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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Are you an Aging Beauty? Want to reverse that?

Technological breakthroughs through the use of Bio-resonance technologies, now make it possible to regenerate the physical body. It works through the principal of resonance. Time functions as white noise it interferes with functioning of the DNA. Negativity builds up from the effects of Time. Time eventually breaks down the physical body with aging signs, which are a loss of energy. The Bio-resonance machines remove the effects of time, they wipe clean the DNA of negative emotional experiences. Tachyon technologies increase the energies of the immune system and the physical body. With treatment around the clock from machines that produce energy similar to Radio frequencies you are continually being boosted with energy.
Over time this leads to youthing effects as the body increases in energy, you also will exhibit an increase in libido and optimism. The technologies are on a monthly subscriptions that start at under $100 per month.

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