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Monday, May 4, 2009

Ascension Energy Program: Etheric Water

Fast forward to this week and I am now testing Bill's Etheric Water in earnest. The regeneration blend has most of the homeopathic trace elements that your body is most likely deficient in such as monoatomic gold, iridium ect. On the first day, that In am committed to using the Etheric Water product, I drink a gallon. I go out and run for the first time in a year and a half, I have been meaning to exercise, but don't have the time ect...

I have also had a low-grade cough from working with epoxy resins in my orgone business, I don't necessarily protect myself while I am doing the orgone sometimes because I am multi-tasking; I don't have the time, same excuse as before. The cough begins to dissipate on the first day. Lung issues are related to liver issues, so I know something is going on with my liver with this water. By the third day, the cough is gone, I am still drinking a gallon a day. I have been running everyday as well. In fact, I have so much energy, I am going out at night chasing women down the street, well not actually running after them. At this point on the third day, I am charging everything that has any water in it. My massage oil, all the fruits and vegetables. The olive oil, the balsamic vinegar, even the port wine I use to cook with.

As a Massage Therapist, every since Massage school, I have been told drink a lot of water to hydrate and detoxify yourself. Well quite frankly, I have never seen that do any good. Over the years, I learned a little bit more about water; your basic bottled water and tap water will never detoxify you nor will it hydrate you, at-least in terms of healing your body. Most bottle waters have a slightly acidic PH, that is below your proper blood PH of 7.35-7.45. If you put something acidic in your body above your natural PH, how can it detoxify yourself? It can't, the body responds by stripping Alkaline minerals and having the pancreas secrete Sodium bi-carbonate. Understanding this principal, if I wanted to improve the quality of my health, and actually detoxify my body I needed a source of alkaline water. I went out about a year and a half ago and bought an water ionizer by jupiter that makes the equivalent of water with a PH of over 9.5%.

A basic understanding of chemistry will tell you that if you injest an highly alkaline substance the body with secrete acid to neutralize the overly high alkalinity. The body gets the acid from the stored wastes deposits in the fatty tissues, that is why Organic vegetables and fruits have such a dramatic impact.

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