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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Ascension Energy Newsletter: Becoming an Authentic Natural Organic Living Being, Understanding the Why?

My mother when she could not grasp the word she needed, used to say the 'thing'. The thing could be anything, person, place or thing; it was the universal replacement adjective, noun or preposition. If you did not grasp what, she was trying to communicate, Mom would double down and point in the air, you know the thing. This was actually a signal for me to read her mind and come up with the word that was at the tip of my tongue. I was often out of sync with my mother and we would play this game for what seemed like several minutes before I was able to deduce what she was trying to communicate by putting on my Deerstalker Sherlock Cap. There is another phrase we sometimes say with certain people, " You took the words right out of my mouth", this usually happens between people who are genuinely friends, who are congruent with the same beliefs and ideals. Nikola Tesla would actually spend time with his Father practicing reading each other's mind. Tesla eventually was able to develop his mind to the point that he would download whole ideas like Blueprints of inventions that needed very little further refinements to complete working models. I seemed to have mastered the mind reading technique with certain waiters at restaurants. Recently, I frequent Orion Diner on 23rd and 2nd Ave; sometimes as often as 3 times a week for breakfast or lunch depending on when I wake up. Louie is a young Mexican waiter that works behind the counter. Louie calls me, Grande every time I enter the diner because; I am pretty big and Mexicans are well, let's say not so Big. Going to the Orion Diner is like being in a TV sitcom back in the 1980's, Cheers comes to mind first. I want to build the wall and Louie wants a tunnel, actually, I gave Louie the tunnel idea. Louie will often guess exactly what I want, I would say he has a 70% accuracy rate. I often think about what I want to eat before I go to the diner then often change my mind at the counter. Louie, usually will pick up on the original thought and not the change in thought that I make sometimes when I enter the eatery on 23rd street. Redheads can be fickle and change their minds at the last minute, similar to women, cough, cough... The convergence of consciousness is when we operate with the unspoken word, we interact with people intuitively, part mind reader, part empath, each party's needs are met on multiple levels, even unconscious desires that the other person sees that we are blind too. This is a very rare relationship, what we call soulmate types of events, this is not necessarily about sexual interaction, but when the living soul really knows who you are and what your needs are. You likewise understand that soul's needs and desires and meet them in the perfect balance. This is the goal of humanity to be able to interact with all human beings on this level. This would be the complete removal of the confusion between the living souls of the world, the reversal of the tower of Babel. What is the ultimate cause of confusion? Lack of energy and its myriad forms of negative expression, Greed, Lust, Envy, Pride, Sloth and Gluttony ect... All the positive traits found within Men and Women though require a massive amount of energy to sustain an existence that we would consider a Utopian world.
What is the AscensionEnergyProgram? It is designed to be the energetic bridge to connect to God. The AscensionEnergyProgram represent the intangibles, the good luck that people so often refer too; like when they tell the actor to go break a leg before he goes on stage. Well, maybe that is not such a good example, strike that from the record, you didn't hear that...,forget about it. Where were we, In Football the bookie always slaps 3 points on the home team, when he is going to make a betting line? Why? The energy from the home team's fans creates an edge that is quantifiable due to the focused attention and emotional intensity of the Fanatics who are watching the game. Life is experienced when we are fanatical, intensely passionate about life. God is trying to light a fire under our ass to get us to feel and break the hypnotic mind control of the matrix that operates on a routine zombie like actions repeated over and over and over and over again. Religion is supposed to be the counter to the thrones and principalities that control our lives, yet in a technological age, the rituals of institutionalized religion have not evolved to keep up with the advancements of the controlling forces of the matrix. Today we have TV, the ultimate mind control instrument controlling the images that are put into our minds. The meaning of these images is interpreted by the new priests the media intelligentsia that read off teleprompters. These media whore's babble meme's that program behavioral response in the masses; that is desired by the man behind