.

In the first half of the 20th Century, there were espoused two complementary physical theories: Heisenberg's Quantum Theory and Einstein's Theory of Relativity. Unification of these theories with infinitesimal calculus proved to be non-productive. A student of Heisenberg, C. F. von Weizsacker, recognized that infinitesimal calculus would not work. His student, Burkhard Heim, was able to develop a mathematics which takes into account quantization, which he called metron calculus. A metron is a quantum of area in space with an elementary space of 6.15 X 10E -66 cm. squared. The quanta of length and time are termed the Planck length with 2.48 X 10E -33 cm. and Planck time with 1 x 10E -43 seconds. It was only this new mathematics, which was first published in part in 1984, that it became possible to construct a UQFT which no longer showed the errors of infinitiesimal calculus. This new mathematics was published in entirety in 1988 and is still not widely known. A brief summary follows.

The starting equations are 4 basic axioms: conservation theorems, extreme principles, the law of quantization and the existence of electromagnetic and gravitational fields. These facts are read off from nature. Heim used Weyl's space-time geometry and obtained as the field quantity what are known as second-stage tensors. Tensor is the term for a mathematical quantity used in physics for the representation and calculation of functions and interactions on various coordinates. A second-stage tensor has 3 values, each of which independently of the other runs through the coordinates X(1) to X(4) of 4-dimentional space-time, resulting in 64 non-linear equations. These 64 equations may be placed in a 8 x 8 matrix with 8 rows and 8 columns which span an 8-dimentional cosmos according to the known physical and mathematical laws.

X(1)=length, X(2)=width, X(3)=height and X(4)=time. Correct data in the calculation of particles of matter such as electrons, neutrons, photons and protons are only obtained from X(5) and X(6). The X(5) and X(6) are physical coordinates and thus the true physical cosmos has 6 dimentions. X(7) and X(8) are physically empty and yield no information on the physical cosmos. If X(5) and X(6) are deleted from the Heim mathematics, the system breaks down and yields the formula systems of infinitesimal calculus.

Of immense importance is the fact that computer calculation shows 100% agreement between Heim's calculated values and the data of mass-spectroscopic measurements. The basic states of particles of matter were calculated, including their resonances. Since the masses of the 300 or so particles now known may be measured to an accuracy of 8 decimal places by mass spectroscopy(which yields the most accurate measured data), agreement between theory and practice is outstanding confirmation of the correctness of Heim's theory.

Electrically charged particles may be precisely calculated with all 6 coordinates X(1)-X(6). Neutral particles by X(1)-X(5) without the time coordinate of X(6). Quanta without rest mass, such as photons, may be described by X(4)-X(6) and do not contain space coordinates. Only when a photon enters into interaction with mass are all 6 coordinates needed to describe the process. Thus, the dualism between wave and particle is given expression here. There is a 4th category of quanta which depends only on the coordinates X(5) and X(6), the gravitons. These are the quanta of gravity.

Heim's UQFT has direct import for medicine. From Heim's Theory, we are able to distinguish several logically distinguishable layers of being. The science of being is known to us from various Eastern doctrines and has been discussed in Europe. Accordingly, there exist several planes of being lying one on top of the other in the following pattern: the Spritual Plane above the Mental Plane above the Biological Plane above the Material Plane. The work of Heim shows us that there are further dimensions which are distributed over higher planes. The fact that the physicist is able to make statements on higher planes of being is due to the complex mutual linking and interactions of all the layers. Thoughts are able to influence both the mental state (3rd layer of being) and biological processes (2nd layer of being). The transdimensions of X(5) and X(6) on the one hand and the Biological Layer of Being on the other are mathematical and physical evidence of the existence of biological formation processes. Thus, as well as the 3 dimensions of which have here-to-fore been used alone and which convey a purely substantial approach, there are other dimensions and planes of beingness which may be grasped only by holistic medicine. The change in paradigm in classical physics now needs to be mirrored in that of medicine. Bioresonance therapy has already initiated this change of paradigms in the medicine of non-invasive therapy (high-potency Homeopathy, Bach Flowers, gems, bioresonance and multiresonance). based on the unified field theories of Burkhard Heim, opens access to the 5th and 6th dimensions. The zones of creation.

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  1. This is a well written description of some of these areas. In 2007, some german astrophysics math genuius proofed the 8th dimension by using S. calculus. It is still being published.

    Michael Alves