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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Physical Immortality is a Program.

This is not a new idea per se, but a different way at viewing why do we age. Aging is a function of a level of consciousness. It is a byproduct of lack of en-lightenment. A number of new age sources are predicting that a small percentage of mankind is going through a genetic mutation from a carbon-based life form to one based on silicon or silica. Barbara Hand Clow is one such proponent in her book liquid light of sex. Recently, I picked up another book called Earth changes and 2012 by Sal Rachele; he channels of group of beings called the founders from the 12th dimension. He actually or the founders propose an idea that ascension is a program encoded into the DNA that triggers a mutation when a human being reaches a certain consciousness level and consciously focuses on an ascension path. The founders predict that up to 30 million humans will ascend to the 5th dimension by 2030.
At the higher part of the 4th dimension, the body ceases to age and begins to age regress. The nature of the carbon-based cell mutates into silicon or liquid silica. It is triggered by purity of heart in addition to a strong will for ascension. The program is contained within the junk DNA and is re-organized and activated by will and celestial frequencies stimulating the DNA directly. Our bodies grow automatically without our conscious input, it actually makes sense that an Ascension process would be equally automated. Our consciousness is the sum-total of our frequency, it is mostly comprised of the sub-conscious and unconcious. Our conscious minds are only as strong as our willingness to delve into our psyche and allow the truth to set us free. As one releases repression, energy is freed to express itself in a non-linear fashion. Higher dimensional frequencies are absorbed directly by the DNA lighting up the programs. The process can be stimulated artificially with the use of quantum-based energy technologies to access the energies of the 5th and 6th dimension. An Ascended being is operatining on a 5th dimensional level which is basically outside of time which is a lower frequency.Time is the prison which causes us to age and die. When we step out of time, our energy vibrates at a faster rate than time and essentially begins the process of negative entropy or Age regression. The process first begins in the mind and the emotional body. You will first feel like you are getting younger and begin to think like a young person. The physical body will lag behind a while, before it begins to believe that it is possible to return to a state of youth. Aging is triggered by certain programs within the DNA. There is a death gene that causes the body to break down. As the physical body begins to entertain the idea that one can return to a state of youth. It will begin to turn these programs off. There is an intermediate phase where you will one day think that you are dying and another day that you feel like you are getting younger. The body is in a state of conflict as it decides what direction it is heading, to live or to die. If you live in a major urban area, it is difficult to age regress for the simple fact that you have millions of people in your immediate proximity that believe they are going to die.
As someone that wants to break the mold, you will need to move out of large urban areas to allow the body to take on it's new identity. Aging ultimately is just a belief system, you know the old adage that there is nothing certain but death and taxes. Opening up higher dimensional worlds with technology.


  1. Good Post, excellent in relation to using our DNA Activation music. Will post to our group as well.

  2. Thank You for the wonderful article! I have been going through this process, consciously for the last 2 years and I have definitley noticed that I now look younger. Many people comment about it...I am pretty young as it is, but most of my friends from highschool look much older than me and it is getting to the point where it's becoming obvious...I can't wait to see how fun it will be in the next 2 years! It makes me feel giddy and my mind has definitely started thinking younger as well. Some days, I don't even understand what people are saying because my mind is having the perpective of a child!! It's so fun:)