the curtain. It is not news, but simply programming for control purposes to keep the flow of energy consolidating into a central system, we call the NWO. If one does not have a positive belief in something greater than themselves, they will tend to become more negative and lose energy with each obstacle. Life is not a straight upward progression or downward spiral. We are good some of the time and bad at other times. These factors are greatly enhanced, by your environment such as space. Animals and humans need space, the more space we have the more secure and free we will become. The lack of space in a Large Urban center such as my home, New York City distorts character and creates misery mainly because of lack of space. Everyone is trapped here with people above and below them. We feel the emotions and read minds of people constantly. In large Cities, people are bombarded by negative thoughts and feelings all day long. It is imperative that we as a species begin to understand that we are all empaths and psychics, most have this function operating at very low efficiency as a result of chronic low energy. All problems are fundamentally an energy deficiency. The machines from the energy program are designed to feed us a type of energy that feeds the Aura itself comprised of the non-physical energy bodies. They say everything happens for a reason? And it does, rarely though do we see the reason. The chain of cause and effect, for the most part, remains hidden from us until we get older. As we mature, we start to see the patterns repeat in life and begin to realize we are not as free as we thought and that life is not limitless. There is a finite amount of time and specifically energy to achieve our dreams and aspirations in life. the problem lies in ignorance, that we don't know what that reason is? The why as the Merovingian told Neo is the power, Neo, you do not know why you need the key maker and hence you have nothing to offer to me. The frustration, doubt, anger sadness, angst, anxiety all flow from lack of understanding. All pain is a derivation of ignorance, evil is born out of ignorance, this is not to say that there are not living beings that consciously choose evil, there are, but the majority start down the path good, while life blindsides us with events that we cannot explain. There is a real metaphysical opponent out there that I will just call the matrix, that responds to positive increases in healthy human behavior. The Matrix seeks to prevent authentic human behavior from becoming the norm. Why? Because authentic natural, organic human behavior is the line in the sand that will collapse the Matrix and end the war between Good and Evil,[ I really am ripping off the Matrix films here...] It is the intangibles areas in life that can have the most profound change on the qualitative experience of living that can answer the question are you Happy? Happiness is a function of how well, we deal with the unseen adversary that feeds off our negative thoughts and emotions. As we understand Why? We can begin to deconstruct the patterns that control us and move from ignorance into knowledge, power and a perpetual state of Happiness. As we remove parasitic relationships that drain us, we advance in power and accumulate energy. Accumulating energy is a function of removal of sin, we remove people, thoughts, and ideas that have a negative effect on our lives and drain us of energy. Becoming Holy, is simply understanding the Why? We will stop banging our heads against the wall when we know why? Understanding the Why, though requires a massive amount of energy to get to the lofty position to see the pattern's that control us. We are born into the Matrix, the patterns are embedded in the very fabric of our being. The most difficult thing to see is what is right in front of you because what is right in front of you has always been there. We mistake this thing for being natural and real, just because something has always been there, does not make it good or necessary. The AscensionEnergyProgram was designed to supply the power needed to generate the insights necessary to break our habitual behavioral responses that keep us bound in a cycle of pain and misery. It is designed to give us a choice, a way out of a system that only has one choice and an alternative that is a mirage or an appearance of a choice. The trap of having an external authority to interpret the information so you can make the choice is no choice at all, but simply control. The 7th day in the book of Genesis is the Sabbath, it is the day of rest or the end of cycles. We as a species are about to end all cycles of War and Peace, it is the end of the world and the beginning of living True freedom without the influence of the Adversary. Time itself has been defeated we are moving out of Time. We will have all the Time in the world, while Time itself is out of Time. Kevin

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Is the Blood Moon on August 24th 2016 in New York City The Thief in the Night?

