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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ascension Energy Newsletter: Program Overview and the Original Inspiration for the use of Radionics applied to Spiritual Growth

This newsletter will be a program overview of the technology that has been developed over the last 6 years. When I met Bill Kirkland about 7 years ago, he was already treating people informally with his bio-resonance machines. I was at the same time developing my own technology based on the Dotto Ring; an anti-aging machine that generated enhanced magnetic fields to increase DNA replication and reverse telomere degeneration. After, trying Bill's bio-resonance machines for 6 months; I became convinced that they worked as described in reducing negativity and increasing aura strength thru the unified field. We soon formed the, basically with just the bio-resonance machines. Over time we began to add different technology such as the Etheric water program, Tachyon mirrors and the Orgone radionics machine. We decided a fixed rate was best rather than charging for individual programs. So over time as we add more machines, you get more benefits for the same price. Improving the quality of the signal of the different technologies has been our primary focus. About 4 years ago, Bill Kirkland Senior died suddenly of a heart attack, right before the introduction of the Xcalibur machine. Bill Senior had been training his son Bill Kirkland Jr. to take over the management of his technologies for a number of years. I have been working with Bill Kirkland Jr; who quietly manages; the bio-resonance machines, Etheric water program and the Tachyon Mirror machines out of Phoenix, Arizona. I run the Orgone radionic machine as well as the Two Xcalibur machines out of New York City. The Bio-resonance machines remove negative energy in the aura and feed it back in as the Unified Field. The bio-resonance machines are modified based on the principles of Berkhard Heim; one of the greatest physicists that no one has ever heard of. Heim came up with a Unified field theory that operates in 6 dimensions. There are 5 machines in the bio-resonance series; #3,5,7,8 and 9. There will be a tenth machine sometime in the near future. Bill Kirkland had plans for a 10th machine that was substantially more powerful than even the number 9 machine. The first two machines are static, number 3 and #5. In other words the power does not increase once you hit that machine. #7,8 and 9 machines are variable. The power is increased once per week. Since all the machines are linked, even the lower machines go up in power if we turn up the juice on one of the higher machines. It is not necessary to get to the highest machine right away; in fact it is counter-productive. There is a rate that the aura needs to integrate the energy; less is more otherwise their can be unnecessary emotional meltdowns from moving up too quickly. The key word is to attempt to maintain stability as one progresses from machine to machine. Next up the Orgone radionic machine, this is a massive device a huge chest that I keep adding more orgone too. It is currently about 40 lbs of orgone connected to a 20 Amp DC generator. I also have orgone as a grounding mechanism for both Xcalibur machines. Orgone Energy affects the physical body directly, it has life extension properties. When Orgone is infused directly into the body, the tissue tension relaxes increases in energy. Orgone is great for chronic pain, it will reduce inflammation and increase overall energy levels in your physical body. Orgone energy is the anchor to the earth or the densest energy of the AscensionEnergyProgram. Orgone when applied to food will extend the life cycle of food. I have had vegetables in my fridge that have lasted over 60 days. The taste of the food improves as well, which is a sign that the energy levels in the food are increasing even after they have been picked. Our perception of taste is a code word for reading energy levels in the food. Food that is devitalized will not taste good and high energy food will taste yummy... Orgone has massive applications for restaurant owners. The Etheric Water program is a Tachyonized Energy embedded with homeopathic Vitamins, minerals, Monoatomic Gold, silver, Platinum and Palladium. Energized water delivered with a link code to boost energy in your food and water. Tachyon Energy is time reversed energy, that moves faster than the speed of light. tachyon effects the most intangible aspects of the aura that extend beyond the matrix. It has anti-aging benefits simply because it is outside of time. Time is the ultimate resistance that reduces the energy levels in the aura; with Tachyon energy, time is on my side yes it is... There are Two Tachyon Mirror machines, #3 and #5. The Tachyon mirror machines are similar to the Magical mirrors of John Dee; a famous occultist during the era of Shakespeare. Mirror energy will bring out the depth of the subconscious, it will break down the ego, most specifically pride. Pride is the anti-thesis of humility. Less pride more power, all the seven deadly sins operate as regulator for energy. When we remove sin we increase the flow of energy into the aura. Sins are traumas that build up in intensity and cause interference patterns with cellular functioning, hence the phrase the wage of sin is death. The removal of these negative imprints or energy tattoos, restores innocence. Innocence is the state where unlimited energy can flow into a system and produce the state known as Happiness. The concept of the pursuit of Happiness is embedded in the founding document of America; the Declaration of Independence. The pursuit of Happiness is the final stage of the political system known as a Republic. It is when Man grows up and stops fighting over stuff; understanding that abundance is free and a right of a divine being. We are