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Monday, May 4, 2009

Ascension Energy Program Removes fear and eliminates Karma

If you are starving you eat a lot of food and then you get full.
When you start on the machine there is sometimes euphoria when your frequency is raised. You are being filled, the initial euphoria goes away and you move into a state of satiety temporarily, this is the digestion phase. Next comes assimilation where the energy is put to work. The energy with the machine works the same way, you have the pleasurable experience of eating, then there is a flat period followed by an action phase, usually a synchronicity. Synchronicity will increase in your life, it is your road map into an empowered world. Machine #3 is equivalent to 600,000 people praying for you on a daily basis, this is a rough analogy of the type of energy that is projected by the machine. The effects of the machine to look for are? Are you as fearful as you were before? Are you as Anxious or depressed? Is your life moving forward? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then yes the machine is working. There is a subtlety to the bio-resonance technology, you will not always feel it, you will go through phases where you doubt whether the machine is working, this is completely natural, but I ask you to stick with it for at-least 4 months. Change takes time, what is really being worked on is your character, as the fear is being removed, other characteristics will begin to shine through. Intuition is the power to make correct choices while under pressure. It takes courage, it is a muscle that needs to be exercised, this will take time. Less for people that already know who they are and have a path, more for people whose lives are a train-wreck. If you are in a fearful state, decision-making is poor. A successful, productive and ecstatic life is a function of outstanding decision-making from a posture of certainty.
Internal beliefs that are in conflict that prevent you from having a ecstatic life will be brought to the surface, you will then have a choice to move forward or fold. The bio-resonance technology has only been in operation a little over two years. The mapping process for stages of growth is still being laid out. This is the first explanation based on my own experiences as well as seeing patterns of responses within the client base.

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  1. I'm finding out about all kinds of things now that I've opened my mind to all possibilities and have accepted that I'm one with the universe. I understand things now better than ever and I see that evolution is the mind learning to accept and believe in self. Now I'm self motivated and can keep my thoughts on what I want the world around me to be and it just comes to me naturally.