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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

DNA Activation with Toby Alexander

I had my fourth session with this guy named Toby Alexander from DNA Perfection.
The first was an Aura Cleanse, the second one for breaking Karma and the one last night was for DNA activation. I look at the results in my life to determine if a Spiritual Healer has any value for me. After the first two sessions, I met five girls, three Real Estate deals literally fell into my lap, one for selling a building for over $40 million and I am not even in Real Estate. So, yes I believe there is some merit to Toby Alexander's work. However a week later though the girls had disappeared and the real estates deals fell through months afterwards.
DNA according to Russian studies and Religious systems can be programmed with language. We are constantly programming ourselves with our own thoughts and actions as well as being programmed by the Media and the culture at large. The degree you wake up is the degree you can control the programming. It is like getting the Universal Remote, you will be able to watch the channel that you want rather than the BS on regular TV, maybe even with a little luck you will get all the Adult channels for free!
I work as an energy healer and a developer of radionics machines, mostly RF based electromagnetic devices. I plan on treating individuals and Real Estate properties. I am going to have a site that sell radionic treatments on a prescription basis with a photograph. A photo is a witness in the Occult world, that is you can link to the individual and send them energy for better or worse. We do it all the time with masturbation or when we idolize someone or hate them. If they are in our mind we are linked and sending them energy.
I started working with Orgone about 5 years ago and developed a site, where I commercialized the technology for multiple purposes. My favorite product and basic Radionic device is an Orgone Zapper It is a low brow way of using radionic type technology without spending thousands of dollars on a QXCI computerized radionic machine which can run over $20,000. The great thing about a zapper, is that it strenghtening your immune system with the more that you use it.. The zapper is a great device that will last for years and runs on a 9-volt battery. Electro-medicine was growing by leaps and bounds before the Rockefellers came in the 1920's and starting taking over the Homeopathic colleges. They just started to fund the schools and change the curriculum and gradually replace the professors with ones that used the allopathic model of symptom management rather than the wholistic approach. As for the effects from Toby's work months later, i believe there was a reversion of fall back. The problem in my mind is that although the DNA may be stimulated to activate, it tends to fall back or revert to it's previous condition. The pre-existing beliefs systems are too strong to overcome in a few sessions. What I believe needs to happen is immersion in a Unified field around the clock. This is what happens with the Bio-resonance devices found at the, since you are on the machines continuously, your negative beliefs systems are being bombarded non-stop with Unified field energy. Eventually, the negative beliefs are washed away in an undercurrent of positive synchronatic life experiences. You enter a positive feedback loop that does not stop because the energy never dissipates after the session, since the session is ongoing and actually increasing in energy from day to day. DNA is activated as a consequence of immersion in a unified field.

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