Now here is the thing, people have been under the impression that the sign of the Rapture and the event of the removal of the people are at the same exact time? But here is the problem with that, if it is happening all at once it is impossible to be always on the watch. But, if being on the watch means that the sign is the beginning of the Rapture which is a process or period of time, not a single moment, then watching makes much more sense. First off I define the Rapture as the removal of the bad guys, we already see this process in motion, within the political arena. Everyday there is more trouble, for bankers, politicians, anyone that operates as a criminal. So, why don't we re-phrase the Rapture as the Age of Poetic Justice. So seeing the signs of arrests and the consistent take-down of entrenched evil that has been around for as long as since the fall of Man from the Garden. Now here is the other part of the Rapture that people miss, it's called the Rapture, like Divine Rape? It is about Sex? Why? Well, wasn't original Sin about Sex? Like real violent painful rape that no one has ever experience since with a God-Man? No, it was a fruit dummy and a tree. Well, here is the thing, Satan already had evil in him when he was created. How do I know that? Because he was a one-off, a wild card. There was no other Angel that was paired with him. If you look at how God, creates there are always a pair within at least the Angel and Human realm. What's above so below, Heaven and Hell are mirrors of one another with the exception that Heaven has a few more extra pieces but they are in proportion. Is it not odd that exactly 200 Angels left with Satan and not like 198, or 203? If the next event after the fall is the rape of the human females by the fallen Angels that were monsters like 15 feet tall, would it not make sense to believe that the original event was similar in nature? Perhaps the fruit was the semen in Satan's ball? Satan only had one ball like Hitler, the Tree was like you know the thing that gets Hard, like wood? That would mean that God, might actually have a sense of humor, calling it like the Rapture? That would probably by itself eliminate a third of Mankind from a heart attack. We can't have God having a sense of Humor now, I just could not handle that. That would mean that everything that I believed about God would have to be re-evaluated? Yep, so it is easier to just to yell at me, then deal with the fact that you may be wrong. Another heresy? I can't be wrong, because I have so much fun condemning people on blogs with the least amount of information, all I need is one little piece of string that sticks off the tapestry and I am collecting firewood for the burning. I love that Job, I don't want to give it up? How much do you get paid? Well nothing, I do it for the love of my creator. Ok, you can yell at other people for no good reason, but just not me, deal? I don't care if you are inconsistent and irrational in behavior with other people, but here you need to act sane. I think I can do that? Awesome. So in my world the tree and the fruit are metaphors for Sex, in your world they can be anything you want them to be. So the Messiah mission was to somehow find the hottest babe that has ever existed with the greatest seductive power of any woman, by a factor of lets say five times greater. Then Christ needed to get Eve to fall in love with him. Then Jesus just needed to die a real horrible death on the cross and take on the sins of the world. Then without dinner, he dove directly into the underworld without passing GO, to find the soul of Eve in Satan's throne, tell her were are coming back for her soon real soon. Lay a pathway out of the underworld with his the Christ spirit, that others could follow, when later they had the holy spirit and sufficiently had developed their hearts to feel their way through the dark? Yes, exactly. How long will this take? Not very long. It doesn't sound to difficult on paper. Now here is the thing where it gets a little X-file like. I was watching this video about when Christ was born and died on Wed Aug 24th. In the video, Christ was supposed to have died on 4/2/33. But the really interesting part that is the reason that I say the Rapture may have already started is that there was a blood Moon that showed up at Christ Death, like a Thief in the Night Now, at the same time the Blood Moon showed up in New York that same night, like a Thief in the Night. The key here is when the Rapture begins, not that we are going to miss it because we are in the Can or something. So the second Blood Moon on August 24th, over the World trade center and the Federal Reserve is the judgement against the Jewish Sanhedrin and or the Money changers. Now this would be a complete reversal of Christ whipping the Bankers and throwing over the money changers tables in the Temple. It fits with the story-line perfectly, since the Federal Reserve is the Banking system that runs the world. Now if my theory is correct there should be other information to confirm the thesis. We having been moving towards a Gold-backed monetary system and perhaps re-installing the original Republic for years. The bible has a cipher, the Alpha and the Omega. I am the beginning and the End and the End and the beginning. What you Probably don't know