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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Ghost-Busting in Detroit. Home Cleared in 48 hours with Xcalibur Machine

Below is an edited letter, requesting a way to clear a house that has been invaded by denizens from another realm. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. I never know what will happen when I clear a person or a house, but I am starting to get a good idea at this point. The client ordered 3 Orgone Pyramids to clear the house. In the interim, I asked him if he wanted to try a clearing with a different technology called the Xcalibur machine; one of the main machines of the John said sure, why not. After a few days, I received a second email from John saying the whole house was cleared; including the "murder room." This was before I had even shipped the Orgone pyramids. Now all the problems have not cleared up yet; but the energetic hemoraging has stopped and the house is starting to feel like a home again.
Kevin Hello, First let me apologize for the length of my email. I learned about Orgone recently from my neighbor and he said it might be beneficial for me to explain a bit about what is going on to you before I make my purchase. I have been in and out of energy, occult, eastern thought…for quite a long time. When I graduated college I decided to "sell my soul" and work, put aside my frustrations with the inequality in the world and make money. I have full intention to go back to my more noble pursuits but I figured it would be easier if I participated in the system "own" a bit of something to then break back off. I purchased a house a little over two years ago, a duplex. I worked hard to fix up the upstairs and got it rented. My floor needed a lot more work and I am living here so it has been a bit slower. Things with the house have always been a bit off. I have a room in the basement affectionately dubbed the murder room. Its a creepy little space with a dirt floor. For the first couple of months there was some "powerful evil" emanating from the room. One day I got fed up and sat in the room and spoke to what ever was willing to listen. I explained that I am a good caring loving person, I meant no harm, I was going to make the house a peaceful place, and what ever it is was welcome to stay as long as it abides by that. Since that time I haven't had any feelings of "powerful evil". Since that time however lots of people have been injured at my house. I tripped over my friends foot and shattered my orbital socket and cheek, it required a very extensive facial reconstructive surgery. A friend fell through one of the grates in the floor into the basement. I have been learning a lot from my neighbor he is very into spiritual work. He and I had talked about what had been happening in my house and a bit about spirituality but nothing serious. In August I was at his house, I went outside and took a step on level ground, heard a pop and broke a bone in my foot. After that he did some reiki on it and sent me off to the hospital with a piece of selenite. The next time I saw him he explained that he was concerned about me and psychic attacks. He asked me if i would keep a piece of black tourmaline and tibetan black quartz on me at all times as a favor to him. I have obliged and in fact have started getting into crystals after some of the experience I have had with some of his pieces. Two months ago my girlfriend broke up with me. I "adopted" her 1.5 year old son as my own. Her dogs. Her family loves me, her friends. I had been living at her house. We were the perfect couple, and I don't mean that in the self designating way. We were told that by many people on many occasions. We had been talking about when we were going to get married, how many more kids we were going to have, our house, our travels. She had a mental break down and broke things off with me. Last night one of my renters was admitted to the ICU. He had lost his job a month prior. Apparently he has had some drinking problems and I just found out HIV. It sounds like he has lost the will to live. They have admitted him to the ICU to get his levels back to a safe place before he goes to rehab. I am a very kind loving outgoing person. I would give a stranger the shirt off of my back, in fact I have. I have such a great group of family and friends whom I would do anything for. I feel like I have cultivated so much positivity and love through my life. I am worried as it seems like such a large volume of bad is happening to people I care about as well as my self. My neighbor has suggested I pick up an Orgone pyramid from you. I was looking at the normal size but then i read about the Large. I am almost always positive and keep on going through anything. As of recently I have found it difficult to do anything. I have been dragging my self through every day, I have a lot of plans and a ton of good to offer people and the world. None of it seems to matter any more. So the Orgone Chembuster and pyramids with the hormones really struck a cord with me.

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