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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

15 Genes linked to Longevity found.

There are many roads to Rome. Aging is a complex problem and the human is a complex organism. Understanding how computers operate, is helping us understand the human organism which is a biological quantum computer. How do we change the programs and install ones that can return us to the Garden of Eden, where we live for over 1000 years. If we understand that aging is simply a problem to be solved, then eventually we will crack the code.

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By Roger Highfield, Science Editor
Published: 12:01AM GMT 13 Mar 2008

Scientists are a step closer to developing an anti-ageing pill with the discovery of 15 genes linked to a long life.

The find suggests that those genes could be targeted to help slow down the ageing process and treat age-related condition.

Finding genes that are the same in those two organisms is significant, researchers say, because the two species are so far apart on the evolutionary scale - even farther apart than the tiny worms and humans.

That, combined with the presence of similar human genes, is an indication that these genes could regulate human longevity as well.

Source seeking the keys to the Age reversal through quantum based energy machines.

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