is that the Declaration of Independence has a three part cipher, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Life is the shedding of the blood in the Revolutionary War, Liberty is the struggle to keep the Republic, Pursuit of Happiness is the correct installation of the Republic and the beginning of the 1000 year millennium of Christ. The problem of course is that you have not taken on the mind of Christ yet, which is the Quantum computing function of the brain when one has fully received the Holy Spirit. The brain then operates, both left and right hemispheres together, and your words come out more in story form. You also see that God is everywhere and that you have to pull information, from wherever it shows, up that can include things like Newspaper headlines and pictures as well as Movies. God loves using blockbuster movies to make some corrections in your understanding of the Bible as well as develop the theme of what Quantum Computing is. This was a teaching tool that was not available to Christ back in the day, but now that Satan and his followers have set up all the infrastructure, God just drops things in there as he sees fit. But Hollywood is Satanic? well yes, sort of, but what has that got to do with hijacking their system? We are at war? Do you realize that yet? Do you think I play fair with the devil? Are you out of your mind? The whole point of taking on the mind of Christ is that you can break the rules like Neo, we generally call that making Miracles, which are quantum shifts in reality that the devil cannot control or see coming. If you stay stuck in the brain with just the ones and the zeros you will never break free. Get used to the idea that the Bible is just a book and that one day you will need to let go of that book, to free your mind? Did I just quote the Matrix again? Who do you think wrote that script anyway? So, limited, do I need to create a class, No Christian left behind for dummies? Ok, one more sign there are many more, but this one is a real big one if you believe and I do, based on some much more stuff that I am not going to get into now. On Saturday August 27th a woman Brook Williams in Provo Utah had a seizure. This woman was sterile as a result of a brain tumor. She was taken to the hospital the following morning, had some blood work done and was told that she was 8 months pregnant. Now, the article implies that she did not know, but Brook had no morning sickness, no movement of the child, no belly. The media of course downplays miracles of Biblical proportion and this is one that put the immaculate conception to shame. What we have hear is the conception and the gestation in one night, followed by delivery the next morning. Wow! This harkens back to Abraham sacrifice of Issac. Remember Abraham wife was beyond child bearing years, when she conceived a child. Of course, God then said to Abraham, that he had to sacrifice his son to prove his loyalty. A mysteriously Angel, cough, cough Gabriel, stayed the hand of Abraham. To replace the sacrifice besides the altar there was a Ram in the thicket. The point here after Christ there is no replacement sacrifice needed in fact you get the double bonus of taking the ram home and the gold tree that it is on, all for $19.95. Now what about the sex part, well are the kids in bed. Here is the thing an angel not a human created the demonic imprint; you are talking an incredibly powerful being. You will need someone of equal power to remove the imprint. Does this make sense? Is this not the reason that Christ created the Eucharist and the wine, because in modern terms the Bread and wine are radionic witnesses that has Christ DNA encoded in it. Over the generations of the ritual of the mass, the code is altering the human DNA to make,your DNA like his, and you will be able to almost have the same power as him. Enough to remove Original sin in women, if you are able to become a Saint, that is sinless. The demonic imprint removal is done through sex, I know, you are disappointed that you will not need to be skinned alive, but this can be hard work. It may take a while for the imprint to be removed because it is a team effort no, we are not talking about a group thing, i guess you have more work to do on that sinless part. But, the fact that women are connected as a hive similar to a Beehive, means Christ cannot do it alone with Eve, he needs a few good men to help him with your own soulmate. We go back into the garden two by two like the Ark.
How will the relationship between Men and Women change? Well, in the Garden,it was the women that well, were worshiping the men, not men worshiping women. You see, women will probably start hunting you; if you have achieved what is called sainthood. I know this is odd to think that a Saint would be needed to have sex, but there were some mistakes made along the way and we are now attempting to correct them. In war, not everything goes the way you want it too, and we needed to keep some information from you. To restate, the sign will be the end of game playing on women's part and the dropping of the mask and the revealing of true intentions and feelings. This will happen at first in small ways, but later a growing wave of love that will sweep the planet because the connection to the interloper has been severed permanently.
