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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Instantaneous Healings?

Two more cases of possible instant healings of body tissue. My friend Plato had his appendix burst, he walked around for a week thinking it was just stomach cramps. They cleaned the appendix and place a tube with a bottle for a week. When they removed the tube, they found that the appendix had completely healed in a week, the surgery was cancelled. Plato was doing high doses of Sodium Ascorbate,magnesium and Organic sulfur; in addition to being on the Another friend Charles had an MRI in march 2012, that shown that he had a torn ligament and meniscus in his knee. When the went to open up his knee a month later, the tears had healed. There was very minor work that needed to be done. Charles is big into juicing as well as taking the organic sulfur. Both Charles and Plato have been both on the Ascensionenergyprogram for three years. We are starting to suspect that the healing were more a function of holographic repair through re-imaging rather than the nutritionals by themselves.

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