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Friday, October 1, 2010

Ascension Energy Newsletter: Testimonial from Hospital in Arizona!

There is a hospital in the boondocks in Arizona that has been on the bio-resonance machines since 12/15/2009. Josh one of our long-term clients is an employee of the hospital. Josh is on the Number#9 machine of the bio-resonance which is the highest level. The hospital at the time of this testimonial was on the number#5 machine. This is our second level machine as their are 5 machines in total in the bio-resonance program. Over the last 9 months since the hospital has gone on the bio-resonance; the Hospital has bought 4 acres of additional land with expansion plans for a cath lab and a dialysis clinic as well as a children's center. The Hospital has changed it's name due to the recent expansion as they have figured that the new name represents the new direction the hospital is taking. After 4 months on the machine, the hospital received it's best inspection in 6 years. After, the Hospital was moved up to machine#5 on 7/5/2010; the hospital received a 99% satisfaction rating for patient care. A computer randomly picks out patients for the survey. The survey was an increase of 35% from a former 65% rating. This 100% rating is for hospitals in the whole country. This is in a back-water town in a middle of a desert, real wild west tumble-weed country. We are doing better than top-flight hospital such as Sloan-Kettering in New York.
Overall, in the hospital the vibe has much improved, the staff is much friendlier as well as the patients. It is becoming like an episode of Father knows best, real happy 50's environment. The staff also has gotten the highest raise in the country of any Hospital in the country, Number 1! Remember this is only machine#5, we have since moved this hospital up to machine#7. The results are also better because Josh works at the hospital. Josh is very pro-active with working with the energy from the bio-resonance and Ascension energy program. Remember we have several other machines in addition to the bio-resonance technology that creates a layered effect. There is more texture with the addition of the Orgone generator and Tachyon mirror technologies. We are finding, that we need to move people up slower from machine to machine, because the machines are becoming much more powerful as the program progresses. The higher machines of the bio-resonance program, #7,#8 and the monster#9 are variable that is they are increased in power at least once per week. There is also a resonance effect with the lower machine where they are becoming more powerful because they are in the same room as the other machines.
The reason the power levels are increasing is because the client base is becoming clear. The clients are creating a positive feedback loop increasing the power of the machines even further. In general the people that are leaving the program, often leave because the machines are too strong at this point. If we move you up too fast your world may crumble overnight, that is if your world is built on sand castles in the sky as the Hendrick's song goes. Of course we cannot tell you that, but that is what is occurring. On the flip side, we are seeing some clients becoming very successful as their thought process is becoming crystal clear and their energy levels are rising. As negativity dissipates physical energy and mental power increases. You may not notice this is occurring because you are inside the bubble, but most likely other people will notice it. Look for effects in the world, however it does not happen by itself. You need to apply this new found energy, by making decisions and choices in life. Sometimes old patterns stay with us, until their is some sort of event to show us that we have changed.
We are also doing some other energy experiments with Sports teams, these I will not put in print. All, I will say is if you think the Hospital testimonial is something; it is what I cannot say that is even more profound.

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