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Monday, October 11, 2010

Stargate Opening on 10/10/10

I don't dismiss anything, nor do I buy into things on some auto-pilot program. The new age movement is contaminated by weak-willed individuals that believe we are on some auto-pilot program of Ascension. I treat Ascension the same way as in Pro Sports. It is all about results, if I am not getting visible results such as Age regression or development of magical abilities than I will keep looking for solutions in all areas from radionics to supplementation to intensive meditation. You cannot expect to ascend, if you are not a model for humanity. If you think making the Major Leagues is tough, imagine how tough ascension will be. Better to be over-prepared and crush your opponent 55-0, then lose by a touchdown, because you took things for granted. Most people take things at face value and do not use applied magic. Life is one big feedback loop; if you are not in top shape and ready to kick ass on the physical plane; why do you think you are ready for the next level?
Ascension is a function of mastering the physical plane; that is your health and wealth and then moving on to the esoteric and emotional. Most people do it backwards today. Conquer your life and then Christ will come....

The is their to help you remove Karma and build Chi. If there are technologies to block your life, it makes sense that there are ones to free you. Consider me Morpheus if you like...

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  1. Do you mind if i ask whether from 10/10/10 there was some kind of cosmic opening? I ask this because from 8th October i started getting a lot of energy coming through me and i've had to wear crystals to keep megrounded since. I've also been getting a lot more lucid dreaming and psychic messages from i dont know where.

    If you can confirm something happened on this date it would be really helpful.