about to enter the golden age, although on the surface it appears that the sky is falling like Chicken little likes to say. Tachyon Mirrors can break denial, bring the hard truths that are right in front of you. No matter how painful the crushing of the ego can be; it will always lead to greater power, abundance and happiness if the realizations are acknowledged and integrated. Finally there are the two Xcalibur Magnetic Field generators; this device charges the Aura with energy similar to the planetary field. It is an amplification of the Earth's magnetic field about 10x. Magnetic resonance transfer information at an accelerated rate, it can recode your genetics it is that powerful. The Xcalibur machines also increase the RNA function within the cells, reverse telomere damage and improve the replication of cells. Over time the telomeres shorten and lose information to fully replicate cellular division. It is like a copy of a copy that degrades over time. The magnetic energy from the Xcalibur machine can reboot the code from the bodies blueprint that is stored away in the DNA. The long-term potential from the effects of this technology are unknown at this point. It is a fairly new field that application of magnetic resonance to genetics. I view the program as a big energy wave with sub-frequencies that are contained within each individual machine. It is the entering of a new world that operates on different principals; a world of magic which is another word for the quantum matrix that moves through vertical shifts rather than through linear time. Energy accumulation occurs for a period of time that eventually leads to an outbreak of a new pattern. Some of the patterns are dramatic enough that they would be called a miracle. There is a science to making miracles; it requires a tremendous amount of energy to make a miracle which is quantum shift or timeline jump. All miracles are a timeline jumps. Trinity said to Neo, :you have been down that road before you know where it ends." When you look down a future path with your mind; you will see a consistency to the path. Life becomes predictable and routine; this is a function of a static energy dynamic. Static energy periods are necessary for integration, however when life simply becomes routine and mechanized we are becoming devitalized because we are not experiencing the full range of the energy spectrum as a function of repression of our life force energy. The real currency of life is love not money; love is what drives us to become greater than what we are. Love drives us to seek new ideas, new paths to improve the quality of our lives. What is needed in addition to Love and knowledge is power. Power is leverage to move us from one state to another. Without power, nothing will change in our lives simply because we lack the means. Power is the means to the end, the bridge that starts with Love. The AscensionEnergyProgram main benefit is to increase Power. The idea for using radionic machines was an offshoot of my life experiences or more appropriately life trauma's. During the early 1990's I was delving into the Montauk Project books by Preston Nichols. After a series of revelations it soon became apparent that I was one of the Montauk boys in the books that had gone through trauma-based mind control to access certain psychic abilities that I possessed. My life growing up was a series or repetitive trauma's leading no where. It did not matter how hard I tried, my sand castles always ended up in smoke. Like the rat in the maze that never gets the cheese; I ended up moving to a state of apathy. Brute force was not working, so I began the path of applied knowledge to solve my problems. Society as it is constructed does not seek to solve problems; but simply manage symptoms. Society is a jail without walls, a prison with a television. If you go to a doctor he does not cure your disease; but simply treats your symptoms. A cure is a four letter word which would allow you to exit the matrix and manage your own life. The AscensionEnergyProgram is designed to treat cause, not chase symptoms. The cause at the root is Energy deficiency in it's various forms whether that be immune, emotional, mental or the elusive disease of the spirit. In the modern world we are hit in every direction by things that drain us of energy, from Genetically modified food to Chemtrails, electro-low frequency modulation from wireless, smart meters to an incessant media that paints a very bleak picture of the future. This is the battle for your mind and consciousness. The AscensionEnergyProgram was designed as a counter-balance to the control system. The constant flooding of your aura with Unified field energy to remove the effects of the trauma created by the matrix as well as accelerate your spiritual development in a negative environment. I attempt to utilize the technologies to actually change the nature of the matrix itself; to become an ally rather than foe.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Ghost-Busting in Detroit. Home Cleared in 48 hours with Xcalibur Machine

Below is an edited letter, requesting a way to clear a house that has been invaded by denizens from another realm. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. I never know what will happen when I clear a person or a house, but I am starting to get a good idea at this point. The client ordered 3 Orgone Pyramids to clear the house. In the interim, I asked him if he wanted to try a clearing with a different technology called the Xcalibur machine; one of the main machines of the John said sure, why not. After a few days, I received a second email from John saying the whole house was cleared; including the "murder room." This was before I had even shipped the Orgone pyramids. Now all the problems have not cleared up yet; but the energetic hemoraging has stopped and the house is starting to feel like a home again.
