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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Is the Bible the Word of God? No

Now hang on to your britches, read the whole article first before you start yelling and screaming at me about the bible not being the word of God? Then, I know you are just an idiot without any reading comprehension skills. If you have a question about what I mean, than do it a civil manner with respect. Christ teachings, were all gnostic in nature as a result of being the living trinity, which included his marriage to Mary Magdalene. The trinity is actually a symbol for the capstone of the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Yes, the all seeing eye. Did you also notice that the word trinity begins with a T? The completed trinity is the activation of the inner eye as well as the inner hearing and smell. Man goes from 5 senses 9. Man becomes a living quantum computer, think Neo, after he dies in the Matrix and is reborn by Trinity with the True Kiss of Love. Trinity finally realizes that he is the one, as a result of understanding she is in love with him. The resurrection only occurs after she knows. In a true mystical marriage, the wife joins the husband in an unbreakable bond, the two become one. Marriages in the fallen world are not true marriages, they are a created convention to continue the bloodlines, until we are able to join in the mystical marriage. Christ came to save one person, Mary Magdalene or Eve. In achieving that act, he became the way and the truth, the living exit from the fallen world. His mission, though is not yet complete, he will come again. He has one thing that he missed. You purpose as a follower of Christ is to become the Living word. A gnostic mind uses both sides of the brain at the same time. Christ talked in parables, because that is how is brain actually worked, it is his natural state. True information always creates an image or living reality.The true word of God is always spoken in the moment spontaneously. The Bible is not the word of God, but a shadow or echo of the word of God. Anything created in the the fallen world is a part of the fallen world, hence there is part corruption. Writing was introduced by Thoth or Hermes, the man that lived in the center of the Great Pyramid. He is a fallen angel, the trickster. Do you see the deception created by the dead word? Do we live on the flat earth or the spinning world? To break free of the trickster, you need to become the living word, take on the mind of Christ. Ultimately you need to burn the book, which creates Ash, this is the final sacrifice. This is the hidden meaning behind Palm Sunday and Ash Wednesday. To trully understand the Bible, you first need to become the living word of God. To become the living word of God, you need to go off road and see that everything is a reflection of God that is all around at all times. When you become the living word, you realize that the bible is one of the reflections of the created world. Do you know where the deception comes from? Your mind, you will always be deceived until you take on the mind of Christ.

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