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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Orgone Chembuster effects on clearing skies

This is from a traditional Orgone chembuster in the Croft style. They punch holes in the Chemtrail clouds of aluminum and barium. This mixture is used to bounce radio waves off the ionosphere for the Haarp project. Aluminum is also put in the food for the same reason. Consciousness modification, human thought cycles at 400-450hz, any frequency put in the range will be picked up by humans to a greater or lesser degree based on their sensitivity. Highly evolved spiritual beings become immune to mind control because of a filtration system based on high positive life force energy that blocks out manipulation. This is how Orgone protects and enhances human consciousness.
Unfortunately the Croft cloudbuster uses Aluminum as a component, which Wilhelm Reich said created DOR or negative life-force energy. At we only make our Orgone cloudbuster and Chembusters with steel, Gold, Silver, copper and zinc, never aluminum. We also add in monoatomic elements plus Tachyon energy from the etheric water program at the

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