Kevin Hello, First let me apologize for the length of my email. I learned about Orgone recently from my neighbor and he said it might be beneficial for me to explain a bit about what is going on to you before I make my purchase. I have been in and out of energy, occult, eastern thought…for quite a long time. When I graduated college I decided to "sell my soul" and work, put aside my frustrations with the inequality in the world and make money. I have full intention to go back to my more noble pursuits but I figured it would be easier if I participated in the system "own" a bit of something to then break back off. I purchased a house a little over two years ago, a duplex. I worked hard to fix up the upstairs and got it rented. My floor needed a lot more work and I am living here so it has been a bit slower. Things with the house have always been a bit off. I have a room in the basement affectionately dubbed the murder room. Its a creepy little space with a dirt floor. For the first couple of months there was some "powerful evil" emanating from the room. One day I got fed up and sat in the room and spoke to what ever was willing to listen. I explained that I am a good caring loving person, I meant no harm, I was going to make the house a peaceful place, and what ever it is was welcome to stay as long as it abides by that. Since that time I haven't had any feelings of "powerful evil". Since that time however lots of people have been injured at my house. I tripped over my friends foot and shattered my orbital socket and cheek, it required a very extensive facial reconstructive surgery. A friend fell through one of the grates in the floor into the basement. I have been learning a lot from my neighbor he is very into spiritual work. He and I had talked about what had been happening in my house and a bit about spirituality but nothing serious. In August I was at his house, I went outside and took a step on level ground, heard a pop and broke a bone in my foot. After that he did some reiki on it and sent me off to the hospital with a piece of selenite. The next time I saw him he explained that he was concerned about me and psychic attacks. He asked me if i would keep a piece of black tourmaline and tibetan black quartz on me at all times as a favor to him. I have obliged and in fact have started getting into crystals after some of the experience I have had with some of his pieces. Two months ago my girlfriend broke up with me. I "adopted" her 1.5 year old son as my own. Her dogs. Her family loves me, her friends. I had been living at her house. We were the perfect couple, and I don't mean that in the self designating way. We were told that by many people on many occasions. We had been talking about when we were going to get married, how many more kids we were going to have, our house, our travels. She had a mental break down and broke things off with me. Last night one of my renters was admitted to the ICU. He had lost his job a month prior. Apparently he has had some drinking problems and I just found out HIV. It sounds like he has lost the will to live. They have admitted him to the ICU to get his levels back to a safe place before he goes to rehab. I am a very kind loving outgoing person. I would give a stranger the shirt off of my back, in fact I have. I have such a great group of family and friends whom I would do anything for. I feel like I have cultivated so much positivity and love through my life. I am worried as it seems like such a large volume of bad is happening to people I care about as well as my self. My neighbor has suggested I pick up an Orgone pyramid from you. I was looking at the normal size but then i read about the Large. I am almost always positive and keep on going through anything. As of recently I have found it difficult to do anything. I have been dragging my self through every day, I have a lot of plans and a ton of good to offer people and the world. None of it seems to matter any more. So the Orgone Chembuster and pyramids with the hormones really struck a cord with me.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Lie NASA Told: The Imminent demise of the New World Order

This is a very engaging video about a fleet of Alien ships that are alleged to come from Heaven through a portal. I liked the interpretation that God was destroying all evil in it's path. I started to use this approach in my life to root out all deceptive people and when I suspected that they were there to block my progress and siphon energy from me, I smoked them psychically, it felt great that I now had permission to crush everything in my path that I suspected was false. The wolves is sheepware are our most dangerous opponent because on the surface they appear to be good yet are the most detrimental of all, because they sit there in your life containing your world as a jailer through sipping your energy fields and closing portals which could lead to a wonderful life.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Ascension Energy Newsletter: Dec. 21st 2012, Insights into Ascension Process, Amino Acid Saturation and Hormonal Strength

One month to go to the December 21st, 2012 date. I thought I should write something about this date. I view Ascension as a process and not an event. The process of Ascension is triggered from the inside out, not the outside in. Don't watch the heavens, monitor your thoughts and feelings. To become self aware is to know thyself; this is a process that we can embrace or deny. Denial is the current state of mankind and awakening is not just reading conspiracy sites on the internet. We can not control time that much; but we can control what we do in time. For the better part of my spiritual path, I was employing techniques that were having very little effect on my consciousness. The current new age jargon sets no standard for excellence. All you have to do is be reading the new age material to be an old soul and making spiritual progress is a byproduct of just reading the material.Their is no standard in which to judge whether there is legitimate progress being made? A few months back, I repeated an emotional trauma from 15 years ago. I thought I had learned my lesson and was beyond the emotional injury. In the past I had gone through rigorous self examination and deeply