Now in this photo It says the Cats Gone to The Dogs. Or you could say the God-Men if you reverse Dog.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Is the Rapture happening now, signs from the matrix: A process not an event

Let me define the rapture, it is the removal of the wheat and the chaff as well as the removal of original sin through the divine union of the Christ and Magdalene. Both process accelerate the ascension process or the separation of worlds, like two overlapping holograms with one receding and the other growing brighter, eventually leading to thing like Age Reversal. Ib took a picture yesterday in Sheeps meadow that is very similar to the full page spread described below. In the New York Post Aug 30th, 2016, on page 22 and 23, there is a full page spread comparing old york to New York,a series of side by side images or mirror opposites. There is radio city and Union square. On page 23, there is Trinity church on the top, the brooklyn Bridge and Washington Square Park, which is another connection to a different NY Post paper that I will get to in a minute. In the middle is virtually the same shot of the picture above except taken from a distance over the lake. What is the significance? Moving into the New world, with the origin point trinity church, a bridge the brooklyn bridge, connecting the two worlds and the Washington Square Arch. On the back cover of the NY Post on Friday August 26th is the headline Arch De Triumph. Reference to a trump victory, but more from a secret society point of view. Above that it says, Mets Keep gateway open to playoffs, by taking two of three from Cards. The Mets represent the New World while the Yankees the established order. The Mets colors are the royal blue and can be associated with the French Cathars against the Cardinals of the Vatican. The mets home is in Queens again signifying Mary Magdalene.. On Saturday,the back of the post has the title in all color, Super Sports Saturday. Now Saturday is Saturn, or Satan or cronos the ruler of time. The color signifies heaven or the new world above time with the restoration of the correct female-male balance. The player in the center is ecstatic with his arms in the shape of the trinity, signifying the merger of the mind into the heart. The title below is a big give away Flor' it, reference a car accelerating because the victory is in sight and also the Fleur di lis,again a reference to Magdalene and the cathars. The celebrating George Washington inauguration, this is similar to the Arch De Triomphe in Paris celebrating the French Revolution. Ok, if this was just one coincidence, I wouldn't bother posting, but what is happening is that I am getting multiple symbols from the matrix every day that we are already moving into the 1000 year millenium of Christ, which I believe to be the re-installation of the American Republic along with sound money. I don't believe in flying up in the air, makes no sense at all. Life is an organic process, where we build through a series of c cycles which are caused by the concept known as Original Sin. I talked about it briefly in my last post, but what I didn't get into is what happened after Adam and Eve were kicked out of the garden. The rape of the human females by the Fallen Angels. This trauma was so great that it is the source of the anchor of repeating cycles of rise and fall of empires, rooted in the trojan horse found in women that triggers the battle between men and women. Essentially, we make some progress, but inevitably it collapses, then there a war, followed by the rape of the women by the invading army. This is traditionally how we paid off our debts. For the first time in history we are attempting to reset the banking system without an extensive war. How are we able to do this, because we are finally at the point in the dynamic between Men and women, that we are going to be able to root out original sin. Why is original sin so difficult to remove, because pain has been linked to pleasure, when the woman reaches the point of extreme orgasmic pleasure over and extended period of time, what typically happens is the fear of the rape by the fallen angels, this fear is so great that the woman will do anything to break the connection with the man. This will only happen though in soul mate type relationships, which is why so many people just avoid them in the first place and settle for compromises. So we have two problems finding the right kind of mate that can take us over the edge and then actually doing it without the relationship blowing up. This requires the male to be an expert in inter-personal relationships and have the awareness when to back off. But one major sign that I first heard about was the concept of orgasmic birthing. Apparently there have been a few cases, where women have had an orgasm rather than pain during childbirth. What does the bible say. Genesis 3:16 To the woman He said, "I will greatly multiply Your pain in childbirth, In pain you will bring forth children; Yet your desire will be for your husband, And he will rule over you." I like archetypes though like a famous person as a signpost, God typically uses them for the plot-line of the film. Enter Alicia Silverstone who burst onto the scene as an instant sexpot in the movie clueless. When I first read the article years ago, I did not realize that the whole birth process was not pleasurable only half of it, which is interesting too. Alicia Silverstone had a 27hr labour of which she described the first 14 hours as sexy. The actress opened up about giving birth during an appearance on Live! with Kelly and Michael this week, and her description of her 27-hour labor may just surprise you. “The first 14 hours was almost sexy,” insists Alicia, 37, who welcomed son Bear Blu in 2011. “The oxytocin was doing all this magic and felt amazing.” The last half not so much. So let's examine what her name means. Silver, well we are mostly like going back to sound money that will include silver. Silver is the achille'
