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Monday, May 25, 2009

Ascension Energy Newsletter: The Backstory behind the Program

I first experienced the Bio-resonance program on July 2nd of 2008. I was introduced to Bill Kirkland by Plato, a friend that I met through a doctor that I work for Dr. Dean Howell; who does this really cool physical medicine therapy that moves the physical structure back into it's ideal form called NCR. I was standing outside Starbucks on Canal Street and Broadway in New York City.He turned the machine on and immediately asked me if I could access any negative emotions, I said I could not. I spoke to him for about ten minutes and went on my merry way. I tend to dismiss immediate euphoric feelings as a litmus test for the validity of a therapy. The magnetism of the healer and the desire of the client will often produce short-term results, but not necessarily lasting results. I have tried many types of therapies from Neo-Reichian therapy, Freudian, Group therapy, Self-help groups, Empowerment guru's, New age Healers traditional Spiritual traditions such as Catholicism.
I am not a dabbler, when I evaluate things I commit to them fully. I first started my spiritual path when, I was 26 years old; I witnessed a guy die in an auto-wreck, he had crashed into a tree on Montauk highway in Southhampton, NY. I ran across the street to the Native American reservation to call 911. The steering wheel had crushed his ribs and the door was jammed shut. My friend Mike and I tried to open the door, but were unable to do so. I sat there and watched, powerless to help as the young man turned blue and eventually died before the ambulance got there.
While I sat there and watched I saw of vision of myself experiencing the same thing and heard a voice that I needed to change. At the time, I was living the life of a self-indulgent spoiled rich kid, minus the rich part. I used to joke with my friend Peter Brady that we were the $500 millionaires.
Three months later, I was sitting in churches meditating for 3-4 hours per day having gone back to my roots after realizing that it was my Mother's fervent prayers were the thing that have saved my life on numerous occasions. When I was 12 my Grandmother became deathly ill and was rushed to St. Francis hospital on Long Island. She had immediate heart surgery and was given last rites and pronounced dead. My mother was in the chapel next door praying fervently. My Grandmother came back to life. She died 2 more times over the next three months and was again brought back to life by my mother's prayers and the prayers of the nuns at the hospital. At one point, every organ system in my Grandmother's body failed. Edna finally recovered and went on to live another 20 years. I learned very early on that prayer worked, although I never actively used it until later. As the years progressed after my first spiritual awakening at 26, I started to study and read everything, Western Mysticism, Esoteric Christianity, Steiner, Reich, Sufi, Taoism, Chi Gung and of course Yoga. At one point, I was taking 10 Yoga classes per week, going to kirtans ect.
What I found was that I would make progress and then hit a ceiling. My life was more static than dynamic, there were certain problems that seemed so entrenched that they would never go away. I would cut the grass, but the weeds would grow right back again.
What I began to understand was that the spiritual systems were not effective enough for modern society with flouride in the water, GMO food, mass media programming, Haarp project, ect. I lived in NYC and like to live here, but there are huge handicaps for building spiritual power that are not found in a more open natural environment such as Sedona, Arizona or Mt. Shasta in Northern California. I abandoned Yoga about 6 years ago, after I discovered Orgone and radionics, I was not getting the results from the traditional spiritual methods, the systems were linear, there was only an input-output relationship to my efforts. It was sort of like being a day labourer or wage earner. Although, I could maybe eventually get paid a nice wage such as a $200 per hour, but there would never be the growth to make me into an Energy giant. There were simply too many counter influences that would block the spiritual growth and energy accumulation that was necessary to become a highly evolved spiritual being while still living within a modern culture.
New wine for new wine skins. Making Orgone and later selling Orgone, led to an upward spiral in spiritual growth. I eventually began to move out of the victim mentality, and began to constructively build up the other aspects of my life that were lacking. I became more of a social being, my personality went from being passive, waiting for something to happen to one where I was making things happen. A sovereign being is a willful being, he understands that the world is not one of fate, but of potential destiny. With the Orgone business, I began to understand that what I needed at my core was energy. What I lacked was simply bio-physical energy and that there may be other ways to obtain that energy that did not require a massive use of will power.
Orgone led to the study of Radionics, I encountered Dr. Howell about 5 years ago, in addition to his NCR practice; he also had a tremendous background in radonics having been Galen Hieronymus last student. I began to buy and play around with the energy technologies, at the time I did not know what the hell I was doing. Later on, realized that these technologies were massive evolving me both spiritual and physically. I began to have more and more energy and was morphing into this very magnetic and forceful personality.
If you have read Tau Master, you will begin to understand that these energy technologies are the answer for the Ascension of Man. Wilhelm Reich said that a healthy and vibrant human being was a natural Revolutionary, one that sought freedom, creativity and happiness above all else. Out of my experiences with Dr. Howell, I developed a prototype of an anti-aging device called the Dotto Ring based on a theory that a Heavier gravitational environment led to an extended life-span. I played with the prototype for 6 months, before I ended up burning it out. During the experimental period, I had a massive increase in energy and Synchronicity similar to what I am experiencing with the Bio-resonance program. I invested all of my funds and fired my engineer for soaking me dry. While I was waiting to reload and build the Dotto Ring; Plato said, Hey I found this guy Bill Kirkland with this really cool energy device.
I said sign me up....


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