expressed the emotional pain; yet I still attracted in a similar emotional injury. What was I missing? In the past I would have tried to move beyond the emotional injury, by getting right back up on the horse; but that approach did not work the first time so I decided a different way. Nutritional and hormonal saturation; I began to super-saturate the body with amino acids and testosterone precursors ( Men Only). You have heard me talk about MAP, the Master Amino Acid Pattern; a pre-digested Amino acid formula with the nine essential amino's. The last 4 months, I have been taking very large doses of (MAP) Amino Acids and hormone precursors. What I have found out that super-saturating amino's and raising testosterone levels has led to removal of emotional trauma and the neutralization of negative memories. In the Bible there is a saying that one day every tear shall be wiped away. To be reborn is literal, not figurative and it is based on nutritional saturation. In the womb, your mother pre-digests the food and feeds it to you 24/7. The baby sits in an amino acid soup for nine months; massive amounts of nutrition are being absorbed into the fetus without the damage being created from the digestive process. The baby comes out of the womb, nutritionally saturated and ready for action. We are all attracted to newborns because of the massive energy fields that babies throw off. Babies are the real stars; Kings and Queens of the world rocking in their strollers. Well, we cannot go back into the womb, but we can make an approximation with the use of MAP due to it's 99% absorption factor. Most amino acid supplements are 20% absorbed and 80% waste. I was in the Montauk project; I know about repeated trauma's, rage, apathy and multiple personalities. What I did not know was how to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. You could say my life's quest is to become whole or holy. To become like children again, we need to go back to the womb; that is re-create the original environment to reboot our genetics and erase the trauma from the DNA. Here is the key; to activate DNA we need more of it! Hormones inter-act with DNA and are the elevator to Ascension. Here is my new definition for Ascension, densification of the physical body through nutritional saturation. Alpha males are in the kingdom of Heaven; but beta males are not. Alpha's are happy and Beta's are not. Alpha's wield power comfortably and with joy and passion while beta's run away from the use of power are passive-aggressive and suppress emotional pain. The suppression of emotional pain leads to a decrease in appetite or in the exception of obesity an increase in the sugar-based foods that are turned into fat. The use of power requires responsibility and there is a direct feedback loop from the mis-use of power. The learning curve on the spiritual path is through conflict, not avoidance.( There is a corresponding state for women of Alpha's and Beta's). Hormone management for women is much different than for males. Males are essentially a simple hormone system; increase testosterone levels and there is an increase in positive characteristics such as courage. Real Men that women are looking for are filled with testosterone. Testosterone overcomes fear; cowardice is a function of very low testosterone levels. Older people become more fearful as they age because their hormone levels are dropping off the cliff and they are starving themselves to death. Appetite decreases due to degradation of the digestive function and the accumulation of emotional trauma. The inefficiencies of the digestion process and the types of foods that we eat, are the main cause of aging. There is only one true spiritual path where you engage your obstacles and overcome. Engaging leads to a revealing of one's personal character defects that need to be purified through emotional healing. You need to feel deep emotional pain to heal. This requires high hormones and loads of activated DNA which requires an increase in Amino's through saturation. The history of mankind is the story of control through starvation. When we get into amino-acid depleted states we attract in trauma, because we cannot maintain positive emotional and mental states. All character defects are built on starvation within our genetic history. Our bad karma is the degree to which our ancestors were deprived of rich amino acid based foods in quality as well as quantity. Ascension is not a disappearing act, but one where you become the star of your own movie. It is like upgrading your TV from your low density analog signal to HD 1080. We have more pixels per square inch to give us higher definition. Every description of higher dimensional realms is one where everything is more real. Greater sensitivity requires more hormones and more nutrition not less as ascribed by numerous spiritual traditions that shall remain nameless. The basis of ascending is to become more God-like in body and spirit. The body is not some meat-bag carcass that is shed, but an avatar interface that can be upgraded by your own efforts. The deficiencies of personality, health and material prosperity are all rooted in nutritional deprivation; specifically amino acids, in quantity as well as quality. Self correction occurs with saturation, mental imbalances entity possession viruses parasites leave with nutritional saturation. I am talking about levels that cannot be achieved through just food consumption, because of the damage caused by digestion itself. This is where science will go beyond nature to re-create Ascended beings through nutritional correction. Nutritional saturated people crave high intensity experiences and seek more freedom, health, wealth and abundance. This is the natural state for the human condition, progress in all forms increased intelligence, both intellectual and emotional, increase in physical performance levels. The quest for perfection in body, mind and heart; is a tuning process where the song of life becomes an active path that one embraces with full fury. So am I anxious about next month? Not at all, I am having a hard time mustering up any fear of what the future may hold; but my belly contains the excitement felt by a 6 year old on Christmas Eve. An irrational hope of a surprisingly benevolent expanding future.