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Friday, August 28, 2009

The Legend of Oil of Antimony

The Legend of Oil of Antimony created by Albertus Magnus is reported to have caused total Physical rejuvenation back to the age of 20 by inducing the purging all all toxic matter from the body at once causing complete regeneration over a period of three days, including the re-growth of new teeth.
While I have yet to see anything this dramatic happen, it does make a bit of sense that the body would reset itself with the removal of all toxins. On an energetic residue there is a memory pattern from diseases that registers a frequency even though there is no overt sign of a disease state. If all the underlying disease frequencies were cancelled. It would make sense that the DNA would regenerate back to a state of Optimal Youth. Genetic predispositions are simply frequency imprints that we carry over from our parents. Tachyon energy seemed to have the ability to erase the frequency imprint of diseases as well as stress states. It would explain why there are symptoms of old diseases that reappear and disappear with the regular use of the Etheric water, which contains a high amount of Tachyon energy.

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