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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Male Herbal Fertility Formula enhanced by Bio-resonance

Fertility Max- This product is created by a buddy a mine, Plato who is familar with Orgone and Wilhelm Reich. If fact he did a weather modification project in China and created a flash flood on his first try. He is the reason that the Chinese government is promising perfect weather for the next Olympics. Fertility Max is an herbal formula to increase Sperm motility for Pregnancy. I have personally tried this formula; it definitely works, modesty prevents me from elaborating, I am a bit of a conservative in certain matters.
I have recently enhanced this product with radionic energy derived from the etheric water machine from
This interested phenomena has been a 50% increase in sales. I have been unable to effectively market this product, because it is not necessarily synergistic with my client base. The increase in sales has been directly related to the energy enhancement of the product name itself. It is now radionically attracting buyers in, quite weird. Apparently the Etheric water machine can actually improve the sales of the product as well as improve the effectiveness of the supplements for sperm motility. The potential application is limitless for increase of sales of virtually any product from cosmetics to food.

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