s heel of the cabal that could crash the financial system which is why they have so tightly rigged the gold and silver markets. Christ betrayal was purchased for 30 pieces of Silver which was the cost of a slave. Stone, well that could be the cornerstone, a reference to building a new house, church or new world. silver is a metal so it has the makings of a sword perhaps, like a knight or King Arthur sword in the stone. Her child Bear Blu was born in 2011, so we are talking 5 years ago. Perhaps we can say that we are halfway there since half of her birth was pleasurable. Ok, what about her first name Alicia, this one is a wow, She knows. Huge sign. I was watching the first matrix film over the weekend and Neo goes from no belief to some belief, then reaches the point that he is killed. Trinity then steps in because she was giving a prophecy that she would fall in love with the one. When Neo dies, she knows that she is in love with him, so she said he can't possibly dies. Trinity then gives Neo the kiss of true love. Neo then is resurrected and now knows and he can stop the bullets with his mind and even jump into the matrix as if he is the ghost in the machine. Trinity of course, represents Mary Magdalene and Neo is the christ figure, but they do not win until they have joined as one which is what happens with the mystical marriage. Trinity name also represents the Quantum mind that operates with the universal mind, that can break the rule of the linear system. Now there is also the connection to Trinity church down by ground zero, where George Washington was inaugurated as President. The President first home was New York City before moving to Washington DC. Trinity Church was also where the treasure of the founding fathers was buried. so there is a reference to revolution, the republic and a metal backed monetary system. The New world trade center could be significant of the two becoming one after the crucifixion. The mystical marriage of Christ and Magdalene and the removal of Original sin and the ushering in of the 1000 year reign of Christ. I could go on for perhaps the whole day, but I will leave that for another time.

What happened in the Garden between Satan and Eve? Restoring the correct Sexual function between Men and Women

Ok, this is going to drive some Christians absolutely crazy, but here goes. What is the bible? It's a movie script? There is a cipher? I am the Alpha and the Omega. The beginning and the end. Three parts always repeating beginning,middle,and end. Let's start in the Garden of Eden, who are the players? God, who is unlimited power. Satan the wild card or the trickster. Satan stands alone after God. He has the knowledge of Good and Evil in him, very important distinction. Then we have the angels, I am going to lump them together. Next we have Adam and Eve. Ok, God only makes the prototypes, then Adam and Eve have children, The stork brings them. How do I know the Stork brings them, because my parents told me that. Since, I don't have any kids and I have never seen a stork, I don't see any reason to change the story, it works for me. Right, that is what you are led to believe, when they start talking about fruit and trees. This creates cognitive dissonance in our minds, because we really know where kids come from, but don't tell the kids. Ok, let's go to suicide squad and the joker, he is a good analogy for the trickster. Yes, I am going to use modern movie references to connect to the bible, because believe it or not God is not dead, you just need the eye to see the truth which most people don't. God is putting shit right in your face constantly, but you have these preconceived ideas about what is good and evil. You edit out about 90 percent of the information that would make God's story really sing. Here is the Joker and Harley Quinn in the bar from Suicide Squad. The joker is the devil and Harley Quinn is the stripper, she is an analogy for Eve is and also Mary Magdalene. They are both the same woman, because I hate to break it to you that re-incarnation exists. Yes, it is in the bible, no I am not going to quote it, you can go look it up. The key phrase from the joker is she is the fire in my loins the itch in my crotch. The seed was the fruit of Satan's loins and the tree was the cock. Is this really too difficult to grasp? Does this all of the sudden make the bible Movie congruent? Do you know why they call it spelling? I mean is the christ story as a movie very good? Not really, he is a bit too detached and disconnected for me. Does he have a sense of humor? He takes his shit way too seriously. What's the issue here? I mean when people mock, jesus the reason, is because they don't see a real Man. Women like real men to have sex with, they will marry a beta-male as a pack mule for economic reasons, but they are always lusting after the real Man. Because that is