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Saturday, October 24, 2009

The power of Bio-resonance Jennifer's Story the beginning

Every one is a lab rat or guinea pig that works for me at The process of understanding the effects of Bio-resonance is ongoing. To improve the technology, I need feedback from people who are on the machine that are not me. Jennifer my beautiful statuesque Angelina Jolie like assistant, (minus the vials of blood and Brad Pitt), was just that statuesque operating on about 5-10% of her true potential. Jennifer is only 18 years old, this I keep forgetting knows multiple languages, plays multiple sports from fencing, golf, polo to baseball. I have a friend Greg who is the same way, everything comes easy so there is no motivation to excel.
Her main flaw was her personality reserved to the point that is like dealing with a great poker player, no affect or emotion. This leads to great difficulties in inter-personal relationships, the irony is that when you are beautiful you are often rejected when you are unable to affect an emotional connection. This can become quite extreme the prettier one is. There is often a tremendous sense of low self esteem attached with unusal talent and ability.
Jennifer went on the machines 4 months ago when she started to work for me. The Bio-resonance main function is to remove negativity and fear. As the layers of negativity and fear are removed, the person's life becomes more dynamic. There is a transformation of the personality to include more emotional range. A great ability to adapt to situations as the thought process becomes clear.
Jennifer's case is real interesting to watch because she has so much potential. She works as an Art Gallery on the bowery after she leaves work with me. The Art gallery is a collection of characters, crazy artists, rich people who are crazy, talented musicians and probably not so talented ones. A few months back, this place was a wreck, no paintings were being sold, there was an attempt to rent the gallery out for film shoots and music videos. I moved Jennifer up on the machines, she was drinking the etheric water and I was experimenting with the Tachyon products on her, remember she is a guinea pig, albeit a beautiful one..
There were minor changes at first, she looked less depressed, she began to have more physical energy. She had chronic allergies, those began to clear up. As the months progressed there began to be more drama at her second job at the gallery. This I suspected was due to the energy that she was beginning to project from the machines. At this point I had moved her up to the second highest machine.
Then the fire hit, the gallery had a fire that destroyed everyone's property, but Jennifer's guitar,..I guess she plays the guitar too. It was reminscent of the story of Mark Hamill who protected his home with a Native American ritual during a forest fire in California. Mark's house was also unscathed while everyone else's burned to the ground. The next day one of the guys that worked there flipped out and tried feebly to kill himself. He was the guy that caused the fire. Another guy quit, who was also another bad egg.
The next week, there was a new gallery with a new manager. Immediately, there were film shoots galore and Jennifer ended up being in a horror film and a Sean lennon video in the same week. There is now the budding of a real movie star like aura, albeit at the beginning stages. The point being here, is that when you remove negativity and fear the talents and beauty in the person begin to shine through. I am going to sit back and enjoy the show.

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