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Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Ascension Process is happening Now.

This is another brief explanation of the Ascension process. Overcoming dis-belief is the essence of spiritual evolvement. Is it a nice goal to not actually have to die? I think the founders may have known this when they encoded the pursuit of happiness in the Declaration of Independence.

Reality as we know it is about to ascend, evolve, 0r return to its natural state of light. This is about shedding the physical body, in the alchemy of time of consciousness, as stated in all of the prophecies since the beginning of our biogenetic linear time experiment. The dream is ending , the wake-up calls heard by the souls around the world.

In the theory of ascension, it is assumed that humans are composed of seven energetic or subtle bodies - physical, etheric, astral, causal, mental, celestial, and Christ consciousness. Consciousness at the physical level vibrates at the lowest frequency, and each of the successive bodies exists at higher frequencies, following the color of the rainbow, hence the rainbow bridge of consciousness. Subtle bodies are related to the seven main chakras, which correspond with specific endocrine glands.

Ascension is described as consciously increasing the vibratory rate of the physical and other bodies to the Christ level. Stories describe the physical body losing its definition, diffusing, then finally resembling a star imploding or exploding.

People who have raised their bodies through ascension are fully in command of the physical realm, capable of decelerating their vibratory rate to appear any way they desire, including moving about freely on Earth. Thus, ascension is seen as an alternative to death.

Some relegate ascension to pseudoscience, myth and metaphor, but that is the nature of our reality, while others maintain the process of ascension is as natural as human evolution. Reality as myth, math, and metaphor act to manifest messages through illusion. When you adjust your frequency, you will understand.

Always remember, our consciousness program is about to evolve along with all of the souls within. Trust your instincts on this.
Source Spiritual technologies for the Ascension of Man.

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