a real Man, he has a potent cock, get it? We all know what the problem is, someone stole his Jesus cock. Maybe ISIS has it? I mean you saved the hottest slut of all time and she actually begins to worship you as a man should be worshipped, (this is called foreshadowing the end of the story), like on her knees right in front of you and you are not going to hit that? I totally lose respect for the guy. Do you see the problem here? This is how we act in real life, then we walk into church and act like we think God wants us to act, rather than just being the same guy. Obviously, there is the problem with the bible story, if we have to so radically alter our behavior, when entering the Church. The problem is that you are using an imac computer between your ears, rather than the cutting edge quantum computer system that you have inside of you. Christ is trying to teach you how to operate the Quantum mind, but you keep reverting back to the linear system to interpret the bible. The bible is incomplete intentionally, because until you activate the mind of Christ you will never be able to figure it out. And yes, they suppressed the gnostics teachings of Christ that are very important for the end times. No they are not evil or heretical,but they were not needed till the end of the film. How do I know, because I have the mind of Christ now, I bought it on ebay with the same vendor that has discounted indulgences. So God whacked the cathars, but allowed them to leave with the texts to be kept alive underground in the grail myths and as fairy tales, cultivating the concept of true love. Ok, if we run with the idea that Satan had sex with Eve, then that is the original sin, then Eve had sex with Adam, that is like herpes right? Adam sin was not as great as Eve, because of the lack of the brand from satan which created ownership of Eve by Satan. The sin is a sexual sin, but it is between an Angel and a Woman; not between Adam and Eve. Subtle, distinction, here that everyone misses. The Sin is between two different species. If we keep the sin as a fruit then we have created cognitive dissonance; massive doubt creeps in that prevents us from loving God with our whole heart and mind. But if I think of the sin as being sex with Satan and Eve, then the story line is congruent. I can see where God is going with this concept, because there is logic and I can trust him. Satan creates illogic, which leads to doubt and creates an opening for him in your house. Let's use some more common sense to pound the concept home. Did God make man and a woman with a penis and a pussy? Did God put the sexual function in from the start? It appears so, because if you go down the to Genesis 3:15 to 3:16 it says "I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers;... To the woman he said, "I will greatly increase your pangs in childbearing; in pain you shall bring forth children, yet your desire shall be for your husband, and he shall rule over you." It says God will increase pangs in childbirth which implies there were already having sex, and kids in the Garden. So Sex was legal and there was no penalty right? In fact what actually happens during sex? It creates energy? We rub up against each other, the man is a pole that generates electricity and the woman is a magnet, so the act of sex is an electro-magnetic event. Is this a part of the energy system that sustains heaven? Sex with Adam and Eve is not sinful, before Satan got his dirty paws on Eve, because there is no demonic imprint. Would the energy increase over time as the two partners, became more intimate? Is intimacy actually intensity of the energy exchange? You like how I pose it as questions? I am putting a stop gap, against crazy linear Christians who are just itching to call me the devil. Ok, what is a cock? It is a branding implement, the man claims the woman with his stamp. From a biblical point of view marriage is ownership of the man over the woman. Why? Because a woman is fundamentally a blank slate until she has sex, remember she came from Adam's rib, not from God directly? Eve does not have the software, she can pick up software from men indirectly through say her father, but she is designed to pick it up from the man through the penis. That is why virginity is so prized in women, but not Men. The semen is a computer code that the woman begins to express back to the man. The woman reveals the nature of the man as a reflection. The code will stay in a woman for life. So, if another man, comes along and has sex with her, he is feeling the other man's code that is already in there. The woman will be now expressing two men as opposed to one. This weakens the intimate connection, the man does not get the correct feedback about who he is, because of the interference from the other man. Do you think this would cause some problems in a relationship? In fact, if this woman has a child with Man #2, there is going to be an overlay from the first man influencing the child. We know today that DNA can be transferred from one cell to another through magnetics. So, do you also see the logic why the first born of the royal house is the heir? The first child is the purest representation of the father. Pure logic, folks that you never heard this before, if we were taught the actual mechanics of our equipment, do you think we would make better choices regarding whether we would have sex? If a woman understood WHY she was really destroying