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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Mandela Effect, Taking on the Mind Of Christ

The mind of Christ is a quantum computer that operates with 9 senses rather than 5. The real teaching of Christ were written in the gnostic tradition, he did not give you a straight answer. Why? Because Christ was bi-cameral, both sides of the brain were functioning at the same time, so the knowledge came out as a coded story that you would have to open up the other side of the brain to interpret. The holy spirit, is the third part of the mind, but it is more like a ghost in the machine, there but not there. The cat is always both alive and dead, because you are operating in the land of the dead where you actually represent life. Christ said I am not of this world, he was in this world, but not there at the same time. I really get it, I haven't had a date in years. I tend to stay alone, because no one really understands my energy fields, it took me a long time to get this. The Third eye sees the deception of the hologram. There is actually a hole in our visual perception that our minds fills in to create consistency. Same applies for inner hearing as well as smell. I actually walk around NYC now under a veil of psychological invisibility, I am there and I am not. This is a state of quantum flux. People that just operate with their mind are controlled by Satan period. The key is to open your heart, if the heart opens enough and becomes a fixed point. The mind moves into the center of the heart, your consciousness then becomes a quantum super computer. You actually pull directly from the universal mind. The answers are instant and perfect, because they have analyzed all the data. It really is like the film lucy, limitless or the matrix. Did anyone see the blood moon that appeared out of nowhere in NYC over the world trade center and the Federal Reserve? I was just watching a video where after a crucifixion, where a blood moon just appeared spontaneously after his death. Here is the video, When Jesus was born and died, there were signs in the heavens. What is happening is the bad people are being systematically removed, whether they die or disappear from the frequency jump. I am definetly moving out of the range of the hive that have their headphones on, buried in the Iphones. I see it as a bizarre zombie apocalypse film, I actually love it and have never felt more free in my life. The crazier it gets for the people of the mind, the stronger that I get. And I mean physically too, jumped in weight 40 lbs on the arms, you begin to see the limitations were really in the mind like Neo when he is training with Morpheus. The matrix is a wonderful film to begin to operate as a quantum computer..Neo's gift is that his brain functions faster than anyone else, but the key is the pure heart of a child which he is fundamentally innocent in the film. I never really have pushed the but if there was ever a time to try something like this, that time is now. I will also help you walk through the process of entering into real Christ consciousness, which is a state of gnosis. Once ypu get there or begin to understand how to interpret correctly with both minds at once, life becomes really fun and the crazier it gets the more alive you feel. You will walk out the door and wonder which film will I enter today... Kevin Courtois

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