her value by having casual sex or even sex with the boyfriend. Do you think that she would make radically better choices regarding sex? Kids today have sex, because they don't know why they shouldn't. Just telling them it is a sin and you will go to hell, is not logical, so it is dismissed by children. Kids are smart so if you tell them why, they will make better choices, it is just plain damn commonsense. We would then be driven to find the highest quality partner available and if we were really horny, then we would be motivated to get in done fast. This would drive society in a direction of improved genetics as well as increasing moral behavior. I mean, if you told the why, you would actually be taking the religion out of the bible that interferes with the genius of the Christ. The end result for society would naturally becoming more moral. However, the problem will never be really fixed until we go for the kill which is the removal of Original sin. Hence the need for the creation of the Messiah. Jesus Christ was created specifically for the purpose of freeing Eve from her prison in the underworld which is at Satan's throne and for the subsequent removal of Original Sin in Eve. Ok, we are told that Christ removed seven demons from Eve,but we are not told how. Can we figure it out? Let's look at Magdalene a bit. She is a phoenician prostitute at the Temple of Artemis. She was not a jew, just for your information. You might ask how did I know that, I looked at texts outside the bible. Now, you may say you can't do that. I say why? With a linear mind, what most christians do, is say that everything in the bible is true, which they don't actually know,, they just were told that. Since we are being told that we must believe everything in the bible is true. The mind makes the next logical choice that everything not in the bible is false. Do you see that you mind is focusing as either Yes or No? Do you understand that the gnostic has a third option, which Christians call the Holy Ghost. With the Holy Ghost then you see there are other options because you are now using the left and right halves of the brain at the same time. If you trap the logical brain into a forced choice of say yes, then the linear brain has no other option except to think that all information outside the bible is false. This is why so many rational individuals flip out, when people introduce ideas outside of the bible, even with basic factual information such as national identity, occupation and criminal record. Again the biggest problem Christians have is that you don't have the mind of Christ. So if Mary Magdalene got the Demons through sex, would it not be logical that Christ removed them through sex? Why do you feel the need to yell at me for making a choice that seems to be the one that fits? Do you not see, you are operating exactly like the pharisees. The pharisees did not understand, because they could not follow his thought process, so as soon as he went in a different direction, they thought he was committing heresy, when in reality he was trying to expand their mental process, which is what I am doing to you now. While I am writing, I am actually perceiving how you are interpreting the information, I am actually in two places at once or even more. I know this is a very difficult concept to understand, like trying to describe images to a blind man. The idea that not only did Christ have sex with Mary Magdalene, it was actually his purpose, he was designed to remove the demonic imprint of Satan through sex. An ordinary Man simply does not have the firepower to do so. This will alter the meaning of the end of the movie, because I just introduced the real cause of the creation of the Christ. Christ needed to free Mary Magdalene, because she is the Queen Bee, that is the one woman that is hardest to free. The problem with Original Sin, though is that women are actually a hive or collective. You can not just attempt to remove one woman, because all the demons are linked through all women as a network. So if one appears to be breaking free, the network will attack the point that is vulnerable. So, what Christ actually did with Mary Magdalene with Sex was put a block in her reducing her effect on Men, Let's say for argument sake, he reduced by 50%, her seductive powers. This why they were stoning women because the Men were so over-matched. This is the main reason there needs to be a second coming Christ. Other Men needed to be turned into real Saints to help assist in the freeing the women. In other words the removal of all sin in men, makes the man immune to seduction and can simply wait the women out until the demon starves and women begin to worship the man and reverse the false dynamic of female worship by Men. Women are designed to surrender to Men through sex, this is how the system functions correctly. So, put in this context what do you think the rapture is really referring too? Do you think Christ needs to be down here on the ground and not up in the bleachers with his personal Imax theatre watching us fools make a mess of his plan. Is he playing to win or is he just a cabal patsie giving it the good college try? Food for thought, it is better that you start to think about what I am saying rather than me lead you to the conclusion, because you then relate your personal experiences with women and connect it to the bible story. It will take some time to clear up the misconceptions.